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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain, rain, go away (seriously!!!)

Working hard on the kindergarten graduation party, but I’m getting worried that it will rain on our outdoor ceremony. Ugh!! Who would have thought we’d have to worry about rain in California in June?! Today it poured so hard that the parking lot at the drugstore flooded. It was crazy. Anyhow, we’re keeping an eye on the forecast, and one of the big weather sites says it will be dry on June 9 and one says it will be rainy. Mildly freaking out here... (Oh who am I kidding, there is nothing mild about it!)

The girls don’t give a hoot about the weather, they’re just counting down the days till summer vacation. That’s seven more school days (including today), if anyone else is counting. Dang they look like first graders already – what happened to my babies?

(Ro left, Ree right, WelaWear dresses made from old t-shirts – they picked out the color of dresses they wanted from the HA catalog and Wela made them)

So, does anyone have an absolute fave weather site that is never, ever wrong?

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  1. Our school district uses http://www.weather.gov/ and swears by it. This site tends to downplay incoming snowstorms (and usually rightfully so) and god knows we can't have that now can we when we're faced with the possibility of a snow day!?! So I steer more toward weather.com, who usually geeks the teachers all up with their forecasts of snow! more snow! and then usually disappoints us all. :)

  2. Anonymous6/01/2011

    Relax. When you live where I live you know that when it comes to outdoor events the proverb "Man Plans, God Laughs" could not be more true. Have a good contingency (indoor or rain date) plan and breathe!

  3. :( I was looking forward to finding out where you bought the dresses!! I swear Wela needs to start an etsy shop ~ lol!!

  4. Anonymous6/01/2011

    Please just send that rain on to Houston. We are 11.5 inches below average for the year and really need it.


  5. Anonymous6/01/2011

    What is the HA store? Just wanting to see where the inspiration came from. And can you post the link again, pretty please, on how exactly Wela makes these?

  6. Tell Wela great job on the dresses....love the colors!!

  7. Those dresses are super cute! And I can definitely tell the inspiration came from HA. They are cuties :) weather.com is the place I always go.

  8. Anonymous6/01/2011

    OMG those sandels are soooo cute!! Are they Target?


  9. Oh yeah, they're Target! :-) Love that place.

  10. A friend of mine runs this website, www.dryday.com. I have used it and it has been very accurate.


  11. Anonymous6/01/2011

    Love the dresses! Great job, Wela. And, yes...Ro & Ree are looking so grown up. Congratulations graduates!

    Aunt Jane

  12. This weather is crazy!!! And Mike just told me we're supposed to have rain most of the summer...WTHECK!!!!??? But I am going to say NO rain on graduation!!

  13. weatherunderground dot com is a site that we've found to be reliable. Good luck.....hope the skies are sunny for you!

  14. Anonymous6/01/2011

    Where did the babies go? OMG! first graders already...

  15. Anonymous6/02/2011

    When the girls are in college whether or not the weather was icky for the kindergarten graduation will only be 'texture' for the story of said graduation.


    This is a joyous time, with or without the rain.

    As you have so aptly stated before, the girls could care less! bp

  16. I just sent Sara off to her last day of Kindergarten. How did they become first graders?! Loving the dresses! They are so vivid. Um...weather. I live in Indiana where we just accept that the weather changes every 15 minutes and there isn't a weatherman on earth who could predict it. We dress for all 4 seasons every day. Last week I watched Kelly put a winter coat on over her sundress. Best of luck!

  17. Does Wela have an Etsy store? Not even a joke, my 6 year old would LIVE in a dress like these, so I'd love to purchase a few, if it's at all possible......

  18. Wela did a super job of matching the hann@ @nders$on dresses (that are sold out now)! I've been meaning to make some similar for my munchkin for a long time now and this reminded me that I have piles of t-shirts waiting to be cut up. She picked out her colors today and it looks like a halloween inspired dress (oranges, purple, black and brown). I think I'll do a patriotic one for good measure.

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  20. Regarding the weather, it is only the 2nd. The forecast can change between now and then. We live in the Seattle area, and in a week the forecast can (and usually does) change in that amount of time. Just have a contingency plan and don't worry (too much) about it. Nothing you can do about it anyway, right?

    Regarding the dresses, would Wela share how she makes them? Does she serge the layers using a gathering foot?

  21. These are so cute. I can just hear their little girl giggles! My fingers are crossed for dry weather for you!

  22. Kristina6/02/2011

    No worries- you can always borrow the party tent again!!

    I agree that the kids should be wearing their fun summer stuff and instead I have not put away the long sleeve shirts yet!! It better be summer until Thanksgiving this year so we get good use out of the summer stuff!

  23. party tent rental. pricey, but perhaps necessary. the peace of mind it gives is worth millions.

  24. Anonymous6/04/2011

    I want, no, NEED a Wela and BobBob.
    Can that be arranged?!?!
    The girls are darling as usual.