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Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you remember the first time you painted your own fingernails?

I don’t remember when I did, but I’ll sure remember Ro and Ree’s first time. They wiggled and giggled and were just tickled pink that they got to do it all by themselves.
I have an embarrassingly massive plastic tub full of polish to choose from. Shoot, some of those tiny bottles are probably from college and really need to be tossed out, but the girls adored spreading them all out and inspecting each one. The choosing process took at least 15 minutes, and involved Very Serious Discussion. So cute. Ro chose Go Go Green for her left hand, Red Comet for her right hand, and Sunset Prisms for her toes. Ree chose Prompt Petals for her left hand, Red Comet for her right hand, and Modern Art for her toes. And they were both prouder than proud. Little honeys.
DSC_7268LRa DSC_7274LRa DSC_7279LRa DSC_7285LRa
It was a fun way to while away a lazy summer morning. We’ve been taking it slow and easy this week. Enjoying the summer and each other.


  1. Anonymous7/23/2010

    I rem. that you were not 4 3/4 yrs. old when you first painted your nails. You were much older:)


  2. Adorable.

    I do remember the first time Ben & his friend Sevi painted their nails. The big sisters were playing and the 2.5 year old little siblings found a bottle of nail polish. ;o)

  3. They did great and I just love those proud faces!

  4. Anonymous7/24/2010

    They did a good job! Such cute, happy girls!

    Lisa V

  5. What fun!! The girlies look so cute and so dang proud of themselves! They did a great job too!!

    Hannah loved all your nail polish choices and the fun she had shaking them for you. Thanks for all you taught me M3 about things she can do already!

  6. The girls love it when I do their nails! I let Jazzie do her own for the first time the other day. The left side looked pretty good, the right not so much :-)

  7. i honestly haven't been brave enough to let me girls do it themselves... any spillage? i just have visions of polished- stain new clothes, table, etc....;)

  8. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Their outfits are adorable. I love the tops! The polish goes perfectly with them.

  9. Pretty good left handed painting!

  10. Joelle7/24/2010

    Wow! They did a great job! I paint mine very rarely - and I don't do half as good a job as they did! My dd (only 1 week younger than your girls) has only had her nails painted twice. We're pretty sad here :)

  11. Now let them paint yours!

    Take it from a mom of older kids. You will look back on those lazy days of summer with fond, fond memories.

  12. adorable! I also was not 4 3/4 yo, but my daughter was. Do I spy some special Wela Wear? Love to see the full view . . .

    Your girls really are getting prettier every day!