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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well I didn't give up my PC, but there's finally an Apple in the house

Some of you might remember TubaDad's unsuccessful attempt to convert me from a PC to a Mac. Ah, it did not go well... But don't feel too sorry for him, he has finally managed to sneak a little Apple into the house by replacing his work BlackBerry with a new iPhone. The women of the house were initially dubious: IMG_0024LR No one wanted to touch the thing: IMG_0025LR Little Ro sucked it up and decided to be the guinea pig with a spelling game (you can see that Ree is not optimistic about her chances for success): IMG_0026LR Next, Ree got a crack at it: IMG_0029LR They went back and forth a few times, and then, somewhere between ordering enchiladas (Ro) and burritos (Ree) and getting our chips and salsa, there was an abrupt shift in the air and the girls suddenly and passionately declared that they loooooooved the little iPhone. The legs started dancing and kicking: IMG_0027LRPS And we started to see twin-blocking: IMG_0031LRPS Note Ro's not-so-subtle leaning approach, and Ree's shoulder-shrug block: IMG_0032LR I'd say it's official, the little iPhone got a thumbs-up from everyone (even from me). Now we just need to find out the coolest apps to download. Any suggestions?


  1. Cute Math for the girls and Sally's Spa for you. Of course, the girls will be whipping your tail at Sally's Spa before you know it. Not that I would know anything about that...

  2. Oh! And show them the microphone feature. You'll be getting lots of concerts recorded for your listening pleasure.

  3. Oh my Gosh-there are just so many!

    There's "Yelp"(for restaurants)
    Slacker(for music)
    Ocarina-this one is soooo cool.It turns your Iphone into a musical instrument. The girls would love this one.
    There's Flight Track Pro,
    Some fun games are "whack a mole" also for the girls-unless TubaDad gets bored :)
    Doodlejump-highly addictive!

    Gosh there are too many to list here. I'll e-mail you.

  4. LOVE my iPhone! It's MY "purse camera." ;-) And I think you'll enjoy the video feature, too. Comes in real handy.

    My fave apps, in no particular order: Words with Friends, AccuWeather, Pandora, Shazam, AroundMe, Ragdoll, DianHua (a GREAT Chinese word search) and Shopping List. Cool Facts is a fun app to pass the time for those who may spend a lot of time in airports...

    A lot of these are more for mommy & daddy than Ro & Ree. Pi isn't allowed on my iPhone (much) since she kept calling people without my knowledge. ;-) Enjoy!

  5. Ooooh! Go TubaDad!! It's a slippery slope now... I see N iMac on the horizon....

    Our fave kiddie apps are:
    Shape Sorter
    Monkey Lunchbox
    Smack Talk
    I Hear Ewe (Chinese speaker, Vivi loves this :))
    Tappy Tunes

    Can't wait to get more ideas from the comments!

  6. For the girlies: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Cupcake, Bubble Wrap, Catshot, ShapeBuilder, TicTacToe Free

    For you and TubaDad - Shazam - have it "listen" to a song and it identifies it and links you to iTunes, my sister just got me hooked into "Words with Friends", I use their built in map app A LOT

  7. Scoops and Cookie Doodle for the girls, Scrabble for you! Card Bank to keep you organized.

  8. so many great ideas!
    our 4 year old loves kideos (like a pre-screened you tube!), doodle jump, jelly car, bejeweled, and a couple of others that i just forget...
    he manages my iphone better than i do :-)

  9. We are currently hooked on Diner Dash. Our 3 year old needs to work on her serving skills.

  10. Oh man - so many. My daughter loves the free bubble wrap app as well as the puzzle zoo apps.

  11. Anonymous4/18/2010

    Once you go Mac, you never go back!

  12. Anonymous4/18/2010

    Try Ballonimals. Balloon animals you can blow up, shake then pop. Fun for the adults too.

  13. Oooh - also go onto iTunes and download some of the free shows. Sesame Street (if they're into it) has some short shows that are free that keep kiddos interested if you're in a bind. I use these at dr's offices when appts are running behind.

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  15. For thou hast joined me on the Dark Side...Don't you feel the POWER Luke! I mean.....M3!

  16. Anonymous4/18/2010

    The bump application it allows you to exchange info. (such as pictures) by bumping you phone together.

  17. We had the same seismic shift at our house! Last year, the Husband told me he was buying me a Mac for my birthday. My response? "I don't want a Mac." If I said it once, I said it a thousand times. Guess what he got me anyway? But guess who is the one using it? Heh - yep, I'm stubborn like that. And he's very glad he bought himself a Mac for my birthday.

    But then he got me an I-Pod Touch this year. And oh, how I have fallen in love with it. I asked for ap suggestions on my blog last month and boy, did everyone come through. Aps we love...

    For you (free):
    Pandora, Weather Bug, NY Times, Facebook, Google, Epicurius, Dianhua (without audio)

    For you (purchase):
    Scrabble, Boggle, Sudoku, Dianhua (if you want audio)

    For the girls (free):
    Sprout Player, Bubble Wrap, Sweet Tooth (kids memory match)

    For the girls (purchase):
    Rock Band, Skee-Ball

  18. I love my Mac!

    twin. blocking.


