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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bonus! Now with more fruit.

When we moved into the new house it was winter, so this first spring and summer have brought a few nice surprises. The best one so far is that a tall, scraggly tree in the corner suddenly burst out with leaves and a whole bunch of weird fruit.

Not quite apple, not quite pear, these rough-skinned, round fruits were crispy, juicy, and DELICIOUS.

After consulting my facebook friends, we realized that we were the proud new owner of a big ole Asian Pear tree. And it was covered with fruit. Covered!DSC_7869LR

The girls are thrilled. They sneak out there as often as they can and pull down a piece of fruit to munch on. Seems like every time we look outside they’re sitting on the playstructure chewing, chatting, and giggling.DSC_7864LRDSC_7857LR-2

Yum, now that’s the kind of surprise I can really get behind!

PS: I LOVE the commenter who said “The term "Asian Pear" gave me goosebumps - (Asian Pair?)!!!! Coincidence? I think not!” Wow, didn’t even think of it that way. Now that I saw that comment, I’m also reminded of our referral call when the adoption agency lady told us the girls’ Chinese names and said “And their middle names mean pair” and I said “Pear like the fruit or pair like two? Oh... Duh...” Hee.


  1. Anonymous9/06/2011

    Aah, I see many fall pies and cobblers in the making. The apples are indeed delicious!

    How is school going for the girls?

  2. Yup, asian pears. We had 2 of these trees back at our WA house. Sadly, I found that ours didn't cook well, but they were delicious fresh.

  3. That's awesome! Those things are $1 a piece here. That tree is mint!

  4. Asian pears are great for a dry cough. Take a whole pear and steam it for 10 minutes. Drink the steaming water and eat the pear - including the skin.

  5. Anonymous9/06/2011

    I don't know if you can cook with them or not, but they are YUMMY cut up in little pieces and put in salads.

    you can also make carmel apples out of them and slice them up for dipping in chocolate and stuff.

    Anon1 (A1!)

  6. Anonymous9/06/2011

    LOVE IT FOR YOU. How very lucky!

  7. Asian pears go for $1 a piece at our farmer's market too - it's a money tree :)

  8. Been gettin' them at Costco for years and years. Poach 'em in a little Pinot Noir....

  9. Anonymous9/06/2011

    mamatronhubpages.com has a good recipe for oven-dried pears (using only lemon juice), if you want some for next winter.

  10. Anonymous9/06/2011

    M3 - these Asian pears are a real treat, I first was exposed to them on travels in Japan, juicy, sweet and never "mealy". They do go for a pretty penny at the supermarket. Try them mixed with sweet potatoes/yams in Nov and a bit of ginger and bits of dried apricots, yum...without all the sugar that usually accompanies these veggies at Thanksgiving. - fellow Gilroy Garden attendee from summer.

  11. Anonymous9/06/2011

    The term "Asian Pear" gave me goosebumps - (Asian Pair?)!!!! Coincidence? I think not!

  12. That is awesome, those things are expensive in the store! They are a favorite of my Chinese family here too.

  13. yep you can find these all over here in China they are great fresh

  14. Those sound great. I'll have to see if they would grown in my upstate NY climate. With all the new planting coming for me over the next year I need great ideas and I do realy like this one.

  15. Now those look DELICIOUS!!!! WOW! Enjoy!


  16. Love it! We have two pear trees in our yard....bartlett and Anjou (sp?). THey are great!!!!!!

    What a fun treat.

  17. Yummy,I love that fruit! I normally buy it at Costco when they have it.