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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I know, I know, I can’t quite believe we snuck back to Tahoe either

At 10pm Friday night, TubaDad and I suddenly decided to pull the trigger on a last-minute short trip to Tahoe. Our weekend calendars were remarkably free (never happens), plus the girls and I were dying to show TubaDad all of our fave new lake haunts. IMG_2591LRaSo we packed maniacally for the next hour or so, then got on the road bright and early Saturday morning. Wheeeee!

We had a little mountain thunder and lightning once we got there, so we chilled in the car, looked at the purdy lake view, and watched a movie. And we still got in some good water time at Regan Beach in between raindrops.

DSC_7298LRa DSC_7313LRa

We ate dinner at The Beacon (my little bro had his rehearsal dinner there years ago -- love that place) then danced on the beach to a local band’s 80s songs like “867-5309”**. Ree would now like to have a band with dinner every night:IMG_2606LRa IMG_2609LRa IMG_2621LRa IMG_2649LRa

IMG_2634LRa I had to laugh when some burly boat-rental guys saw the girls’ new jeweled flip flops and said “Wow, those are the prettiest flip flops we’ve ever seen.” Heh. They are cute. I had to buy Ree a pair because I accidentally packed two left shoes for her. Oops. Ran into a Tahoe drugstore, grabbed them, and ran out. But Ro took one look at Ree’s new bejeweled fancies and said “Uh, mama, you KNOW I’m going to need some of those too.” So it was back into the drugstore for pair number two.

Ro has a thing for hoods, by the way. She says “I always wear my hood so I can fly.” And any piece of clothing with a hood gets high marks in her book, including those she makes herself, like the towel toga above. Anyhow, the hoods saw a lot of use, especially on hikes. Sunday started with a morning hike through the woods by the cabin:DSC_7369LRa DSC_7388LRa DSC_7398LRa DSC_7438LRa

Then we moved the party to a beach for a little lunch picnic. Has anyone tried fried peas? They’re our new addiction:DSC_7485LRa

Ro’s depth-checker stick cracked me up.



DSC_7512LRa DSC_7527LRa

The girls were dying to rent a boat, so we cruised up to Fallen Leaf Lake and they sweet-talked TubaDad into renting a teeny little motor boat:IMG_2680LRa IMG_2676LRa IMG_2660LRa

Then we plastered on copious amounts of mosquito repellant, watched the sunset, and danced on the beach.

IMG_2704LRa IMG_2707LRaIMG_2714LRa IMG_2736LRa 


The end. :-)

**PS: Come on, spill it – what’s your fave 80s song? I have seriously fond memories of Joan Jett’s stuff. Did anyone else regularly belt out “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” at the top of your teenage lungs?


  1. Hey! H2 & S2 have the same swimsuits!

    They're going to be thrilled when I show them the pictures of Ro and Ree.

  2. Not only did I belt out that Joan Jett song M3, but I got a little black puppy that same year and named him Jett!

  3. You guys really know how to have fun! What a great way to spend the weekend.


  4. Beautiful girls! F&B think they need to come visit us in Dallas. :o)

    And I'm kind of on a Journey & Heart kick again, thanks to Glee.

  5. Looks like tons of fun. You guys are always off somewhere!!

    As for the 80's songs, there are too many to name, but anything by the Cars, Cheap Trick or Blondie does it for me!

  6. ....and the fun just continues. I think the pic of the 4 of you on the beach with the shot taken real low (did you set it on the ground?) is my all time favorite. It just captures everything your sweet family is all about.

    Hmmm....the eighties (give me a minute...)Whitney Houston "One moment in time" from the 88 Olympics. Used to belt that one out when I worked on the road (meaning spent time in the car going to clients).

    (btw - our week-end in PA?.....awesome!!!)

  7. Guns and Roses...lol....Also..Is there anyway to get a copy of that sunset pic????? I have a spot over the mantle in the master bedroom that just screams for it....cking706@msn.com

  8. Looks like such a fun time!

    LOVE the family picture of the four of you... a must frame!

  9. "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners (I think?) is FOREVER STUCK IN MY HEAD!! I will admit I love that song...

  10. Looks like lots of fun but it always is with the Salsa family. Great reading too in the previous post, way to go Ro & Ree!

  11. Just saw Joan Jett in concert (from the front row!!) a couple of months ago-what a blast! And she got in my face and told me to sing the refrain (Hate Myself for Loving You) to one of the songs louder! Yes-I had a moment with Joan Jett . . .so awesome!

  12. Yesty NY7/27/2010

    Swimming in a lake = bliss. I miss that sooooo much, I want to swim in a lake!
    P.S. any song by Duran Duran. I still know all the lyrics.

  13. Anonymous7/27/2010

    Great Pictures! As ussual. Love that 80's music of course. Did you ever wear all the buttons with the band names.......I use to collect them. haha...The Police, INXS, Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol....loved it all. Glad you had a great time.

  14. Anonymous7/27/2010

    Come on Eileen is my favorite (even though they spell Eileen wrong).

    Ilene, mommy to April Lauren

  15. Looks like so much fun!
    I just spent 25.00 on fried peas.
    The reviews on the website looked heavenly!

  16. What a amazing trip your family had. Not matter if was last minute to go.. Glad all went!!

  17. Anonymous7/28/2010

    These are just terrific photos!

  18. What a great way to spend a weekend! A lake swim sounds so refreshing right about now. I'm melting.

    There isn't an 80's song I won't listen to, but if I had to pick a fave, it would have to be The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. Because we can dance if we want to.

  19. Anonymous7/28/2010

    Looks like so much fun!

    Can you please share where you got your black bathing suit? I need one like that!


  20. Kristina7/28/2010

    Pretty cool sneaking off like that! Love all the pics and nice to see you in some too! ;)

    Gotta love the 80's hairbanging rock ballads and a shout out to Bon Jovi! I sing all of those songs loud and proud....and solo in the car! makes the commute more FUN!

  21. I think it's funny M3 was talking about 80's music in this post she wrote while I was at an REO Speedwagon concert for a customer event. Those guys sounded awesome!!

  22. Anonymous7/30/2010

    Love the Tahoe photos. Wish we were there with you guys.

    Funny you mentioned 80's songs. Our rental car has satellite radio and we have driven 900 miles in it locked on the 80's station.

    FYI - my first concert was Howard Jones!

    Uncle Bobby

  23. I didn't realize how beautiful Lake Tahoe is..OK I live in Texas and have never been! Your daughters are just precious....

    Ooo--Favorite 80's song...RELAX.. by Frankie Goes to Hollywood..I can still dance like it is the 80's!

    Love the blog

    (waiting mom LID 1-11-07)

  24. Good times for sure! As for the 80's...anything is good!