  19. Love it! They do have little concerned looks on their faces at first. So glad they liked it. Maylin totally knows how to use the happy's iphone. It is scary. I have no idea at all!

  20. Anonymous4/18/2010

    Our 3 favorite kids' apps:

    Pocket Phonics (the purchased version, not the free one)- This is absolutely the best for teaching handwriting and letter sounds! It teaches the correct way to write the letters and will not let them get away with forming them incorrectly. If they do it right all the crayons cheer, but if its wrong the lady sternly says "Try again." You can also set it for the type of handwriting your school teaches.

    Labyrinth - Our kids (and us) LOVE this classic marble maze game. It looks and sounds like the real thing!

    Talking Carl - He mimics everything you say. Somewhat annoying, but the kids love it.

    PopMath - Pop the bubbles with the matching equation and answer. Makes math practice a little more fun.

    Have fun with the iphone! You'll love it.


  21. My husband and I love Yelp to help find a restaurant. Hannah likes the aps by Duck Duck Moose. Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc. Shazam is totally cool. Target ap can help you find the nearest Target in case of an *emergency*. If you have Direct TV make sure that you get their app, and you can program your DVR from ANYWHERE! Facebook ap if you're a facebooker.

  22. smack talk is HILARIOUS!!!

  23. Amyesq4/18/2010

    Ha! It was only a matter of time before the twin-blocking started. We love Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Bean Cards. And amazingly, we are a fully-converted Apple household, including Imac, Iphone and Ipad.

  24. Amyesq4/18/2010

    Oh yes, someone just suggested Labyrinth, which occurs to me is probably the "Ball Game" (as they call it) the twins play on Tim's new Ipad. This one has already averted numerous meltdowns and he's only had the Ipad for two weeks. Also highly suggest "Enjoy Sudoku" for you if you are at all a fan of the game. Also "Ifeltthat" - all about local earthquakes. And Locavore to find the closest farmers' markets and see what's in season. And for whenever you decide to hit up SF, use Ibart (I think that's what it's called) for up to the minute public transportation information.

  25. If you still don't want to switch to Macs there are phones that operate on a android system by google that does the same thing. I have a Droid and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! It even has a 5 mp camera!!!!!!

  26. Sophie LOVES my iPod Touch (basically the iPhone without the phone or camera). Any of the free kids apps keep her happy, and if she doesn't like them, we just delete them and try again. There are also some shareware products out there that allow you to burn your dvds to the iPhone so you can entertain them! The free videos on iTunes are good too!

  27. Shannon (CA)4/19/2010

    There's a game called Scoops that's not hard, but very addicting, and also one called Pee Monkey that....well....you just have to try, haha!

  28. Shannon (CA)4/19/2010

    Oh, and I agree with Jenna! I love the DROID too!!! If you go that route, definitely download the App Killer....it tends to leave things running so just hit that little guy and it closes them all-

  29. I love the shake it photo app and the lomob app....both will process photos you take with the camera....they can turn an ordinary pic into something really interesting!
    you'll want your own soon :)

  30. The iPhone was a recent acquisition for me too, and Ellie just adores it. I too endorse the Monkey Preschool apps (Lunchbox and When I Grow Up). The favorites at our house are Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, Color It, and unfortunately, two dress-up games -- Make Me a Princess and My Fashion. Not the most educational options, but good for long bouts of quiet at coffee shops...

    I've also ponied up for some TV episodes and music videos, but her real favorite thing to do is browse through videos I've taken of her -- swimming, at the park, dressing up, etc. Just short, 30-45 second videoes, but she loves to watch them over and over.

  31. I have a bunch of free apps my kids love, although some might be a bit too young for your girls as only my 2yo plays those (but the others both my 9 and 5 yo love)...
    MiniPiano, DoodleBuddy, Vocal Zoo, Scramble, Bubble Snap, Cooking Mama Lite, Blowfish, Labyrinth, MazeLite, Matches, Bayou Beats.

    For me, 2 of my favs are Toobz-Free and Starbucks.


  32. We got my son an Ipod Touch for his birthday...I haven't seen his face in 3 weeks!

  33. My 5 year old nephew LOVES skeeball. ("It's like I'm at Chuck E Cheese!")

    He also loves to play Shrek cart. Kind of like Mario Cart and they "steer" the iPhone/iTouch. He gets last place every time, but will play it for hours never knowing!

  34. I AM SO EXCITED! I LOVE it when people finally switch to Apple products! The iPhone will change your life! No lie! You totally need one. Omg my apps list is too long for this comment. I'll email you. One of my new faves is the Lomo photography app. Fun Lomo effects. Next you'll get a Mac laptop. I just know it!

  35. Well, congrats! I think we are the only family on Earth who has yet to acquire the iPhone technology. We are regularly taunted by those we know and love. Anyhoo...I say, let the girls choose. Show them a few options and let them each pic their fave. Just a thought. Enjoy!

  36. Oh my that first pic of Ree has me BUSTING up! As for the apps...no iphone for me so I got nothing for you guys, well except I just recently heard that you can ride line updates for disneyland when you're there.

  37. Thanks for asking the question!! Now I am dying to try out all the suggestions! ANd since we are heading on a plane trip soon, my 6 yr old will have fun with the new choices! We luv: Lock and roll, PEGGLE and doodlebuddy THANKS