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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Urgent clothing help needed

Ro, Ree, and I are going to a chichi tea in San Francisco, and the girls told me tonight that they want us ALL to get something “REALLY fancy and sparkly” to wear. Oh shoot, does that mean we’re not wearing jeans? Yikes. This decidedly un-fancy girl needs your help. Does anyone have any clothing suggestions for me or the girls?!

If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you know that Ree and Ro have a style that is somewhat, um... “unconventional” – yeah let’s go with unconventional. When they say fancy, they don’t mean a big scratchy ball gown. They’d be more likely to pair a silver sequined ballerina skirt with a festive green and red star turtleneck, some outrageous tights, and their sparkle high tops. To get you thinking the Ro and Ree way (heaven help us all), here’s what they looked like on their way to school today (and no, before anyone asks, it was not wacky wednesday):DSC_0530LRs

So if you can find anything glittery, festive, pretty, Christmassy, layerish, outrageous, or spunky – anything that’s five-year-old fancy – please lay it on me! (Oh, and you don’t have to find the whole outfit, any one piece will help.) And as for me (Miss Boring Jeans and a T-shirt), I’m looking for something a little more simple, reasonably comfortable, and grown-up fancy. A much more difficult quest, I think, but we’ll see. Thank you!!


  1. I was in the Kids Gap tonight and they definitely have sparkles and tutus. I was in the baby section but I would check in the kids section too. I saw a sparkly sweater and tutus, of course! They also had great polka dotted tights. This is not an endorsement for Gap - no affiliation, just out looking for gifts.

  2. I just happened to be at Gap tonight and saw some cute fancier tops (One with sequins if you are brave!)

    Gap Kids also has aome adorable dresses and skirts with tulle, satin and sequins. There is one in the Red Ruby line that is tulle and sequin that I could picture your girls in! Good luck! I always think it is easier to find clothes for my girls than me!

  3. I find sparkle and girly stuff almost everywhere. You just have to dig for it. Old Navy, Children's place - even Walmart. (Yup, Walmart.) And if all else fails - buy some tulle and visit Mom!

    Good luck!!

  4. They must have pettiskirts!!! Faith has about 4 of them. They look awesome with a tshirt and funky boots or you can pair them up with a pretty shirt, tights and nice shoes. They fluff out for perfect spinning too.

  5. Here's a few cute pieces:




  6. I tried to post already--jjill for mama. I love that store.

  7. FUN! We did the whole dress up the entire family and went to the theater to see the Lion King years ago when it was up there and of course the kids wanted to get decked out to the nines...so we made a weekend of it and went shopping all over SF the day before and had a blast! Our outfits came from different stores in the city and I've even still got them packed away somewhere in the attic. Jake would die if I pulled out his little suit and Holly of course would say "WHAT was I thinking!!" They still talk about the night though and what fun it was.

    Can't wait to see what you girls pick out.

  8. Gymboree http://tinyurl.com/36ye6zb

    Old Navy:




    Children's Place

  9. not sure if she ships out of australia but BIG by Fiona Scanlan is the cutest kids party gear,
    you could even look and see what you could find locally (and cheaply) based on the 'looks' (bit ridiculous how much effort goes into kids clothes!

    also love the american apparel kids petticoats over leotards- then the girls can do fancy accesories

    M3, Im a big fan of leggings with dresses- so you look glam but can run around still! Im such an urbanoutfitters addict, but these would for sure work over black leggings, (and theyre cheap!) just get the girls to accessorise you with some sparkle sparkle something



  10. Anonymous12/15/2010

    Yes, it's a time to be elegant. Kohl's has some darling dresses. See: "Kohls.com, Girls' 4-6x, Dressy Apparel" - e.g. bolero dress.

  11. Target has some "special occasion" dresses on clearance and you could dress them up with bling from the fashion jewelry section for sparkles. Then get the sparkly shoes for good measure.

  12. Anonymous12/16/2010

    Hi M3-

    How about Oilily and J. Crew Crew Cuts for the girls? The Oilily store recently closed here in Tampa, but I think they still have an online store.

    For you, you can't go wrong with a great pair of jeans, boots, and sweater. Yes - even at a NM tea! I finally broke down and bought a pair of fancy jeans (you know, the ones with the triple digit price tag) and I justify the cost because I love the fit and wear them almost every day.

