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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our daily walks

The girls are nuts about taking walks, and I need more exercise (the scale has been slowly creeping upward), so we’ve been going for what Ro calls “our daily walk.” Sometime the girls are on scooters, sometimes they’re in dress-up clothes, sometimes they run the whole time.

As usual, they like to bring along everything but the kitchen sink. Yesterday evening, in the middle of our walk, Ro pulled out a book and her flashlight and started reading out loud to us. She continued the whole way home.SAMSUNG

PS: Ree’s left thumb has been bugging her again. Remember the scaly peeling thumb from spring in 2010? The one that finally mysteriously cleared up after many months of unsuccessful treatments? Ugh. It’s been looking odd for a couple of weeks now and I’m hoping that it’s not the start of that dermatological misbehavior again.

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  1. I LOVE walking with my girls. We walk to school everyday and now that the weather is nicer we're walking home too. And Natalie and I still do our "night walks." It's a really great time to connect.

  2. What a great idea. We usually walk to school when the weather is nice, but it's getting cold and rainy here, so it's not been happening lately.

  3. They just make me laugh with all the clobber they take on a walk. I guess going "carry on only" is out of the question in their futures.

  4. Anonymous10/19/2011

    good grief! that's funny!

  5. I am so glad they leave the kitchen sink home. That would be tough to carry. It makes me laugh seeing them with all their stuff.

    Yes! Austin would have a car and he would love to come to dinner. I would like that even more! I would know he would be taken care of for one night!

    Tell me, does O*%)!nd really have a high crime rate? Will he be okay? I am just going by hear-say. You would know. Not to put you on the spot or anything. ;)

  6. How lovely! We walk to/from school as much as possible, but my favourite "walk" memories are from strolling on the beach in Mexico during our vacation. It was such a wonderful time! Walks are just great.

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  8. abt the skin that is peeling from Ree's thumb, does ur area/country sells physiogel?

    its suppose to revitalised the moisture on one's skin. My daughter used to have the exact problem as Ree's, just that hers was on the soles of her feet.

    After using Physiogel, the skin patched up & her soles were as smooth as ever.

    Do get Ree to used Physiogel if it is available in your market.