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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disney Twinvasion 2011!

Oh yeah, six twins from China running amuck through Disneyland. You just can’t help but smile seeing that, can you? I know I can’t. And apparently I also can’t help but take pictures, so this will be a long one.

First there were four, just in time for some kind of Disney parade:

Then there were six, oooo the squealing (oh, sorry, that might have been me):IMG_0299LR

That hand holding just melts me – oh my gosh!!:IMG_0302LR
(Julia, Katy, H2, S2, Ree, Ro)

I love this peek at H2 and Katy, doesn’t H2 look like such a big girl with that pose? Sweet, sweet. The girls are all about a year apart, by the way, the Jokers are four, the Twinados are five, and the Cupcakes are six years old:

They took off running (running/dancing/hopping, eh semantics):IMG_0307LR

And descended en masse on Ariel (look out princess!):IMG_0311LR

Woohooo, “the money shot!!” Heh. I think the mermaid might have been a touch bowled over by our enthusiastic mob:Ariel-2LR
(H2, S2, Julia, Ree, Ro, Katy)

Man, they’ve sure grown since last year. The kiddos last saw each other in Disneyland almost a year and a half ago (January 2010), and here’s what they looked like then (awwwwww!):DSC_0586LRLR
(Katy (in front), S2, Ree, Ro, Julia, H2)

The boys snuck in a quick pic while we were getting the pint-sized princesses in their seats. Ha!!!:ArielBoys-2LR

Then we had a pricey princess lunch. (Is this seriously the sole pic I snapped of the grownups this time? Jeez. Must improve on this next year.):

And we saw princesses galore:IMG_0329LRIMG_0335LR

This shot cracks me up because H2 & S2 are looking at the real photographer (their dad), Ree is keeping an eye on her dessert, Ro is spellbound that she’s ThisClose to Snow White, Julia is smiling at her mom, and Katy has grabbed a big fistful of Snow’s dress. Hee!:IMG_0338LR

I also loved when the big kids taught the little kids some fancy dance moves and some Tae Kwan Do:

After lunch we headed off in search of more rides:IMG_0373LRIMG_0377LR

And caught one more group photo (can you blame me?):
(Julia, Ro, Katy, S2, H2, Ree)

Then the kids all ran around like crazy, hopped on the zip line, played some more, rode a few more rides, and we grabbed a big group dinner. Yeah we were brave and put all the kids on one side (kind of like a police lineup):IMG_0398LR

And that was the end of another great day at Disneyland and the end of our trip. See ya next year Mickey!


  1. What a great trip with friends and very fun to see them together each year growing up.

  2. Anonymous5/25/2011

    oh, dear....putting the twinados in some kind of marital arts would be JUST what they need...right?

  3. It looks like fun was had by all....big & small!

  4. Oh the cuteness is indescribable!! What a fun time for all of you, and I'm sure for those who were blessed to view Disney Twinvasion 2011 in person!!

  5. Oh, how fun! Love it!

  6. I just went through all three Disney posts with a huge smile on my face and Lauren on my lap asking me everyone's name over and over. She's in this phase where she needs to know EVERYONE's name at all times.

    Love your pics and the hand holding melts my heart! It's just so very sweet and innocent. There is nothing cuter than two little ones holding hands and walking along.

    What a great trip you guys had!

  7. pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  8. Lisa: you bet!! Just like our Utah trips. I know I'm sappy, but those trips are just so precious.

    Anon: Your comment cracked me up! Yes, at first it might seem a BAD BAD idea with the twinados. But, everything I've heard is about teaching control, centeredness, respect, and discipline. Where's that sign-up sheet?!

    Val: Yes, yes!

    Catherine: I don't know if Ariel felt blessed. She might have been giving our mob the mermaid stink eye.

    Prechrswife: It was so fun! Next year we're hoping twin buddies Michal and Kenna and Sophie and Sage can join us. Who else is with us?!

    Donna: Give sweet Lauren a smooch from us. The girls love to look at all blogs of girlies they've met and see all the new photos.

    Four under four: The way they interacted with each other was the cutest. It seemed like they all paired up and ran fast.

  9. Looks like a fabulous time, and love the hand holding! Wow, if Michal & Kenna and my girls join, they would still all be about a year apart from 4 to 8. Sounds fun to us!

  10. Anonymous5/26/2011

    Oh man if we could get the other two sets of twins, that would be AMAZING! How totally fun! Thanks again for a wonderful time!

    AmyY - Jokermama

  11. I like the photos of the dads with Ariel and good for Tubadad holding all the extra hands!

  12. So cool to see everyone together like that, and the pictures and stories were told perfectly!

  13. Anonymous5/30/2011

    Julia and Katy have got to be the cutest kids ever, oh my goodness!