    Good luck finding all the outfits and have fun!


  13. Anonymous12/16/2010

    Hi again-

    You can also try Chasing Fireflies at


    They have a great selection of fun party outfits for the girls.


  14. Anonymous12/16/2010

    We LOVE paperlili. Bling, bling, bling, bling. I got one for my daughter, with about a thousand purple rhinestones spelling out----"Sugarplums dance in my head".


  15. Anonymous12/16/2010

    M3 try the Haloheaven.com for adorable Christmas and non christmas TuTu style at a very reasonable price.
    As for you Im in the same boat
    Im a jeans and t shirt girl.
    You might be able to find something t shirt comfy at Kohls with a lil Bling in the mix !!!

  16. I love Naartjie Kids clothes for clothes with a little flair at a resonable price. They have a really cute holiday dress that one girl could wear and a similar design holiday skirt and top for the other...

  17. Anonymous12/16/2010

    My daughters love the Beautees sets (dress with tutu skirt attached and leggings) at Macy's. I buy out the sale rack in their size and they wear and wear them. There are extra oohs, aahs, and excitement for the ones that come with sequined scarves!
    Me, I wear black slacks or jeans so no help there.
    Happy shopping!

  18. I would say for you 3, TARGET or GAP! you should all be able to find some matchable color coordinations!
    WHAT FUN!!! Your girls are so spunky cool!
    Merry Christmas and enjoy the TEA-get your fancy pants on!

  19. Have you thought about checking your local thrift store? They have some very "unique" things that might fit right in with your girls style. Which by the way I love and can't wait for my great granddaughter to get to that stage. And this time of year I know our local thrift stores put all their sparkly stuff out. Good luck and can't wait to see the pics.

  20. I think Wela Wear in very fancy layers of velvet, lace, sequins. Sparkly shoes and plain tights. How cute would THAT be???

  21. I was thinking about your love of craft projects and had the brainwave that perhaps Ro and Ree might get a big kick out of making tulle skirts as part of their outfit. I remember some instructions for some really EASY tulle skirts that would suit the girl's style and layered look preferences

    Go to the craft store and buy about two yards of wide elastic and yards and yards of tulle (which is dirt cheap, no worries) in whatever colors strike your fancy. (Knowing Ro and Ree, they will go for nearly every color, which works fine.) Sew the elastic into a circle that is just wide enough to go aroud their waists without stretching; this just takes a few stitches, Wela could do it in two minutes flat. Cut the tulle into strips that are a few inches wide and just over double the desired length of the skirt. Loop the strips over the elastic so that the middle of the strip is on the top of the elastic, and tie the strip together in a knot just below the elastic. Keep adding strips of tulle until you have covered the elastic and have a huge fluffy (possibly multi-colored) skirt. You can get the girls to tie on all the tulle pieces themselves, which could potentially keep the busy for hours.

  22. Anonymous12/16/2010











  23. You can borrow my silver plastic mini-dress if you like.

    No, on second thoughts, you can HAVE it.

  24. Target has some really cute things. LiLi has a funky style too but we always find something in there.

  25. I can see them sporting some J Crew Kids ..They are all about the mismatching. L will be wearing a star poplin top by them with her black and silver sparkly converse for Xmas. In fact, I can see Ro and Ree being the models for J Crew Kids !

  26. i got nada but i ADORE their sense of style. they could be running their own children's line of clothing :)

  27. OK Mary Mia, They have adorable, beautiful Christmas dresses at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. They are well-made and adorable -- and have tasteful sequins and rhinestones. Plus, they're $29.00! You just can't beat that. They have lots of different styles. I'll e-mail you pictures of M&K from Santa Brunch in their "expensive" Christmas dresses.

    As far as what you should wear, head to Ann Taylor Loft. They have great pieces. Pick out a ruffly, sparkly or otherwise "fancy" top and pair it with with simple trousers or a cute skirt, tights and boots. You can get 40% off right now with the code "HOLIDAY."

  28. I was just in JCPenney and they have a whole selection of fancy, sequined dresses...

  29. Anonymous8/28/2011

    Ann Taylor for you. There are so many online/stores w/sparkly for the girls.