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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nutcracker got two thumbs up out of four (except for the tuba player, he got four thumbs up and tons of twinado hugs)

It was raining buckets this morning when I told Ree and Ro to run upstairs and get dressed in something warm and a little bit Christmassy. Because this afternoon TubaDad was playing in a Nutcracker, and they had center seats for the show.

This is what they came downstairs in. Cuties. Well they do look festive.DSC_0628LR

We grabbed a quick lunch at an absolutely dreadful Indian restaurant, then ran next door to a drugstore and picked up a few cereal bars for the hungry girls who (wisely) refused to eat any of their lunch.

SAMSUNGThen we scoped out the ballet souvenir area and each girl picked the nutcracker they wanted to buy at intermission. Ro chose a glittery gold soldier dude, and Ree picked out a green and blue feather-tufted nutcracker. We gave TubaDad a quick hug and found our seats.

They hung in there pretty well during the first half, but got really squirmy and distracted during the second half of the show. I think they would have been perfectly happy with a really speeded-up one-hour show that didn’t have an intermission. Maybe other little kids just have longer attention spans than Ro and Ree. They did perk up anytime we heard the great tuba parts, though, and we had a secret silent hand signal that we did anytime we could hear the tuba, which was fun.


Afterwards, they said they were sleepy (which never happens during the day anymore), so I half jokingly said “take a nap!” and looked back not one minute later to see them both snoring away. Pity I was driving and couldn’t join them.IMG_1658LR

I grabbed the first pic with the D300, snapped the second and third ones with the cell phone, and took an over-the-shoulder shot (while parked) with the purse Canon. Hey, whatever’s handy, right? Anyhow, the progression of headbands in these pictures amuses me.

Hope everyone’s staying warm and dry tonight.


  1. Anonymous12/19/2010

    How was the "chichi" tea you went to in SF? Did all of you get all dolled up?

  2. Ahh, we didn't go yet, and I am still sweating the outfits and not finding things. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day to score! We go this week, so I'm running out of time.

  3. Anonymous12/20/2010

    I have a question about the carseats....are those Britax Frontiers? My 5.5 year old daughter outgrew her Britax Marathon and I bought her a Frontier. It has been impossible to install in my 2007 Honda Odyssey! (same van you have I think?) What is the trick to installing it?? I even removed the headrest- but there is so much movement in the seat that I didn't have with the Marathon. I have leather seats but that didn't seem to be a problem with the Marathon either...ughh!

    Thanks so much!!

  4. I took Sara to her first Nutcracker yesterday. I was shocked at how well Miss Wigglebottoms did. She didn't jump on my lap and squirm me to death until late in Act III! It might have something to do with that tummy ache she had after a bag of intermission skittles! She chose the Nutcracker covered in green sequins...it's hanging on the tree.

    I'm with you: intermissions are superfluous to 5 year olds. Just keep going!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Anonymous12/20/2010

    Look up Zulily.com and check out some of the outfits they sell. It's too short notice to order from them but you could google the vendors and maybe find a store in your area that carries the clothes. I see a lot of very cute stuff offerred there that the twins would like.

  6. Anonymous12/20/2010

    It's not just your girls. I'm nearly, and my attention span is 0 at The Nutcracker. I shudder at the horrible memories of being dragged to the ballet as a child. :'(

  7. Way to go Tubadad on a performance well played. I think my kids, older ones too, wouldn't have made it through a show longer than an hour either.

    Love the headbands. Classic. Merry Christmas.

  8. The headband progession cracked me up too. How cool to have a Dad who plays the music from the Nutcracker.

    Good luck finding those outfits!!

  9. They really do look very festive! Cute little ladies!

  10. Love the outfits they picked, can't wait to see their new nutcrackers, and we saw The Nutcracker recently and L did just okay with it.