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Saturday, August 14, 2010

An update on little Ree and the big pink cast

Miss Ree gets the trooper of the year award. She has been so brave and is adapting so well to the injury and the cast. (I’m not adapting quite as well, I think I’m becoming one of those helicopter parents, but I’m sure everything will even out a little with time). She’s figuring out what she can and can’t do with one arm (which is kind of sweet and sad at the same time). Her favorite things in the world right now are swimming, going to the beach, and playing on the monkey bars, and those things are just plain out for the moment. I shudder everytime I picture sand down inside that cast, ugh. But I’m ordering a waterproof cover called XeroSox off the internet today and that should take care of the swimming and the beach and also help with baths and stuff. The outside of her cast is waterproof, but the soft inside isn’t. Has anyone used something like this?

I took a few pics of the girls today because Ree is still sweet, cheery, charming, and cute as a bug, even though she’s in pain and sporting a gigantic pink cast. Little sprite. And Ro is still being such a great sister (hard to do when your twin is sucking up massive amounts of attention). She even agreed to be Ree’s bathroom buddy when she starts Kindergarten next week and said we’d better practice this weekend. Awwwwww!

I guess there’s no need to identify who’s who in pictures for the next little while? :-( Hate to say this, but the Kindergarten teacher is going to bless that little cast when she can easily tell the girls apart.


DSC_8373LRa DSC_8364LRa DSC_8377LRa DSC_8381LRa

Sweet baby girl. Always has a smile on her face and a hug for her mama, even with two broken bones.

We have hundreds of awesome pics with the fun Texas relatives this week (I wanted to do a post titled “The Texans are coming, the Texans are coming!” but ran out of time -- we had 8 cousins and 8 adults staying in our house, plus 2 more people when my folks came over!!!), but blogging got a little sidelined by the brutal snapping of bones (side note: will the sound of her screams ever stop ringing in my ears? Oh my gosh, I swear I can still hear them.). I’ll post the pics soon. In the meantime, thank you SO MUCH for all the good wishes and good thoughts for our baby girl.


  1. Anonymous8/15/2010

    So good to see her smiling!

    And if you don't already have it, you HAVE to get Justin Roberts' new album. It has a song titled "Sign My Cast" that is perfect for little Miss Ree!

  2. Good to see her precious smile! The girls are adorable as always!

  3. Geeeesh! I had to click...scaryness! So-so-so glad to hear that Ree is doing better and so incredibly proud of Ro for Star Sistering! You too, brave Mama! xo

  4. When my son was 5 and broke his wrist (nothing like her brake) I bought a plastic sleeve thing that went all the way up his arm at the medical supply store and he could swim and get a bath as it kept it DRY!! Not sure if you have anything like this but it was WONDERFUL!!
    She looks adorable and am I am so happy to see her smiling:)

  5. She looks very stylish in her pink cast!

  6. What little sweeties. Their smile fill the room and warm my heart.
    What a great sister, helping with the bathroom break. Amazing how grown up they are and so totally responsible. But of course, that comes from their great parents and family.


  7. You have been so very lucky that this is the first mishap the girls have had! Remember the climbing up the shelves and elsewhere? Oh my, that was scary!

    Ro and Ree are two peas in a pod. They will take care of each other all their lives. Such sweet, caring and loving girls. I know that you are proud of them.

  8. Just curious...are you intentionally keeping the girls together in the same class or is there only one Kindergarten class at the school?

    So glad that Miss Ree is handling her injury so well!!

  9. Anonymous8/15/2010

    I hoped you would have an update and you did. Thanks for this. I am glad to see the smile on Ree's face. She is such a trouper!

  10. Anonymous8/15/2010

    You shouldn't need a cover. If you got the waterproof cast -- gortex -- the inside gets wet but dries. My son went swimming and took showers all summer with his.

  11. Anonymous8/15/2010

    glad to see both girls are doing well!!! Thanks for the update!!


  12. I am glad to hear that Ree is doing much better. You will be amazed how fast she starts to do things with that arm. I bet in about two weeks you will have to remind her to bf careful. I did with LiLi! Ree's cast looks like LiLi's did when she broke hers.

    That Ro is also too cute with that BIG heart of hers. I am sure she will be a big help with Ree.

