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Saturday, April 16, 2011

She’s a funny one, that Ro

Ro cracks me up. She does all this Quite Serious stuff that just tickles my funny bone.

We always call TubaDad late Friday afternoon and all three girls yell “where ya taking us to dinner?!” into the phone. This time Ro was overjoyed that we went with her suggestion of Pasta Pomodoro and raced upstairs to get all gussied up for the occasion. I think it’s safe to say that she was the only lady in the joint wearing head-to-toe white that evening:DSC_4411LR

She penned a little note to the Easter bunny to make sure her basket wishes were quite clear:DSC_4373LR(Apparently easter bunny wig = headband with ears)

And turned in this homework, which used the required “start with v” and “end with x” words. Precious picture, no? You can always tell what’s going on in our lives by peeking at the girls’ school work:DSC_4378LRDSC_4380LR

Oh Ro, may you always be so fierce and funny and clever.

Love you!


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  1. :) So tell me Ro, what sort of wig does the Easter Bunny wear?!!

  2. Oh she is one funny and very beautiful little girl!!

    So I am just curious.... did the white dress stay white?? Pasta usually equals lots of stains in this house. I always need to have the stain stick handy!!

    I guess she wanted to dress up for the occasion..... but figured her casual shoes would take it down a notch or two.....TOTALLY ADORABLE!!

    Happy Sunday~



  3. OziMum, I quizzed her on it (in case, ya know, I needed to give the bunny some more details) and she said it's one of those headbands with ears! Ha!!! (And yeah, I have it on good authority that the easter bunny already picked up two at the dollar store).

    Lisa: It didn't stay white -- crayons this time though, not pasta sauce. It's in the wash now -- that poor thing has been stained like mad and always comes clean in the wash. Good thing it was cheap. By the way, if you ever get a tomato-based stain, wash the item then pull it out of the washing machine and lay it flat in the sun while still wet. The sun will magically make those stains disappear. It's crazy!

  4. WOW....thanks for the great tip!! We eat a lot of tomato-based sauces in this house and many a white shirt have been tossed because I can't get the stains out.

    I will definitely try your trick:)


  5. I love how she spelled the 'ending with X' word BOKSES! (on the picture)

  6. That is just adorable!! That outfit is hysterical! I love a girl with confidence.

  7. Personally, I love the white sneakers with that ensemble. And of course seeing what's essential in her little mind by looking at the labeled packing boxes. Because books are - of course - THE most important item in any home.

  8. So sweet and creative! And....beautiful in her gown of white.