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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion friday (in the girls' words)

We've got two sets of outfits to show for Fashion Friday this week (Uh, can we still call it that if it's Sunday? Hm, let's just say yes.) Moving on... For this first set of outfits, Ree is on the left, and Ro is on the right. And they're on the new playstructure, which they have spent HOURS each day playing with. SOOOOO worth the money and extremely heavy labor:


Ree: "I fink all of it's great. It's all cute. I'm wearing a purple shirt, I got it from Hanna Andersson, and I have pants um with stars on them I fink and I got them from H2 and S2 and oh my shoes came from H2 and S2 too. And I fink my socks are just white. I'm on the tire swing." (H2 and S2 are the twin friends who send us fun hand-me-downs)

Ro: "Ok, so um yeah, I'm wearing a striped shirt that's a turtle one and I'm wearing Polliwalks and they're ducks (giggle giggle, ducks!). And I have tattoos on. Two tattoos. Here, move over, can I type? I want to type. Why can't I type?!: (She's right about the turtle part, by the way, the shirt is an old Gymboree one from the turtle line.)

For the second set of outfits that the girls put together this week, Ro is on the left and Ree is on the right:

Ro: "I'm holding an Easter bunny (giggle giggle, hi Easter Bunny!!), his name is PattiAnne. Well I'm having a pink bow with white polka dots on it, I have a skirt on from Hander Andersin, I have shoes from Target and they're Dora shoes, they're chocolate brown and multicolored and my shirt is from Hander Andersin too."

Ree: "I would fink it looks a little uh cute. I'm holding my little Easter bunny his name is called Purple Strawberry. I'm wearing a blue bow and I have flowers on my tank top and I'm wearing a shrug, and I'm wearing a blue ribbon skirt and I have some silver sparkly shoes that are new and from Target. I think they're awesome they go with anything. And I have some jean capris underneath, that's probably the only time I ever had jeans."

The way Ro pronounces Hanna Andersson always cracks me up. She also says the name of one of her favorite tv shows in a funny way, Handy Manny becomes "Handy Mandy." Hee.

And now, for Shopping Alert #1: Ree wants to make sure I tell everyone that her absolute favorite multicolored sandals (the ones she loves so much and I really, um, don't) are back in stock at Target right now. I ran into the store last week to pick something up while the girls were in preschool and grabbed four pairs of sandals (including the multicolor ones because even though I don't love them I do love making my girl smile), thinking that they could each choose a pair and then I'd return two. Well they became instantly attached to ALL of them and carried on and acted like I'd be committing a crime if I deprived them of any of the sandals. Too dang bad. Over loud and pitiful objections, I picked two pairs that were going back to the store, and then daddy came home and, well, can you guess how many pairs of spring sandals the girls got to keep? Hm.


Anyhow, these sandals are all available at Target right now for $13 to $17 bucks. And I guess it's ok that we got four, since I'm not buying any flip flops this summer (they're banned at school).

Shopping Alert #2: The website 6pm.com, which runs daily deals and offers some of our fave stuff at ridiculous prices, has these Polliwalks on sale right now. For Monday April 12 (and probably longer, I just know the sale is guaranteed for the 12th), you can get these cute shoes for $7.95. Ro and Ree have the purple kitties, bright pink ducks, and light blue gators and love these shoes. You've seen them wearing them in many, many fashion friday pictures. We got all three plus shipping from 6pm.com for under thirty bucks (I think they were a dollar cheaper at the time). polliwalks

Have a great remaining few hours of the weekend!


  1. We bought the seashell ones last night to go with the mermaid santorini sweetie gymbo shirt. :)
    And, Lulu got her first rainboots!!!! YAY! (they have never been small enough/ her big enough.

  2. Looks like you went with a Rainbow for the playset. Isn't it great? Now, if Gene would consent to a sister for Lydia, I'm sure she'd enjoy hers even more. She's taken to telling me she doesn't want to do things, "with only 2 (me + Lydia)". Don't you think she needs a partner in crime?

  3. Aw man I wish we had Target here ....

    Your girls are just adorable as always!

  4. We love Hander Andersin, too. And showing us the sandals right now is just cruel and unusual punishment at the moment... the Tongginator is not allowed to wear sandals to school. *insert melodramatic Tongginator sobbing here*

  5. Shannon (CA)4/11/2010

    Oh goodness, I think those green sandals with the pink flower are my favorite!

  6. Well I can see why they would object to the return of those sandals, I would too! It would be impossible to choose. Do they have some of those silver ones in adult sizes? I want some!

  7. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Hello. I ran out and bought all 4 colors of the shrugs from Target when I saw the girls in them (ultra cute fashionistas). Did you have trouble with them losing their shape after washing? I dried them on low. Do you (yikes) have to iron them? Thanks. Trish

  8. I am loving the striped shirt and striped pants. We do that around here too. Lvoe the sandals. We will have to hit Target. We have a daddy around here to that gives the little one what they want. I just found out that every Tuesday, when everyone is gone, but those two, they hit Maverik every week.

  9. Mer: Yay!! Rainboots are so fun!

    Suzy: Yep, it's a Rainbow playset, we couldn't afford the new ones, so we took everyone's great blog advice and got a used one off Craigslist. And YES, I think Lydia definitely needs a partner in crime. Hee!

    Julie: Aw, thanks!

    Tonggu Momma: No sandals!!! That is seriously harsh. Our school just says the shoes have to have a strap around the back, so no flip flops. If the girls couldn't show their toes at all, they'd revolt.

    Shannon: Yep, I love those ones. They were in the return bag before TubaDad got home, but the girls pulled them out and ran around and scuffed them up quickly so I'd have no choice but to keep them. Funny kiddos.

    Morgan: Me too!!! :-)

    Trish: I don't dry them, so I'm not sure. I don't dry any of the girls' clothes except jeans, jammies, socks, and underwear. Everything else gets hung to dry right after the washing machine (we have a huge bar in our laundry room). It all gets hung eventually because I hang everything in their closet, so I figure it doesn't take any more or less time to do it when they're wet, plus I think the colors stay bright and nothing shrinks.

    Laurel: Ha!! Love it. Daddys are so good (or bad I guess, depending on how you look at it, haha) for the kiddo shopping trips.

  10. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Hey M3 this is going to sound crazy but I met a little girl today that looks soooo much like Ree and Ro. She's not Asian, she even has red hair! I started a new job being an assisstant in a Kindergarten class and this girl looked so familiar. I kept thimking , " I know her from somewhere. " Then it hit me... Ree and Ro! Her facial features are very very much like your girls. Poor girl probably wondered why I kept looking at her so much. I just couldn't get over it! Lisa V

  11. I'm so weak. As soon as I finished reading your post I went right to the 6PM website and bought polliwalks for both my daughter and my son.