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Friday, May 7, 2010

A random and somewhat-motley assortment of pics for Fashion Friday this week

It’s Fashion Friday, time to take a look back at some outfits the girls put together in the last week or two. Has anyone else noticed that Ro and Ree nevereverever dress alike? We never dressed them in identical clothing when they were littler (although you know I am superduper partial to outfits that are complementary in some way), so maybe the idea just never occured to them? It'll be interesting to see if they try it after they're around other twins in Kindergarten (there are three sets of twins in their class).

In this first set of outfits, the girls both gravitated toward summery dresses and sandals. Cute. It might have actually reached 70 degrees that day (a mighty welcome change from freaking wind and rain, let me tell you!). Ro (left) went with a cute polka Carter’s dress that I think we found at Costco. And Ree went with a fun dress that our savvy shopper TubaDad brought back from a business trip to Barcelona last year. Please ignore the fact that both girls are COVERED in tattoos. They even put them on their knuckles, ugh, they look like rappers or prisoners or something. Apparently they snuck the tattoos upstairs and applied them in Ree’s bathroom using almost an entire roll of wet toilet paper. (BTW, this pic is a good one to show how Ree’s eyebrows can look way more pointy than Ro’s. Do you see it?)DSC_4228LR

Ree, in particular, was pretty proud of her tattooed self.DSC_4221LR

As a total aside, I've recently noticed how few pictures I'm actually in with the girls, so I'm going to make a serious effort to get on the other side of the lens at least once a week. It doesn't have to be a beautiful photograph, but there WILL be a weekly picture. Anyhow, here's the first self portrait of us later that day. I think we all look kind of funny in our big sunglasses.IMG_0066LR-2

Then there was yet another day when the girls didn’t get dressed in real clothes at all. (Hm, this seems to happen a lot around here. I'm guessing we're not the only ones?) Ro and Ree wore dress-up clothes all day, and when Wela dropped by, they made her ride on the eight-seater “train” they had assembled. I’m thinking those silk-scarf and boa seatbelts weren’t quite up to safety codes, but hey I’m not an engineer or anything. I didn’t notice until looking at this picture just now, but Ro (right) has on two different sandals. Heh.DSC_3937LR

Ree was wearing one of her many hand-me-down ballerina princessish kind of gowns, and Ro was wearing a gymnastics unitard I found for 99 cents at Goodwill. I grab them whenever I see them, because holy moly the prices they want for those things in the stores or online are insane. If anyone knows where to get good deals on gymnastics wear, please share.DSC_4030LR

Have a great weekend, and huge hugs to all the mothers, mothers-in-law, and mothers-to-be out there.


  1. Happy Mother's Day sweet, sweet friend!! It was SO GOOD to chat with you this week. I like your vow to get in at least 1 pic a week with the girls. Need to work on that here too.

    Adorable outfits but I must admit with the warmer temps I'm missing their layering techniques. Glad to see they're mixing it up with the fancy footwear.

    Love you! Have a wonderful weekend Mommy! xo

  2. Happy Mother's Day! What a year you've put in...I hope you have a great day.

    Um, we have many, many pj days. The girls go through so many outfits per day, I'd almost prefer they wear pjs. They are folded in drawers after washing, as opposed to hung in the closet. PJs are just less work, period.

    Which reminds me, your idea of hanging everything up has saved me so much time and money. Great idea!

  3. Cute as always and I love the dress that TD bought, wish I had found something like that when I was in Barcelona...but then I had so little time so no real shopping :-(

    A lot of competitive gyms have sales either at the beginning or end of the season as fundraisers for the gymnasts and you can get used top-quality leos on the cheap. Call your local gyms, usually the booster clubs arrange the sales.

  4. Oops...forgot. Wishing you a wonderful and fun filled Mother's Day.

  5. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Our boys make the trains as well. Fun stuff!

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Great pics as always. That first dress Ree is wearing has got to be Desigual! LOVE their clothes! and of course Ree carries it off perfectly! :)

  7. Catherine: You know it!! Can you believe how few clothes they wear when it's warm? I think they could even blend in with a crowd in the summer, hee!

    Indianalori: So glad to hear it!! The hanging definitely helps us, so the girls can see everything and pick what they want, and also because we're so "out of sight out of mind" people. Anything that gets put in a drawer is completely forgotten.

    Lisa: Thanks for the tip!! I'll check around.

    Rachelle: Thanks!! You have yourself a wonderful day with those two gorgeous little men.

    Much Ado: Good eye!! It is Desigual. And man oh man, I am in love with their stuff. Guess TubaDad is going to have to go back to Spain to get us a few more things. Heh.

  8. Ebay is a great place to purchase lightly used gymnastics clothing. Buy it by the lot, makes it well worth the price!