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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our big girls started 1st grade today!

They’re pretty excited (and so are TubaDad and I). We participated in the neighborhood ritual of walking to the school office last night and checking out the freshly posted teacher/class lists, then went for a last summer dinner at Ro’s fave restaurant, Pasta Pomodoro.

Ro and Ree picked out their first-day outfits, and apparently nothing would do but their Chinese dresses. Good thing Catherine brought us a whole bunch from her trip to China, because these ultra-delicate dresses are in constant use lately – I had to resew all the snaps and frogs last night before bedtime. We had exactly two minutes to spare this morn, so went outside and snapped a couple of pictures before heading to school – yay!


Ro is in red, and Ree is in purple. And you can see that Ro is sporting her self-styled bangs from the recent scissor incident, which is one of the things I included on the “How to Tell the Girls Apart” tip sheet I handed to the teacher this morn. Heh. The other tips (in case the bangs aren’t visible or get grown out) were that Ro’s bracelet is on the right arm (think “Ro right”) and Ree’s on the left arm, Ree’s face is wider and Ro’s nose turns up more, and Ro’s voice is deep while Ree’s is high.


I love the new backpacks they picked off of Amazon. Fun, feisty, and a little funky, just like them. They have matching lunch boxes inside those backpacks, today’s lunch was hot buttered parmesan noodles in one of those squatty thermoses, roasted seaweed, a TJ’s fruit bar, sunflower seeds, and a fortune cookie. (If I’d really had my act together, I would have slipped a custom first-day-of-school fortune into that cookie. Oh well.)

Ro and Ree, have a wonderful first day of school. We love you and can’t wait to hear all about it!


IMG_0317LRPS: I took this self portrait right after dropping the girls off. Not sure exactly what TubaDad was thinking at that moment, but I was kind of stunned thinking that this is it, our little babes have grown up and are in full-day school now. Wow.


  1. Wow is right!
    What a huge milestone.... congratulations to Ro and Ree for gettin' so darned grown up! And for staying so stinkin' cute :)
    Happy First Day of First Grade!!

  2. Yea, Ro and Ree. Good for you. Alex left for first grade this morning too. I was okay until she was walking on the bus and then I teared up ... just a little. I keep wondering all day how my girl is doing. I can't wait for all the exciting news when she gets home. I bet you feel the same way. Happy School Days!!

  3. Mine starts on mon. She went full days last yr, but we ALL know how different 1st grade is from kinder. No naps, etc....they are really cute. Can't believe our babes are so grown.

  4. Hope they have a wonderful first day!

  5. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Oh man.....1st grade, wow!
    Those little cuties are growing quick.

    Uncle Bobby

  6. Such a rite of passage. Hope they like "real" school. Remember when I said it goes by fast? When I started reading your blog, you were waiting for a referral and I had a teenager at home. Now, you've sent yours off to 1st grade, and I have a grandson at home.

    It goes by fast. :)



  7. Big day for your amazing girls! Can't wait to read all about it! The DD start 1st grade on Monday! :)

  8. Anonymous8/17/2011

    can't decide what to say about the full day school, either 'time for another set of twins' or 'time to write that book'!

    re: physical dis-similarites; you are joking, right?

    Only moms could pick up what you listed. bpW

  9. Looks like an exciting first day for Ree & Ro, big jump to 1st grade and they look totally ready! The outfits they chose are darling, and like the tip chart for their teachers. Sophie and Sage start 2nd next week, they can't wait!
    Enjoy your free mommy day today as you wait to hear about their first day!

  10. I can not believe they are first graders already..wow wow wow!!
    Both look adorable and their teacher is lucky to have them and you in her class:)
    Enjoy your day.

  11. Oh My. First Grade. Yowza!! I hope they have a terrific first day! They'll be exhausted, or "most" are. Former first grade teacher here. I even had some fall asleep at their desk in the afternoon, or in the playhouse. I never woke them up either!

    It can be very tiring! Can't wait to read the "my fave things about first grade" post!

    Sunshine 10 (Vietnam) (rising 5th)
    Brilliance 5 (china) (rising k)

  12. Amazing that our wee little ones are in school, it blows my mind. Ro & Ree look adorable and Maisie and I wish them a fabu year in first grade.

  13. Happy First day!!! :) They look adorable and I love what they choose to wear today...absolutely perfect! And those bangs...loving those too! ;)

  14. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Are they in the same class or different classes?

  15. Lovin those dresses! I hope they had a wonderful day and are super excited about 1st grade. I think Gwen and Maddy are scared because they don't know anyone at their new school but I did manage to get them into the same classroom so maybe that'll help!

    We miss you guys! Will we ever see you again? I hope so!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  16. Those little honeys march to their own fashion beat. I love it, and I hope they have a fantastic school year. I'd love to have them in my class, for sure! :)

  17. Look how cute your babies are!! I'm glad they're enjoying their dresses.

    How can it be that your littles are in fulltime school already? Where has the time gone?

    I'm sure they had an AMAZING first day and I cannot wait to hear all about it!

    Congrats Ro and Ree on reaching this great milestone! 1st Grade is SO much fun!!!

  18. Sara starts 1st grade next week. I've been reading your blog since...forever. Were they even talking yet? Forever. Wow. That went by fast, looking back. Your girls look so grown up, I got tears in my eyes! Big congrats to them!

  19. So exciting!! Can't wait to follow their adventures

  20. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Your girls are so cute and growing so fast. Were you not just talking about kindergarten?


  21. It went by way too fast!!! I can't wait to hear about their first day!

  22. Well do share how things went on their first day and how you're filling your days now with more free time without the twinados around!

  23. I can't even handle how adorable they look in those outfits!!! Congrats on having 1st graders!!! Our twins start kindergarten this year. Can't wait!

  24. I was wondering if the girls are in the same class again this year. If so, does your school have a policy or opinion about having twins in the same class? As a teacher I had one opinion, but then I had twins and now see the benefits of keeping them together. My girls still have a few years before kindergarten, but I was just curious! Thanks!

  25. Hi Molly,
    They're in the same class this year -- it was their strong request, and we agreed chiefly to give them a big confidence boost. First grade is just such a big transition from the sweet, sheltered, half-day kindergarten environment. TubaDad and I did go back and forth on the decision, though, and frankly would have been good either way if the school or teachers had a preference (they didn't) or if a split was necessary because of the way the classes were put together.

    I'm happy with the decision so far, but shoot, we're only a few days in. We'll see how we feel in a few months...

  26. wow! Even though I am "just a reader" I feel like I know you and your girls! I have followed you and your journey so long. so beautiful are they! Wow, so grown up! (http://adoption-thecrookedroad.blogspot.com)

  27. I can hardly believe they are in first grade! What are you going to do everyday??

    They look as cute as can be and I LOVE their fashion choices for day number 1.

    Hope this year will be one that is filled with lots of learning and fun.

    Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to hearing about the first week.



  28. That is so sad, scary, exciting, wonderful, cool, lonely, etc, etc. I remember that. It is tough that first day.

    They looked wonderful tho'!

    Hang in there mom.

  29. How exciting! They are so cute.

  30. Since your girls are only 3 months older than my daughter (who starts kindergarten this year due to her late winter bday), I was totally thrown off by the mention of FIRST grade. Holy moly. I was following your wait while I was in my wait and it's amazing how rapidly the years have fallen away.
    Happy school year.

  31. 1st grade - oh my! My sweet July Dragonfly starts full day Kindergarten after Labor Day and I haven't wrapped my mind around that yet!

    Whatcha gonna do with all your time now? :)

  32. Are you still keeping them in the same class?