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Friday, October 15, 2010

I can’t even remember why I took these pictures

But you know what? It doesn’t matter. They make me laugh, and I haven’t been laughing much lately. Or blogging (obviously). Frankly, the stress of trying to simultaneously buy one house and sell the other is huge. Nothing seems to go as planned, and it feels like everything is a house of cards. It could all come tumbling down at any minute. Actually I think I snarled that at TubaDad just today. Picture me in wrinkled jammies and reading glasses, hair unwashed, waving my claw hands in the air and yelling slightly hysterically “It’s all a house of cards!!!!”

Anyhow, Ree and Ro aren’t worried about anything. They’re still having fun, loving kindergarten, and learning new things every day. These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago (before Ree got her yellow cast off):DSC_8790LR DSC_8791LR

Speaking of that cast, Ro just cracked me up at the doctor’s office. She HATES loud noises, but also can’t stand to miss anything. Oh the dilemma... So during the sawing, she stood right next to her sister, scrunched up her whole face and plugged her ears, and never took her eyes off that saw. Heh.IMG_3506LR

Later that day, Ree drew this picture as part of her homework using a sight word. (It says “We can play.”) Did she nail those outfits or what?!:WeCanPlay - Copy 

Alrighty, I’ll try to pull out of this funk and post a little more often, so we’ve got at least some record of the funny things our spunky five year olds did. In the meantime, while I’m working to manage my raging stress levels (a herculean task on even the best of days for a stress puppy like me), any good, soothing, calming, everything-is-going-to-work-out thoughts would be appreciated. Mwah!


  1. Close your eyes.
    Slow deep breath in.
    Hold it for five seconds.
    Slow deep breath out.

    Repeat as necessary or until you hyperventilate...whichever is preferable.

    Sending calm, hopeful thoughts your way for what has to be one of the most stressful times ever. Selling/buying a house is never easy, but to do it with young twins is unimaginable. Keep lots of chocolate on hand!

    Ellie & Grace's mom


  2. Sending happy thoughts your way!!

  3. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Sending you many hugs - of course it will all work out! However, that doesn't mean that the journey is stress free.

    You do such an incredible job of seeing and enjoying all the wonderful little things in life and celebrating the big things. I can't wait to see pictures of the Salsa Crew moving party!


  4. These pictures are priceless. 2 house deals while living with 5 year old twins? I don't wash my hair on a good day...can't imagine what I'd look like! Nothing ever goes smoothly while moving, which is why I told Greg even if I don't "love" the house we're in, I'm never leaving!

    Hang in there. Surely it can't go on forever?

    Best, Indiana Lori

  5. Anonymous10/16/2010

    You made it this far raising twins so switching out houses should be a breeze! Take a bit of time for yourself and enjoy some good chocolate and a soothing wine! Love your blog--you make me smile!

  6. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Dear M3,
    We recently moved from Michigan to Iowa with our 5 year old. I feel your stress...I really really do. It will get better...things will calm down. The stars will align in your favor...eventually! (And if not, chocolate cake worked wonders for me, when I was at my wits end!)
    I'm sure of it!!
    Love your blog, truly!

  7. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Soooo missed your blog post! Thank goodness your back!!! :) Ran into your blog a few years ago when a co worker of mine was adopting from china and literally was just hooked with your story and the twinadoes!! I cant imagine trying to move with twins- I moved across state a few years ago and it was one of the most stressfull things I have ever done. Just try to remember how wonderful the new place will be. There is nothing like starting fresh in a new house! So exciting! Hang in there! It will be over soon and the new place will be great!

  8. Ah, the stress. Ugh. Hope it lets up soon and you can start having fun fixing up the new place!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  9. Deep breaths, M3, deep breaths. It's all be fine. Really. Take a cue from those happy girls.

    Years from now (maybe even months from now), you'll be laughing about it. "Remember when we went to look at a house and decided we had to have it and so packed up the old one and tried to sell it while we were having work done at the new one and Ree broke her arm and the girls were just starting Kindergarten and it was the beginning of the holiday season and when we were moving into the new place we couldn't find the Halloween costumes we had bought months ago and the girls wanted to put up the Christmas tree as soon as they saw the box but we couldn't find the cereal bowls and then Tuba Dad had to go to Australia for six weeks? That was awesome."

    Trust me. It'll be fine in the end.

