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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A big humungo post of some snapshots that never made it to the blog

Alright, this is a totally motley hodge-podge collection of photos. I admit it. Normally I would have posted these right when they occurred in nice, neat SHORT little posts. But ya know what? It just didn’t happen. I haven’t been feeling bloggity lately, but they’re still fun memories I don’t want to forget. So here they all are, in one massive post. Sorry.

1&2: Strong girls (and daddy). 3: Doesn’t everyone bring along a fan for back-to-school shoe shopping?

1-3: Ree and Ro got to be the “Play Ball” girls one night at an SF Giants game. We were worried they’d be shellshocked and not say a word after seeing the crowds, but they pulled it off. Phew. I got a little video too (I blanked out our names over the loudspeaker) 4: A funny pic I snapped of TubaDad laid out with crippling jetlag after an intense six-city international tour.SAMSUNG


1: Reading at the table is a frequent sight now. Ro and Ree are just devouring books. They love the Rainbow Magic fairy series this month. 2&3: A trip to Santa Cruz with their good buddy and neighbor. 4: Old pic but funny story. Did I ever tell you that TubaDad accidentally drilled through a HOT water pipe while securing shelving to the walls? The water shot out and covered our entire office, taking out the phone and internet service with it. Oh the mess.

1: Wedding dresses fascinate these two. Every time they see one they scream and run to look closer. 2: Got their own library cards and brand-spanking-new sparkly bookbags. Now they can pick out their own books, check them out without help, and (hopefully) not lose them. I say hopefully because 15 minutes after taking this photo we were cruising through the mall and I looked down to see Ree had no bookbag! We retraced our steps frantically and found it at the Children’s Place. Argh! 3: They pick up rocks, sticks, and flowers everywhere we got. Our pockets and purses are always loaded with detritus.

1: I just thought these outfits were adorable. Ro and Ree thought their new Rapunzel painting thingamagig was adorable. 2: Friday night dinner out – our weekly tradition, which we all love. 3: Hey we actually grew something in our garden!

1: Tweaked the recipe and tried the homemade granola-bars again, and this time they were awesome! I’ll post the new recipe this week. 2: We have had so many gorgeous pink skies on our evening walks lately – partly due to the fact that it has been insanely hot and all the smog is trapped, but they are beautiful. 3: This is the girls’ new fave roasted seaweed snack. I get it at Lion Market and have no idea what it’s called. 4: Taking a daily stroll. 5: The unwelcome visitor we nearly stepped on during one evening stroll. &*%^! Yes, it’s a huge tarantula (are they ever anything but huge?).

1: At Z-Gallery, the girls yelled “Daddy, we found a money tree, now you can stop working.” 2: They say you should lose weight slowly if you do about 10K steps per day, but let me tell you I regularly hit 13K steps and the scale isn’t budging... 3: Got these adorable silk bags at the Dollar Store for Ro and Ree’s upcoming birthday party favors. 4: Watching some backyard fireworks from the safety of the playstructure. 5: Missoni coat from Target!

1: This one is for Johnny -- I pour soy sauce on my rice every time.  Yep it’s true. Mmmmm. 2: The new cooktop that our home warranty company bought us after the old one gave up the ghost. It feels absolutely decadent to have five burners after making do with two for so long! 3: Our old fridge that we didn’t like was also shutting down one part at a time, and not covered by warranty, so we finally caved and bought a new one (Kenmore Elite, French doors on top). Like it so far. 4: The girls had a gold-star dental check-up. The dentist didn’t believe they were brushing themselves their teeth looked so good. I told him we have a tooth-brush timer and it is awesome.

1-4: Shopping for birthday-party decorations in Chinatown. We got some great stuff and also stumbled into a wonderful bakery, Golden Gate Bakery. Lucky find. Maggie was here too, but she wouldn’t get in a picture.

1: This is pretty much how you’ll find us every Saturday morning.

1&2: The girls have been to two moon festivals this fall. The first one was hosted by our local FCC group where we loved seeing awesome old friends. 3&4: The second was in Palo Alto (put on by the Palo Alto Moms Group), and we loved the activities and meeting lots of wonderful new friends.

1: A sneak peek at the new Halloween costumes that arrived in the mail this week. Squeal!!DSC_8072LR-2

1-3: Another Friday night dinner out (thanks TubaDad!). This one at Nijo Castle in Fremont. The girls thought the decorations were gorgeous and gasped and had to inspect every single thing. I was just about to snap the first pic when the chef lit the onion-volcano-tower and we were covered with steam. Hee.

Whew, well I think that’ll do it. Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous9/24/2011

    Wonderful photos and narrative!

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous9/24/2011

    Enjoyed all the photos! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Aunt Jane

  3. I think I see a mermaid in there and I kind of, sort of, desperately need to know where you found such a cute one!

  4. Loved the dragon cake from several weeks ago

  5. Wait until I tell the girls that there are tarantulas where Ree and Ro live. Sara is in "Insect Month" at school, and tarantulas are all the talk (we don't have them, thank God).

    We have SO many Rainbow Fairy books. I've made an entire game out of it by using painted clothespins, pretending to be Jack Frost, and hiding them all over the house.

    P.S. Sara's med adjustment is working: 5 days dry for the first time in 24 months. We're floating on air. Thanks for the hug!

  6. Love all the pictures. I was going to say what my favorite was, but I really couldn't decide. They were all great. You all do such fun things together.

  7. Ooh, I loved catching up!

  8. So much fun. Thanks for the recap! Have missed keeping up on the latest and greatest of what your fam is up to.

  9. Laura L.9/27/2011

    Disney store has a darling Ariel Mermaid costume. Looks a lot like the one pictured. It is about 50.00 but very, very well made and high quality. The ariel shoe they sell, not so much.

    Where did you get those lace outfits with their black tight leggings?

  10. Hi Laura, they're not lace, just dresses with layers and layers of ruffles - so cute!! They're from the Gap. Ro's is a dress too, but she has a white ruffled top over it.