    Glad to hear that both girls will be in the same class this year. You have a much easier time. Maybe when they are older (3/4 grade) you cam put them apart. In my school, we keep the kids together unless parents ask to be apart. It does make it A LOT easier. ;0)

  13. Great to see she is in good spirits. I am sure the trauma of it will fade a little with time. Take care.

  14. Anonymous8/15/2010

    Thank you for the update, i have fallen in love with these little stinkers..lol...following your blog, and only wish the best for all of you. I am so sorry for the accident happening, but Ree has a wonderful Mama and Dad to see her through it all. What a blessing for these two little ones. When i saw them on the ladder in the pic, i wanted to say "No No please get down" (but we cannot do this )lol. The flasbacks are no fun either. Good wishes for The Salsa Family.

  15. We were playing that song last night. Funny how we just glossed over it when we first heard the album and now it's the best song ever!! :-)

    Mary McG: Isn't that the truth?!! They climbed to the top of our bookshelves at 15 months or so and haven't stopped since.

    Alli: It was our choice to keep the girls together this year. We figured starting Kindgarten was enough of a big change and it will help to be together. We'll look at the choice again in 1st grade and 2nd grade and have no problem changing things up to match how they're doing.

    Anon: can you tell me more about your experience with swimming/showers and the cast? Ree's got the fiberglass (waterproof) outer cast, with the soft (non-waterproof) inside. Leda said there's another option for the inside that's waterproof and we can ask for it when she goes to a smaller cast in a few weeks, but for now the inside isn't waterproof. Is that what you had? If so: If it gets wet, how long does it take to dry? Does it ever fully dry in the middle? Does it stink? Is it uncomfortable when wet?

    Thanks everyone! MM

  16. Anonymous8/15/2010

    My 9 year old China gal broke her wrist this spring. We also got a "waterproof" cast, so that she didn't have to stay out of the pool. For showering, we used plastic bags and "blue" tape, so keep it dry. The inside of the cast was soft and took a couple hours to dry after swimming, although sometimes I blew air down it, with the blow dryer. Regardless of the casts getting wet, or not, they all eventually will stink a little and get very dirty. Kids and casts... dirt and grime. They go together!

  17. Anonymous8/15/2010

    What great photos. Could they be any cuter??..seriously.
    Love those little sweeties!

    Glad Ree's adjusting.
    Mentioning the sand in the cast reminded me of my broken wrist when I was little. Remember we visited Washington and I was playing in the wheat trucks with the other kids. When we took off the cast there wheat growing inside....yuck!

    -Uncle Bobby-

  18. I saw the first post and my curiosity made me look at the picture. I noticed that Ree's bracelet was on her broken arm and I wanted to know if they were able to get it off. I can't remember if you said and for some reason its driving me crazy.

  19. Just read the post about the arm!! My goodness! I'm so glad she is doing better. And what a sweet sister to help out. Hope you all are doing well now.

  20. Anonymous8/15/2010

    You do realize that Ro and Ree's behavior is a reflection of you guys and how you all treat each other :) Glad to see a smile on Ree's face. I'm sure she will recover just fine and this will all be a memory one day.

    Ilene, mommy to April Lauren, 4.8 years old.

  21. Anonymous8/15/2010

    Just coming out of my lurking mode to say that I really hope Ree gets better...it's never fun to go through such a thing, and I have to second wzgirl's comment that Ro should get a Gold Star (capital letters and all!). Your site is absolutely wonderful, and it's been such a pleasure reading about the girls and your life.

    Please take care!

    - Bethany

  22. Anonymous8/15/2010

    Ah -- yes, the gortex inside is probably the smaller "waterproof" cast you can get in a couple of weeks. He said it took a couple of hours to dry. It did not smell until they took the cast off but that's with any cast :) This was the second time he had a cast, the first the non-waterproof, and he _much_ preferred this one.

    The memory of the accident will fade but it will take a lot of time. It probably will never go away completely. You can't put a bubble around them unfortunately :)

  23. The same thing happened to me at her age. I'm pretty sure it is much worse for the parents than the child. I hate to say it but given the girls early love of adrenaline, I fear this may not be the last cast in your future. Has Ro created her own cast?

  24. So happy and relieved to see that precious smile !

  25. Anonymous8/15/2010

    What a great smile! She looks great despite her ordeal!

