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Monday, July 12, 2010

We made it home safe and sound

And we didn’t need to use any of the emergency ziploc barf bags or extra clothes that were tucked in the carry-on. (I never, ever travel with any extra clothes on the plane, but this time I nervously brought an entire outfit, right down to underwear, for everyone.) Whew! Thanks for all the good thoughts.

The house is too quiet today. I already miss Maisie’s cute little wave and adorable gravelly voice saying my full name (and it’s a hard name!), Eliza’s huge grin and hilarious sense of humor, Sol’s babylicious pudge and shining eyes, Lauren’s sparkly ever-present smile and tiny trusting hand in mine, Tate’s adorable snugglyness and utterly irresistable little curly pigtails, Hannah’s sweet air kisses and fast toddles as she tried to do everything the big girls did, and of course all the awesome mamas. Until next time!

Ro (green) and Ree (brown) are extra busy this morning coloring on their 3D Great Wall of China, making cards with hearts for “all the birthmothers in China,” and applying temporary tattoos. All three things are very popular around our house lately.DSC_6969LR DSC_7006LRDSC_7005LR DSC_7007LR DSC_7011LR DSC_7009LR  DSC_7011LR2 DSC_7014LR DSC_7016LR DSC_7018LR2

They were standing in the kitchen talking about different places they were ticklish and just cracking themselves up. I’m going to use that trick next time I pull out the camera!

We’re on our own this week, since TubaDad is in Asia, and it really is fearsomely quiet (even with the two loudest kids in the world here). So if about 11 people want to come camp out in various bedrooms around the house it would feel much better – just like our fun Utah trip. Let me know!

PS: Kim and Laurel, I’m still so so so bummed that we were quarantined and couldn’t see you!!!! Next time for sure, with double the hugs.


  1. Oh my they are just astoundingly beautiful aren't they.

    Hey, we are getting our learning tower tomorrow! Very excited to have no more lifting to the sink. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Anonymous7/12/2010

    You had better be careful what you wish for! Remember that you are being invaded by 12 Texans next month. We all can hardly wait!


  3. Anonymous7/12/2010

    Thank goodness you made it home barf free! I was waiting for an update. How is everyone else doing? Hopefully everyone who was hit with the bug is on the mend.


  4. Great photos, M3! i just want to eat them right up!!!

  5. I'm so relieved to read that the flight home was uneventful. I've had the opposite experience, but never times two...so I was keeping you in my prayers ;)

    We'll catch up next time.

    And really, I need a new camera! Both you and Laurel have posted gorgeous pics today.


  6. Hmmm...I suspect your twins and my virtual twins (turning 6 in October and January) would have a ball together. And I bet you have sun, too! Too bad it's not just around the corner...

  7. Anonymous7/12/2010

    Darling photos, darling girls! I love their outfits that they have on!

  8. Your girls are just so cute. I was going through some old photos on my computer recently and came across the pictures from our dim sum brunch three years ago. They have changed so much since then!

    I wish I could come play with you girls for a while. :)

  9. They are particularly beautiful in these photos.

  10. So glad you made it home without incident! We are still partying away...ate chocolate and saw Tawni and Catherine today. Miss you!

  11. I'd be up there if I could! Glad for no barfing on the plane :-)

    Hey, click over to my blog if you want to see how I did throwing a baby shower for twin girls (fraternal).

  12. Yeah, I have to know where those adorable sunsuits are from! ;)

    You got some really adorable pics of them! I might have to try asking about tickle spots at my house...

    Glad you all made it without messes! ;)

  13. We miss you too and having all the wee girls together was great fun. Glad that you made it home without using all the supplies, I'm hoping that we are as fortunate when we travel.

  14. Your girls are so cute. I actually sort of picture our Lydia looking like your daughter Ree when she gets older. I don't know what it is about her that resembles Lydia to me, but there's something.

  15. Missing you girls too! Tate has been viewing the pics on the blogs today and is loving saying everyones names. Sweet baby.

    So tempting to hop a plane and hang for a few days.... Too bad work gets in the way of that. Maybe another time?

  16. Beautiful photos of the girls! So glad you made it home without barfing. What a blessing! :D

  17. SOOO thankful you made it home without incident!

    Miss you like crazy already!!! Hannah is going to go into shock tomorrow when she is without kiddos to play with.

    Until next time sweetie...


  18. I'd love to come and camp out there but we are already booked for this week/weekend. Have fun no matter.

  19. Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better and that the barf-bags went unused!

    Love those outfits - adorable! Cant't get over how long their hair is now!

    Perhaps you could comment on my car seat vs booster seat post ... I seem to recall you writing something about this topic a while ago ... thanks!

  20. Love the green and brown outfits! So adorable!!!!