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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy hatchday Gus!

We were lucky enough to be invited to Gus the Galapagos Tortoise’s hatchday party again this year, and were so excited to attend, especially after seeing the cool bash he had last year.

Gus turned 25 this year – a quarter of a century old (and only a quarter of his expected lifetime of about a hundred years). Wow! Gus and his buds live in a private residence that has been turned into a tortoise wonderland. We got all gussied up for the occasion -- the girls in their new Wela-made turtle shirts, and I in my best party flip flops (I know, I know, no one wears white pants to a tortoise habitat – it’s just that I had a baby shower immediately following the hatchday affair and no time to change).


The girls looked so cute (for heaven’s sake, I always say that don’t I!!). Ree in white shirt, Ro in yellow.DSC_7954LRa


We brought flowers for Gus’s parents (we looked for those pecan and caramel turtle candies but couldn’t find them, darn!), and two heads (stalks? bunches? What the heck do you call them?) of celery for the party host and his mammoth reptilian buds.

We’re happy to report that no fingers were lost during the festivities. But please notice that this enormous tortoise had actually climbed up on the fence and was leaning wayyyyyyyy toward the girls in his extreme enthusiasm for that banana. Yikes!IMG_2804LRaIMG_2806LRa

I liked this double-celery feeding. Twin tortoise treats, if you will. Heh.IMG_2811LRa

Just to give you an idea of size, here’s Gus, the birthday boy himself, next to our bitty babies. Gus is well over 400 pounds:IMG_2814LRa

And here’s a teeny little mite named Francesca. (Note the girls’ effortless crouch, which apparently is good in any situation, even tortoise feeding):IMG_2818LRa

One tortoise decided the fastest way to the other side was through this lady’s legs and gave her a firm nudge. Who’s going to argue in that situation?IMG_2823LRa

Ree was pretty brave, darting into the pen and petting any tortoise who ambled by:IMG_2828LRa

One of the tortoises was named #8 (I think it was that guy at the end) but we called him Ocho Cinco the whole time and cracked ourselves up. Hee:IMG_2835LRa

Mmm, they didn’t so much go for corn-on-the-cob as corn-on-the-face:IMG_2833LRa

Happy hatchday Gus, and thanks for inviting us to your crazy-fun party again!


  1. was this at a farm or something? Nolan is crazy for turtles and would do anything to see theme. We go to see the one at happy hollow almost every week but these ones are so cool. He tells me everyday the baby in my tummy is a baby turtle. He is going to be a little surprised.

  2. Really lovely pics of you and the girls! You scrub up well! heheh! No seriously you always look lovely but the outfit was very nice!

  3. such fun!

    and my preschooler squats just like that too - he can play legos and video games in that comfortable looking pose for what seems like HOURS... oh to be that flexible :-)

  4. Loving that purple shirt! We brunettes know how to rock purple.

    I've tried crouching with the girls. My thighs catch on fire within moments. Must be a center of gravity thing and nothing whatsoever to do with my advancing age.

  5. That is so totally COOL!!! Wow. I want to go.

    The girls shirts are darling and you look FAB!!! Love the outfit. Dang, I don't get that dressed up for turtles or showers.

  6. love the first pic of the three of you, you look great!!!!

  7. Anonymous8/09/2010

    Wow, that first picture is outstanding especially of the mom!

  8. Amyesq8/09/2010

    Happy Hatchday to Gus! What great photos!!

  9. What a fun, fun birthday party! Love all the pics of the girls hangin' with the turtles.

    That first pic of the 3 of you is fabu! You look amazing friend!!!

  10. Looks fun. Love your outfit too. Beautiful shirt!

  11. M3 - you look beautiful!! I love the outfit you are wearing and you just look so sunny and happy! The pictures with Gus and his buddies are great. You can tell the girls are having a ton of fun! I really like the turtle coming for the banana. He will not be denied his fruit!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. We used to have a box turtle (I realize it's not a 400 lb tortoise, but still...) living in our backyard and HE LOVED bananas! I would open that back door and if he saw a big yellow thing in my hand, he would literally come running as fast as his little legs could carry him. I loved that little guy! Sadly, he just disappeared one day. Never did know where he went. :-(

  13. Brenda8/10/2010

    Fabulous photos. One of the best trips I ever took was to the Galapagos Islands on a small tour with a girlfriend. I have a great photo of me with a huge tortoise too. Such beautiful gentle giants.

  14. Of course you say they are Cute... they ARE! Can't believe how big they are.. but I say that about my own... all the time. Moonbeam is going to KINDERGARTEN! Hard to believe ... you guys sure looked like you were having a great turtley time!!

    EFP, EBB & ESP (waiting) Mama

  15. what a lot of fun! the girls look so adorable in their turtle shirts too :)

  16. You always hear about how cute the girls are. Today is your day! You looked soooooo cute! Not that you don't always look good but that day, looked great. Great top!!!


  17. How fun!!! Now that's a memorable story for "what did you do this summer?"

    Love it!

  18. I don't know what is more amazing - super Gus or that awesome shirt you are wearing!!

  19. Anonymous8/12/2010

    Are you going to post the question interviews soon?

  20. Anonymous8/12/2010

    M3, You Rocked it girl !!!! Looked Beautiful !!!! And as always, the twinados are dolls!!

  21. Love it! This is something I can't say I have seen before : ) Love the their outfits too! And I never knew that turtles ate all of that healthy, yummy goodness!

  22. I love love the Wela-made turtle shirts!!! sooo adorable!

  23. Love this! Especially the turtle tees!