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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes, I know, I know, it is completely shocking even to me that I painted the room pink

We told the girls they could finally sleep in their new bedroom and they practically knocked us over in their haste to start moving furniture out of the guest room. Their determined faces just sent me into a fit of the giggles. They were in that old guest room like a shot gathering up all their “important” stuff.DSC_0070LR

Ooo, don’t mess with this tough little mover. I think she’s union.DSC_0072LR

They pointed out to us many, many, many times that they really shouldn’t be sleeping in these embarrassingly puny todder beds any longer and were a little miffed that the new beds won’t be delivered for another week or two. Ah well, they made do. We’ve ordered cute white twin beds with built-in trundles so friends (and lots of cousins) can stay over.DSC_0073LR




Gee, do you think they’re happy?DSC_0086LR

There was quite animated dancing and celebrating:DSC_0087LR

And then, the next morning, we all cuddled in the big bed and the girls watched Tinkerbelle while TubaDad and I watched the fun rainstorm out the window.DSC_0113LRDSC_0104LR

We’re kinda liking the new house today. Things are starting to fall into place and I don’t feel quite as panicky as I did when we made the insane decision to move into a bigger house that needed some work and put our own lovely house on the market. It’s going to be alright in the end...


  1. Yay for pink!
    And YAY that it's starting to feel like home around there :)

  2. It looks alright to me. Home is where the heart is. :)

  3. Love the pink and the sweet happy faces!

  4. They sure did work hard! So when will they be busting out all of those nutcrackers? It's getting to be about that time ya know!

  5. Love the pink walls! Trundles...I should have thought of that. Cousin sleepovers felt forever away when I bought the beds, and now? They are SO upon us! Congrats to the girls!

  6. What great little helpers! Getting everything in its right place should take no time at all.

  7. You're probably the only person I know who can make moving fun.

    Love it!

  8. we have a pink room like that. She was 6 when she picked out the color after we promised her she could pick any color for our new house in a new city and state. Now that she is a preteen and wants to change the color. But she has loved it and I am sure your twinados will love it too!

    new color will be a light cream with purple vinyl pokadots!

  9. The gals are soooo cute! I am liking the pink. Need more pics of the house.

  10. Anonymous11/23/2010

    i didnt expect pink wall can look so good

  11. What a beautiful view out your bedroom window, even in the rain.

    Love the colour of the new room! Such a soft, pretty pink. Can't wait to see the new beds and the new bedding. Oooo....you're getting there friend. It's all worth it for sure!

  12. Ro and Ree's bedroom look great! I breathed a silent sign of relief when I saw your 5 yo are still in toddler beds! ;) Our girls are still sleeping in them, too, as we have not found the right big beds for them yet. However, our days are numbered as J & J keep getting taller. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. You're right its going to be ok in the end! It's going to be f-ing amazing! Congratulations on the big move!