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Friday, December 3, 2010

The lost school portraits

I have been looking all over the dang place for the girls’ school pictures. We lost so many things in the move that will someday (hopefully oh please oh please) turn up, and it’s annoying, but par for the course, right? But Ro and Ree’s kindergarten school pictures? Now THOSE I was really ticked off about losing.

Well last night I found them!!! And before showing them, I know everyone thinks I’m nuts when I say the girls don’t look anything alike, but these pictures really capture what *I* see when I look at them. The differences of expression and the personalities that jump out are so pronounced.

Alright, enough crazy talk, here’s Ree, see the wide-eyed happy expression and sweet smile? I look at this photo and can almost hear her saying in her high voice “Mama, can we cuddle on the couch and read a story? I brought us a blanket to share.”:Ree_schoolpic_Sept2010-2LR

And here’s Ro, see the big smirk about something (probably a joke she just cracked) and the way she looks a little tough/smug? I can almost hear her deeper voice saying “You think that’s fast? Watch how fast I can go when I put on my flying cape!”:Ro_schoolpic_Sep2010-2LR

Funny girls. When I blow them kisses, Ree’s whole face lights up and she instantly blows a kiss back. Ro looks up very soberly, grabs the kiss in the air and presses it to her heart. They’re just so different, inside and out, and I love them both to pieces.

PS: Another thing these pictures tell me is that I am so far behind on laundry I may never catch up. Those cute little shirts they’re wearing? Haven’t seen them since picture day. Which means I haven’t gotten to the bottom of the darks pile since at least the end of September!!!!

PPS: Just dropped the girls off at school and their teacher said: “Did you hear about yesterday’s big controversy?” “Oh no,” I said, shuddering a little and picturing everything they could have done, “what happened?” “Both girls had M clips in their hair!!!” she replied. Bwah ha! Oops.


  1. They look so grown up in these pics! Beautiful little girls!

  2. Anonymous12/03/2010

    Darling pictures, but I still can't tell the girls apart!!!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't keep up with the piles of laundry my family produces. I, too, am wondering if I'll ever catch up!

    Megan in MN.

  3. I love your descriptions about their differences. It constantly amazes me how different our twins are as well.

  4. I think it's the facial expressions that make them look different especially as they get older. My ID twin girls are near impossible to tell apart when they're asleep.

  5. Anonymous12/03/2010

    Five is such a wonderful age and your descriptions of Ree and Ro capture not only their differences (which in my mind are just variations on displays/expressions of joy and love) but what makes that age so special.

    Are there differences academically in terms of what they like and enjoy/not like in school and how they do in different areas?

  6. Love the pictures! :-) And speaking of laundry, I should probably peel myself away from the computer and get back to mine...

  7. awww!! they both look so adorable and i love how well YOU know them... inside and out.

  8. Anonymous12/03/2010

    Either a) they are actually two different pics of the same person or b) you are absolutely correct and they are nothing alike.

    i really can't decide.


  9. Can't believe how grown up your girlies look in these pics! *sniff*

    Hope you find your lost stuff soon. So hard when you know something is in your house but you can't put your finger on it. Happens often here right now too but normally it's because it's grown 2 adorable little legs and run throughout the house. The best part is my stuff normally shows up again soon.

    Sweet, sweet girls!

  10. Anonymous12/04/2010

    For the first time in 3? years of reading, I see the difference that you are talking about. I went back to a couple of older posts and "tested" myself to see if I could now tell them apart. I could! I think it's the personalities that make the biggest difference. :)

  11. I have close friends who are twins. I've known them since 7th grade and gotten really good at telling them apart just by their actions, even at a distance. Twins are very difference, you just have to pay attention and you'll see it.

    Hope you find all your missing stuff soon. Haha one of the joys of moving. We still occasionally locate something that's been missing and we moved 10 years ago lol.