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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pajama day did not disappoint (does it ever?)

The little girls were ebullient all day. What’s better than to get to wear your favorite pair of pajamas to school? The whole class was still revved up at pickup time. So excited, even the boys (most of whom dressed up for spirit week, although naturally they were sporting Cars, Batman, or fireman PJs instead of fairy and princess ones).

Our heavily pro-Disney pajama gang was thrilled to wear their absolute fave PJs in the world (which just happen to be handed down from fab friends H2 and S2). Ree wore purple Tinkerbelle jams, and Ro wore hot-pink princess ones. It was raining but oddly bright behind us, so these quick snaps on the covered porch challenged (taunted?) my editing skills, but still make me grin.


DSC_0412The exposure on this photo was so messed up that I couldn’t get it to look normal even with editing (at least not with the hack editing I know how to do). If anyone knows a good way to do it, please share! Anyhow, rather than tossing the photo in the trash, I played around with funky artsy effects. So here’s one with Lightroom editing (higher exposure, more brightness, more blacks, some fill light, cooler temperature, a mask over Ree’s face to bring it out of the shadows, and then, as a last resort because the skintones still looked cruddy, the Lightroom Aged Photo preset). Hey, kind of like the final effect. Especially on the pink Polliwalks for some reason:DSC_0412LR-2

And then here’s another fun edit. For a kind of artsy look, I cropped the photo, pulled it into PhotoShop, and added a dry brush painting texture:DSC_0412LR_drybrushPS-3

Hope you all get a pajama day in the near future (kidlets AND moms!).

PS: Notice the black dent in Ro’s forehead? We were looking up Rapunzel wigs online last night, and she got so excited when we found a primo 60” one that she turned to run out of the room and ran smack into the doorframe. Ugh!!! We held ice on it and fed her tiny marshmallows (bribes to have leave the ice on there for a little while).


  1. My girls have pajama day tomorrow.

  2. Kristina12/09/2010

    So much fun!! Savannah's class is doing it on the 17th for Polar Express day! She can't wait either!

  3. That holding hands one is such a sweet , sweet photo.

  4. Anonymous12/10/2010

    Hi - did you try PW's "Slight Lighten" action a few times and then playing around the adjustments? Wendy

  5. Anonymous12/10/2010

    Can't wait to see photos of the girls' palace and the rest of your new house! Are they in the same school?

  6. Samantha, prechrswife, and Kristina, hope they loved it! And now I think the mom's should all get a pajama day!!! Hm, maybe tomorrow. :-)

    Norah: Aw, thank you!

    Wendy: I haven't tried that one! I also forget about the PW actions and the few I've played around with are so great. I'm going to go download that one now.

    Anon: As soon as we dig out from the cardboard boxes there will be pictures galore! (I was just thinking today, by the way, how long is too long to still be hand waving the boxes and saying "Oh we just moved." Heh And yes, the girls are still in the same school -- we're all in love with the school and their teacher this year and wouldn't have even considered moving if it meant changing schools.

  7. PJ day = fun!!Z

    Poor ro...ouch!!!

  8. I think grown-ups should be allowed to have a PJ day. I often end up in my PJ's or sweats a lot, but usually feel guilty about it. It would be so nice to have a day where I could actually think I was really celebrating something.

    Hope the boo-boo on the head heals soon.

    ALso, thanks for the CHore king idea. It was week 3 here. It worked very well. Only one kid seems to have trouble with it. But one out of 4 is great! Thanks for the awesome suggestion. It is a keeper at our house!!!!!!