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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally, finally the Easter wrapup

In the middle of all the hopping around this week, we grabbed enough pictures to make some fun Easter collages. Some of the pics are on-the-fly-purse-camera snapshots, some were taken with a cell phone, some are from a friend, and a few were taken with the big camera, but hey you take whatever works when you're chasing kids and bunnies. The weekend before Easter, we colored four dozen eggs and hid and hunted for over a hundred plastic eggs with the cousins (yeah I guess we subscribe to the "go big or go home" theory): PreEasterColoringHunting_s-000001 (Ro pink skirt, Ree blue) On Friday, we got the best Easter present of all, a massive backyard playstructure from Craigslist. Ro and Ree are ecstatic (and so are all the neighborhood kids). That behemoth took all day and half the night to take apart, move, and reassemble. But TubaDad was determined to have it up and ready for Easter weekend, and he did it (with some awesome help from my dad and our neighbor). TubaDad, you're a total rock star!: EasterPlaystructure_s-000001 Saturday we went to a super-cool neighborhood Easter party and egg hunt: NeighborhoodEggHunt_s-000001 (Ro pink hairbow and shoes, Ree yellow hairbow and shoes) And on Easter Sunday we had fun baskets and took my folks out to a fancy brunch. I should probably admit that we almost screwed up royally on the baskets. We were trying to wait as late as possible to assemble them on Saturday night, because little Ree kept running downstairs and surprising us, and then we plumb forgot and went to bed without doing them!! Thank heavens I remembered before we both passed out completely, and we heaved ourselves out of bed and ran downstairs to hastily assemble them. Whew: EasterBasketsAndBrunch_s-000001 (Ree in pink tights, Ro in striped leggings) Happy Easter everyone!


  1. What's more fun that one weekend of chocolate? TWO weekends of Easter chocolate! Mmmmm!!

    Play structure looks amazing! I'm sure your girlies are in swinging, jumping and climbing heaven. However do you get them inside to eat?

    So much Easter fun!!

    PS = Great choice for Easter dresses. They're adorable!

  2. Oh it's easy, they've just eaten outside every day since we got the structure. :-) Dang they love that thing.

  3. Has anyone ever told you those kids are just the cutest? Oh... wait... everyone says that...

    Well, that's because they just are, dangit.


  4. The play structure is by far the BEST Easter present ever!! The years of play on that will be filled with fantastic memories!

    Looks like you guys had a great Easter!

  5. I love every single one of your photos!!!! They are so bright.

    I love the play structures. Love the chocolate eating. Love everything!!!!

    Happy Spring!

  6. Oh yeah! Lots of fun!! Woohoo!

    I found one of those Rainbow playsets in the Pennysaver for...wait for it...$475. SCORE! By the time I got to her house to buy it, there were 44 messages on her machine to look at it! Plan on many "fort meals" this summer. My kids LOVE that thing!

    Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the family shot. Gorgeous.

  7. Wow, chocolate, the Easter Bunny AND a new play fort for Easter? I think you're setting the bar a bit high for the rest of us ;)
    I am diggin' that new family picture! It's beautiful!
    Looks like an awesome time was had by all :)

  8. k1polzin4/08/2010

    I LOVE the picture of all four of you outside...so sweet!

    Kimberly Evans

  9. Anonymous4/08/2010

    The picture of the 4 of you where the girls are in yellow and pink is exquisite. You look like a model.

  10. soooo adorable. i do not know where to start!

  11. Looks like an awesome time and very cool play structure. Fun as always in the Salsa home.

  12. Please come clean on the adorable, never seen before Easter baskets!!!

  13. Well worth the wait M3 - these are some fabulous Easter memories. Love the collages. What fun you all had.

    And the play stucture. OMG - you lucked out. The girls will love it. I won't show Dahlia this one - I will hear the whining for a year. We just haven't got the space. (No really!)

    Enjoy it!!

  14. That is one cool backyard! You think the girls might still ask to go to the park?

  15. Kristina4/11/2010

    Great pics! So much Easter fun! Have they learned any new tricks? Savannah pulled the Toys R Us Ad out for Clark and demanded one too now!!

  16. Anonymous4/13/2010

    How do you make those cool collages? Would you do a post about it to teach the rest of us?

  17. Now that is one FUN Easter weekend:) Look at that playset.....WOWZA!! You will be entertaining the entire neighborhood for sure:)

    The girls could not be any cuter!!