  26. Oh, they are such beautiful girls! Those smiles are so sweet

  27. Check out those beautiful smiles!! Your girls are both totally amazing!

    As one who still struggles with telling them apart, I'm sure their teacher will be thankful!

  28. My DD had a cast was water proof outside but not in. We were told this meant the cast was water resistant NOT water proof. Meaning it could be splashed,but not submerged in water.

    The water proof slip you found looks great, I am eager to hear your review. ( of course I will have NO need for it in my future lol)

  29. Long time lurker: I broke those same two bones (although I had 6 breaks total) in a car wreck last summer. I was told not to get the cast wet-so I would go with the item you linked to.

    I am sure you have great doctors and already know this, but thought I would throw it out anyway. Watch her cast to make sure it doesn't get loose (as the swelling in her arm goes down). Mine did and it was so uncomfortable when it slipped down over my fingers, no one told me they would have put a new cast on me earlier than my scheduled date. Also those two bones are what allow your hand to twist palm up and down-when they are broken you can lose some of that-I had to have months of therapy for mine and I just thought I would say something in case they haven't told you that yet.

    I hope she heals perfectly and my heart goes out to all of you. I can't imagine how hard it has to be with her being so young.

  30. What a superstar Ree is!

    I also was wondering about the bracelet- hope you managed to take it off instead of getting it cut off!

    My baby brother (well 6 ft 2 baby) broke his ankle last year playing rugby, and got that hot pink stuff wrapped on his cast and swam and showered in it... even paddled out on his surfboard!
    My mum used to put talc powder down it because she was paranoid about it smelling-- dont know if that did anything, but maybe worth a try if it gets smelly?

  31. Sweet little Ree! So sorry for the pain she had to endure, but what a brave little girl she is!

    The pain and tears will fade with time and it will be childhood story that you'll look back on and laugh about (maybe?). Glad to see Ree smiling through it all...what a trooper :)

  32. Still pretty in pink!

  33. Oh my goodness, their berry outfits are too stinkin' cute! And I just love Ree's braids! ;)

    The XeroSox are great. We had a little girl at VBS this summer who used one and it was easy to put on and worked great!

    Your little girls are just the sweetest... practice time is such a precious idea from Ro. ;)

  34. Oh M3! Wasn't I joking with you in Chicago that it was miraculous you hadn't yet been to the ER? I guess I shouldn't joke about things like that huh?

    You have to look into this new-fangled kind of cast that a little girl at our pool had. It's lined with GoreTex and uses your body heat to dry it out. You can swim in it, shower in it and you don't have to cover it or do anything to it. Plus, because of the GoreTex you don't get that icky cast smell because it dries itself out.

    We are in Colorado right now but tell Miss Ree a box will be coming to her once we get home.

  35. Anonymous8/16/2010

    Hi - long time reader, first time leaving a comment. Love the girls. Our daughter is almost 3 from Yangchun. Anyway....my oldest son broke his arm this summer. Was told no to the waterproof cast and we purchased the blue sleeve. After alot of input from friends went to a new orthopedist who was great, and immediately put on a waterproof cast. This was a lifesaver and come to find out they replace casts all the time. I think the arm initially needs to stay in the cast a few weeks, then they can change it into waterproof. So, highly, highly recommend waterproof cast when/if it is an option. My son is very active and was in the water all the time with no problems at all. When we went to the beach he wore the blue sleeve to prevent the sand from getting down there bc that can be very uncomfortable and if the skin gets irritated, not good. The blue sleeve worked well keeping both water and sand out, but once the soft cotton gets wet it all starts to break down. All the best!!

  36. Are they in the same kindergarten class?


  37. OH NO! Not broken bones already?!! Ree doesn't look at all perturbed?!!! ;) Good on ya Ree!

    Absolutely beeeautiful photos of beeeautiful girls!

  38. Another vote for the waterproof casting material! With 6 kids we've had a few broken bones around here and I would NEVER do another cast that wasn't waterproof! Just not worth the headaches...

  39. Look at Ree! So adorable!! Poor Princess!!

    And sweet Ro! Melts my heart! I hope Courtney and Vanessa(our new baby) are like that even though they are 7 years apart in age!!