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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late-night baking

Ro wasn’t sleepy last night, not one bit, so it seemed like a good night for a huge treat -- a late-night solo bakefest with mama. I did this once before with each girl on different nights, but it was years and years ago (so long I can’t even remember when it was, maybe they were two?). Anyhow, I started to ask her “Hey Ro, do you remember that one time--”and before I could get any more words out she squealed, pumped her fists in the air, and yelled “Baking???!!!!”

How did she remember? How did she know what I was going to say? Funny little chickie. Well I probably don’t even need to mention that she was overjoyed, right? The girl practically floated over to the kitchen.

I had a new package of pre-printed Easter sugar cookies that I wanted to try out for the egg hunt and Ro excitedly ripped them open:DSC_4781LR
I got the cookies in the refrigerated section of Target if anyone wants to try them. (Is there ANYTHING that Target doesn’t have? Oh no, my apologies to the Canadians, I’m raving about that store again.)

The package has two sheets of dough that are stamped and colored in cheerful Easter designs. You just carefully pull the edges off each cookie and plop them on a baking sheet. If any get broken (ha ha, why did I even bother to say “if” when talking about baking with a five-year-old?!), gently smoosh the pieces together before baking. Ro watched intently while the cookies were baking. Every single second. Seriously, she didn’t budge the entire time.DSC_4783LR

The cookies did not disappoint. Ro adored them all and had a hard time choosing which one to eat.DSC_4790LR DSC_4804LR

I’m guessing Ro had sweet dreams last night.DSC_4805LR

PS: 1) Don’t worry, Ree will get her night too. 2) I think it’s funny that this is Ro’s nighttime outfit. We asked her to go upstairs and put on PJs, so she took her dress-up clothes off, put the nightgown on, then put her dress-up clothes back on over top. 3) Ro is wearing Ree’s new “baby high heels” while her sister is asleep. We were out shopping for Easter sandals, and Ree immediately picked these, but then we couldn’t find another pair for Ro, who is now DYING that her sister has heels and she doesn’t. We’re keeping an eye out for another pair (size 12, if anyone sees them). 4) Ree was in bed early because she cut a big chunk out of one of their skirts. Her punishment is that since she ruined some clothes, she doesn’t get to pick out what she wears for three days. Instead, Ro gets to choose Ree’s outfits. Ree was aghast at the thought, and Ro said “Ooooo, that’s good, that’s REALLY good.” Heh.

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  1. Hmmm...so I wonder if it would be ridiculous to come from Tennessee to crash your egg hunt???

  2. Anonymous4/21/2011

    The PS was hysterical (sorry for laughing at the expense of your kids). The cookies look good. Is that food coloring they used to make the designs?

  3. No worries about the Target reference. Canada is getting Target soon. They have taken over our Zellers store(which is quite similar already). I am a Zellers employee and sooo looking forward to Target coming, of course in Canada we pronounce it Tarjay! LOL

  4. Anonymous4/21/2011

    Those cookies are adorable!! Yet again, I will be stealing your idea and make these for Easter (along with the monkey bread!)

    I had no idea Canada did not have Target stores!! EEEEEK how do they survive???? (well, I guess we survived before Target came along.)


  5. So much fun! Love the shoes, hope you can find another pair! My sisters are twins and as much as they love each other I know they cherished that one on one time, so glad to see your little ones do too.

    and to Mike, Terri and Ava, I already pronounce it Tarjay, lol.

  6. Those cookies are cute! Funny little girls and their dress-up clothes and heels, adorable.

  7. Those are some seriously cute cookies. So vintage! Wow...I can't even imagine what my girls would do to each other if I put them on Stylist duty. Kelly would send Sara to school in a bathing suit...that's for sure. Sounds fun!

  8. The cookies are really cute! What a neat idea.

    I like your punishment strategy. She won't forget that! :)

  9. I was so admiring what I thought was her baking attire - so much better to know that it is actual nightware!! :) You also get giant bonus points for the creative punishment - I agree with Ro - that's good - REALLY good!!!

  10. I think Ree is pretty lucky her sister REALLY loves her ; ) My sister would have dressed me like a tart (think Bridget Jones). Oh, M3, you are killing me. I was at Target yesterday & bought cookie dough. It's 10 pm here, and because of YOU, I am about to pop it into the toaster oven. I can resist anything but temptation...

  11. That is a great idea. I might have to do that with my girls one night each.

  12. I think I was at that last late night baking party and it was a ton of fun!!

    Those cookies are super adorable! Thankfully Canadians are on our countdown to Target opening stores here. Still 2 years away I believe but at least we know the deal has been made. Yeah!!

    You're a wise, wise mommy to choose discepline that works for your kiddos.

    Hoe you're having a great weekend!

  13. Love these! And out fit to bake in would be a must at our house.

  14. Way to get creative with the punishments! I am so using that one.

  15. I have to give credit to TubaDad for the creative punishment idea. I was thinking of restricting candy or something like that (at Easter of all times!) and he came up with the brilliant plan of tying the wardrobe maiming to the loss of wardrobe choice. Ahhhhhh.

  16. Okay ........I have to comment. I have been following your blog for some time. My daughter Olivia is 8 from Taizhou. We often reference Ro and Ree, LOVE your colours, LOVE your crafts.....and I noticed right away in the pic of Ro in her high heels...so funny peering in the oven in heels!!!!
    Great inspiration with the Easter peeps craft as well as the cookies. As a Cdn, we are only 2hrs cross border to a lovely "Tarjay" in Buffalo, but looking forward to Target here soon!!
    You and Tuba dad rock!!
    Happy Easter