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Monday, January 24, 2011

Um, but I thought Ree would be wearing that skirt. I had plans, see?

Hey Ro! Yes, you, the one wearing the smug little grin. I see that you put on your sister’s new skirt today and are pretty proud of yourself. You do look all cute and fresh and springy, but here’s the thing. I made a new “M” hairclip for your sister to wear with that skirt.

Whatever... hurriedly cutting felt while eating cereal is a little dangerous, but it worked... And I can always clean up the edges after school...


The four white beads on Ree’s clip looked better in my head than they did in real life, by the way. Next time I’m trying sequins or tiny buttons. Cheers.

PS: A few folks asked how I cut out the letters. I print the letters out on manila folders, then cut them out and use the now-stiff letters as patterns. I used a font that doesn’t have any curves or embellishments so the cutting is easy (these are Bell Gothic Black, size 90). Then I just hold the pattern against the felt and cut with the new supersharp, small Fiskar scissors I got at Michaels. I hold the scissors so the pointed ends close right at the end of my cut (so I don’t need to try to stop in mid cut). And that’s about it. A fancy Cricut or Silhouette or something would be way easier, but this is free. Smile


  1. Wow! That is so cool. Very cute hair clips. We share lots of clothes around here. Just wait til they get bigger then you will be included in the sharing!

  2. Anonymous1/24/2011

    I think you've got yourself a little home business!

    When the girls are in 1st grade you might volunteer to teach the class how to make these. When I taught 2nd grade 100 years ago I taught the kids how to make, including sewing by hand, pot holders for Mother's Day (now-a-days it could be Mother's or Father's Day).

  3. Anonymous1/24/2011

    Ooh, and I actually have a "fancy Cricut!" Maybe I'll try this! It would be a nice favor for the teachers and the girls' school. Thanks for the great idea!


  4. Sweet! Now if I could just get my girls to wear barrettes. Or any hair gadgets of any kind!

    Another great trick with fabric: the shiny side of freezer paper will iron right onto fabric and stay until you peel off. I iron, trace, and cut, in that order. Cheaper than a cricut, my motto as well.

    Thanks for sharing these adorable ideas!

  5. Cute outfit....and cute little smug grin.

    I have a Cricut. It's yours to borrow if you want to run by and pick it up!! :o)

  6. Are the beads plastic? You may have better luck with sparklier beads than are typically available at crafts stores. I buy beads online from earthfaire.com, and there are a bunch of other places. I wouldn't worry about them breaking, my two year old has been wearing items with beads knit into them for ages and has yet to break one, and she plays rough.

  7. Could we see a picture of the back of one of your hair clips? How do you get them to stay in your girls hair? I've made a few clips before, but they stay in about 5 seconds.

  8. I think your hair clips rival those I've seen on Etsy, etc. Very nice. I've made our daughter a few hair clips over the years, one of them very similiar to your's but with a '4' for her fourth birthday. Wish I had the time to really get into it. Craft On!

  9. i am so not crafty. maybe i lack any kind of patience for it! love that skirt!

  10. I love the new hair clips.....so cute!! You are one creative Mama!! Yes, you could start yourself a little business.... We would all be lining up for them:)

    BTW, the lifebook looks FABULOUS....you did a great job! I need to get to work on that little project.

    TGI almost F:)



  11. I just saw these cute hair clips for Valentines and thought of you and your girls! Enjoy! http://www.coolmompicks.com/2011/01/now_your_daughter_can_wear_her.php#more