  10. It really is going to get better. It can't stay like this forever. Once you are settled in your new house you will love it! Until then, yes, things are crazy. Breathe, remember that this too shall pass and that you are doing the most amazing job you can during all the chaos and stress. Give yourself permission to feel cranky it seems to be part of the process of moving. Give yourself little treats, chocolate, wine, ice cream, time away for an hour....whatever works. Sending peaceful wishes your way. Remain focused on the end result and it will be better. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the new home and you all happily enjoying it!!! Take care!

  11. Very stressful, buying a house and selling another all while managing twins. Hey, the fact that you have unwashed hair on your head is positive. I'm sure mine would have all fallen out by now.

    Hang in there, it will all work out as it should. It will all be fine...

  12. Anonymous10/16/2010

    When "the house of cards" is but a vague memory, with the details lost in time, you will still remember the girls' standing by each other, a loving/listening husband, and getting a new home in the middle of global economic chaos - all results of living consciously each day.

  13. Moving is so hard. The good news is when it's all said and done, it's done...you will be able to just go on enjoying life in your new house.

  14. Try and stay calm! Moving is never easy. We put our house on the market when our daughter was 2 1/2 and I was not thrilled but we wanted more space. In my opinion it was time lost with my new daughter. I could have been out on stroller walks instead of cleaning my house for a showing! I think it is great that they are five and more independent. I will always regret trying to move when she was so little!

    Our house was on the market four months with tons of showings, a total nightmare trying to keep it tip top. We also rented our house back for three months while they were building our new one. We have been in our new home almost two years and I am finally getting all the new construction mishaps completed. Hang in there. Wishing you luck!

  15. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Your daughters are so artistic. Some people draw the figures for their kids and even do more and then say their kids are drawing the pictures but your kids have nailed all the elements in drawing. I am very impressed. They are good observers of each other and of themselves.

  16. I'm in a similar place...closing on our new house and moving in a couple of weeks and renting our current house. I send you any happy, stress-free thoughts I have left. Don't feel bad about the blogging. I haven't blogged since July!!!

    hang in there...it will all be worth it!


  17. M3- We have moved twice (different states) since bringing our daughter home in 9/06 and the second time we moved was 3 months before bringing home DD#2...I feel your pain!
    hang in there. I told myself something(s) was bound to go wrong so when they did I had mentally prepared myself. Oh, and wine helps too. Lots and lots of wine. :) Hang in there!

  18. We're trying to sell a house in PA and close on a house in CO with a 4 1/2, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2 year old! And, to add to the excitement, we'll be driving cross-country in the middle of winter with the three of them buckled in the back seat plus our 100+ dog in the very back! I have been enjoying lots of Funky Llama Malbec - cheap, but tasty. (And, just thought I'd add...my word verification word below? "fretc" fret? fret? I know nothing about that.)

  19. Hang in there - this too shall pass. All this stress is suppose to make us stronger (yeah, right! - they should have added older and greyer to that).

    Sending postitive vibes, my dear!

  20. LOVE the drawing! Sending lots of love. Muah!

  21. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Love ya,

  22. Anonymous10/16/2010

    Again, I was referred to "You might also like" . . . Did you ever find out what tubanuts are?

  23. Anon: We did! Check out the post Eureka!. Good memories. :-)

  24. Ah friend. It is stressful! Wish I could wiggle my nose and be right there beside you to help ya. Hmmmm...that would mean I'd also have my mini 'helper' with me so between us talking her Hannah's 'help' I'm thinking the best gift I can give you right now s prayers for things to go smoothly, a cheering committee from afar and lots and lots of love. xoxoxoxo

  25. i think i laughed hardest actually PICTURING you yelling like that, all hysterical. house selling in buying is SO stressful. hang in there.

    and E is JUST as sensitive about loud noises. it took us forever to get her "over" the 4th of July and we didn't even go OUTSIDE!

  26. Sending good thoughts and hope that all proceeds smoothly and don't let the stress make you sick. Hugs my friend.

  27. That drawing is fabulous!
    (Double) martinis and meditation...I don't really see how you could go wrong with either!

  28. Saw this in a catalog today and thought of your girls. http://www.amazon.com/Faber-Castell-1252-Fashion-Design/dp/B000QY696E

  29. Yoga.

    I'm not even joking.

    Find a yoga class or buy a DVD.

    It will change how you feel.

    I promise.

    Or there's always chocolate . . .

  30. Bright side: your stressful time coincides with millions of bite sized chocolate and candy in a store near you - either house! :D

    Pick at least 4 big bags of your favorites and pour into big clear bowls and leave in plain site. Hopefully just the sight of them will make you smile.

    Good luck!!

  31. Totally love the mid-air shots!!!

    I feel for you with the move. We have done it several times. It is the worst with kids. Hang in there.