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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Minimizing our train-waiting time

Our last day and a half in Chicago were packed with fun. We met up with some of our fave people and four really happy twins played together.

Kristi and Eric invited us for dinner Friday night. And (after asking if Kristi was absolutely positively totally sure that she wanted the twinados in her beautiful home) we gleefully headed over (some of us caught a few winks in the cab):

Ree, Ro, Michal, and Kenna (l to r) had such a great time together. Something about seeing four cute little heads bent together just makes me grin extra big.
IMG_1670LRLR_adobeRGB IMG_1674LRLR_adobeRGB

The next morning, we woke the snoring girls up, packed at the speed of light and checked out of the hotel, then drove like madmen back to Michal and Kenna’s house. We had to make the one morning train that went into the city and were cutting it so close! We called when we were one block away, and then chortled with glee to get near the house and see their van race out of the driveway with Eric’s hand out the window motioning us to follow. We screeched into parking spots, raced to the train, and made it. Ahhhhhh. Downtown Chicago, here we come! The train ride was kind of amusing. The four girls sat together and sang (loudly) the whole way there. (Ro, Michal, Kenna, Ree, l to r):IMG_1683LR

We arrived, then popped into cabs heading (where else?) to the American Girl doll store:IMG_1684LR IMG_1686LRIMG_1696LR_adobeRGB

I’ve never been to this store and walked around with my mouth hanging open. Can’t even imagine how much fun the marketing folks had dreaming it all up. Can you believe they have a doll salon where your bedraggled, dragged-around-by-the-head dolly can get re-fancied up?:
IMG_1702LR_adobeRGB IMG_1711LR_adobeRGB

At lunch, the girls made funkalicious wiki stick glasses:


And then we went to the world-famous bean (the bean!!!):IMG_1722LR IMG_1726LR  (TubaDad is the big blue blob you see all over the place)


We cooled off in a big famous fountain area (cannot remember the name), and told the girls not to get soaked. Yeah, like that ever works.IMG_1738LR IMG_1747LR IMG_1739LR IMG_1763LRIMG_1773LR

After walking around some more (looking at cool stuff and hoping the sunshine would dry our soggy babes), we realized we were about to miss the last train back, hailed cabs, RAN through the huge train station (I don’t think TubaDad has ever seen me run), and made it 45 seconds before the doors closed. Whew, the great train chases were thrilling, to say the least, and TubaDad said we had definitely minimized our train-waiting time for the day. Heh.


  1. Awesome pictures and looks like an even better time!

    I believe the fountain is called Buckingham Fountain.

  2. Anonymous6/21/2010

    Wow, what a whirl wind of twin action! Didn't realize that Wela wear could be nightgowns, dresses and bathing suits, too.

  3. What fun!! The American Girl Doll bStore looks really neat!

    Great to learn how versitile Hannah's Wela wear will be. Might cut down on my packing....not! 10 more sleeps!!!!!

  4. Kristina6/21/2010

    Looks like you guys had soo much fun! I still have not been to the American Girl Store but feel a trip coming on soon!! You will have to give me tips!

  5. Anonymous6/21/2010

    Michelle is right. It's Buckingham Fountain (having lived in Chicago for 4 years).

  6. Anonymous6/21/2010

    Oops! I just looked more closely at the photo. Buckingham Fountain is a different one. You were in Millennium Park and I don't know the name of that fountain.

  7. I love American Girl! My daughter has two. She is 14 now and does not play with them but she is keeping them so she can hand them down to her daughter one day. :)

  8. Looks like a fun day!

  9. Anonymous6/21/2010

    What fun!! The American Girl stores are a sight to behold!

    OMG I can't wait until Catherine and Hannah visit you!!! I am already looking forward to those posts!!! Can't wait to see what you have planned!


  10. How fun! I don't think it would be a good idea for me to go to the American Girl Store. I have done damage in much less of a store than that.

  11. Glad you enjoyed CHI-town. Our favorite city. For those of you that are American Girl Fans, there used to be an annual factory sale out of the warehouse in Middleton, WI. It used to be the third weekend of July every year. Quite an experience, but well worth it. We purchased many Christmas gifts for our niece at that sale for several years. Not sure it still exists, it has been a few years since we lived in that area.

  12. We loved being with all four of you and M&K can't stop talking about Ro and Ree.

    Thank you. Thank you. For including us in your trip to Chicago!

    Oh, and to answer two questions that have been asked: The fountain is called Crown Fountain and it is in Millennium Park.

    And here's a link to the American Girl benefit sale: http://www.madisonchildrensmuseum.org/events-rentals/annual-benefit-sale/

  13. Wow, American Girl store...you are brave! It was nice to check in on your blog. It's been a while. The girls are getting so big. Let's do a beach day very soon. I'm off for about 6 more weeks. Take care!!

  14. Wow, looks like you all had a blast! I'm off to look up that doll store, don't imagine they have one in Canada ... maybe for the next NY trip.

  15. Yeah!! Looks like a great time for everyone. So envious you guys get to meet in person!

  16. What a fun day with Kristi and family......I am sure you got lots of looks all over the windy city with that much cuteness!!

    The AG store is really something, isn't it? I have not taken Sarah yet, but have been in the one in NYC while there on business.....

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


  17. Chicago is a fun place! I'm sure your little brood attracted a lot of smiles.

    My email changed, by the way: tmhorvet@gmail.com

    Oh, and I was in Dallas last week and posted on my blog in case TubaDad misses TX. ;-)


  18. Glad you caught all those trains and had fun doing it.

    Enjoy all your travels!

  19. I just love the bean :) We just missed each other. I was in Chicago for a week this month!