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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beating the boxes back, one by one

It’s been a busy, tiring week, and we’ve all been working our butts off with no time to while away on the computer. But TubaDad says I’d better jot down at least a few words to let everyone know we made it. So here’s a quickie move post with some pics.

The move was great! For the first time ever, we paid movers to do our packing. And although we went back and forth on this decision (my cheapskate tendencies are only rivaled by my ability to worry about stuff I’m not in control of), this ended up being a wonderful choice for us. They actually packed and moved the entire house in one veryveryvery long day. Wow.

Ro and Ree were champs during the move. Quite excited to have “move pens” on ribbons around their necks just like the grownups, and also pretty ecstatic that they got to watch as many movies as they wanted. They played, made up games, amused themselves, and were honestly no trouble at all.IMG_1475LR

We had an art and crafts table set up for Ro and Ree in the new house, and that occupied them for HOURS. Actually had to pry them away to do a Target run. Yes, my friend Maggie and I got to dash to Target in mid-move. Now that’s a good day. (We were getting contact paper and last-minute move supplies, but still, any trip to Target is a good one.):IMG_1477LR

We got everything we own into the house by about 9pm on Saturday, then sat down among the towering piles of boxes and just breathed. (I might have had a glass of wine or three.) All of the furniture was here, the stuff in the downstairs was even in the right rooms, and we had enough emergency supplies and clothes in our Move Kits to last for a few days while we figured out where the heck specific things were. TubaDad had already hooked up the tv, and his next task was wrestling with the computer and internet. Thank god we have an amazing tech guy living with us. Smile I tried to take a pic of him in the office that night, and forgot to pop the flash. But then, the eerie feel of this pic just amused me. Doesn’t it look like the desk and pile of boxes and computer equipment are threatening to swallow him whole?:DSC_9646LR

The girls squealed with glee to find the hidden shoe closet downstairs, and immediately claimed it and organized all their shoes. There was a heated debate for some time about whether to organize the shoes by color (Ree’s preference) or type (Ro’s preference), and they eventually came to a compromise. All of the boots are on the bottom shelf, and then the shoes above are sorted by color. Funny little girls.DSC_9670LR

Anyhow, we’ve made huge progress in the last week. Maggie came over three days in a row to help sort things out and even tackle the kitchen (which previously looked like this): DSC_9652LR

Thank you Maggie!!! So now all of the essentials are unpacked, and we can eat, bathe, and get dressed without problems (well at least without any more problems than we used to have, heh). The rest of the boxes have been dragged out of the way and we’ll get to them with time (or after the construction).DSC_9673LRDSC_9683LR

And in the meantime, the boxes apparently make perfect kid furniture. Who knew?!:DSC_9685LR

It’s all good.

PS: Do I need to say who’s who now that the cast is gone? Move day: Ro blue shirt, Ree brown shirt. Jammies: Ro pink, Ree blue. Boot outfits: Ree brown shirt, Ro red shirt. Sitting on boxes: Ree white shirt, Ro pink shirt.


  1. I'm glad it wasn't too bad of a week! It sounds like you're starting to settle in and enjoy the new digs!

    And I really need that s'mores shirt. Where did you find i?

  2. Thanks Kristi!
    The s'mores stuff (all the red and brown pieces) are at Gymboree right now. They have so much cute stuff in this line, just love it!

  3. Glad you got all moved in!

  4. Yay...you guys made it! I was wondering if you were laying under a big pile of boxes somewhere LOL!

    The glimpses of the house look great. We will be going through the same stuff next weekend, when we move to our new house. It's pretty close, just 20 miles or so away, but may as well be 200 miles away...you still have to pack and move it all!

    Enjoy getting settled in!

  5. Anonymous10/30/2010

    Best wishes in your new home!

  6. Glad the move went well... I can't imagine moving with the boys right now as much as we often talk about it! If we ever do, we may have to have you come and help! :)

  7. Glad y'all survived! And yeah, movie marathons always seem to make everything better.

  8. I'm so glad it went well, and that you can relax now.

    What kind of construction is planned?

  9. Anonymous10/30/2010

    Glad it went well! Love the shoe closet, and what an amazing array of shoes! Those 2 cuties have more pairs of shoes than our entire family of 4 combined.

  10. Oh, I know how relieved you must be that the worse is over. Time to exhale and really enjoy that wine. Love that shoe closet.

    Have fun nesting!!

  11. Holy Cow, I know there are two of them. But that's a lot of shoes.

    What are you constructing?

    Glad you made it safely and with )mostly) your sanity intact. Elaine

  12. Glad you made the move pretty smoothly! That is a huge relief. Can't wait to see the new house (pics) once you get it put together! I love a new house!!!!!

  13. Those girls get cuter by the day. My twins love their shoes too. I guess a girl can never have too many pairs.

  14. It is obvious that your new house is filled with love and happiness. I think you can definitely call it home!
    Congratulations! Let the new memories in the new home begin!

  15. So happy you guys are well! Having movers do all the work is just heaven!!! We did that last time we moved and I felt like a queen...glad you guys did that! :)

  16. Anonymous10/31/2010

    Whewww, breathe....glad you are settled in. The girls are adorable as always. When you get time please post a few pics of your beautiful home. I am really happy for you and your family. Now start enjoying everything !!

  17. I soooo want that shoe closet and all those shoes..
    You are even a GREAT Mom even in a move!!
    Happy Unpacking:)

  18. Anonymous11/01/2010

    M-3. I'm the poster who told you (as my mom had told me) FIVE IS NOT THREE! As I said, when my kids were five I was still worried about how to keep them occupried as I did when they were three. But at 5, they could really deal. I am thus not suprised that the girls were "honestly no troubble at all." Five year old girls are a delight and can be good as gold during high stress things like moves.

  19. Love your blog and those gorgeous, silly, sassy girls of yours! I also love that you posted all those shoes cause now I have something to show my husband when he says my daughter has too many shoes. LOL. Our blog is http://jenandjeffsbabyblog.blogspot.com

    Hope you come out of the boxes soon and are all settled in your new home!

  20. Anonymous11/02/2010


    I sent someone from RQ over to your blog. The just got referred twins who are 7 months old. I hope they check in and see how wonderful twins can be.