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Thursday, November 17, 2011

And today’s post, just because they’re cute


Cheers and Happy Friday (a few hours early).

PS: They always make me smile with their eclectic clothing choices and sometimes the camera practically begs me to capture their feisty fashion on film. Heh. This morn Ro put together a fun outfit with a new sweater and shirt from Children’s Place, a silver bubble skirt from the J.Crew outlet, striped grey and white spring leggings, and last year’s Lelli Kelly school shoes (which she calls “Yelly Kelly” and has suddenly decided she likes again). Ree decided to put together an outfit that ended up being head-to-ankle vintage H2/S2 clothes (hand-me-downs). She paired a pink and purple Mini Boden top with a soft pink velvet Hanna Andersson skirt and added footless tights – all things that her buddies sent over at some point over the years. She’s also wearing her new pink tennies from Children’s Place (her old ones had to be burned they were so awful).


  1. Yep, definitely cute! :-)

  2. Love those two! Wish we had two of our AA - double the fun!!
    They are just too CUTE!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. So reminds me of my dynamic duo. Goodness....it is so fun, isn't it.

  4. I always love their style. They are definitely teaching me a thing or two about what looks great together.

  5. Anonymous11/18/2011

    cute. totally agreed.


  6. So cute. Love the bubble skirt and so wish Children's Place made grown up sizes. : )

  7. So cute and absolutely adorable!! What sweeties your eclectic dressers are!

    I giggled when I saw Ro's socks. Rebecca found a great store in Downtown Disney called 'Little Miss Matched' and they only sell mismatched clothes. Similar to her socks where the patter might be the same but the colours are different. If it's a chain store your girls would go wild in there!!!

  8. How do you ever choose pictures for your Xmas cards? I spent all week, just pondering how stinking cute my girls are, and wondering how I could ever narrow it down. Loving the outfits! Sara is also going through a love/not love thing with her Lelly Kelly's. For what they cost, I told her to find some love!

  9. Anonymous11/18/2011

    I was thinking back to that first time when you gave up dressing control and let the girls start picking their own clothes. Remember that?? Think of what you would have missed if you hadn't done that!! The girls have such a cute style!!
    ~~Laura H. mom to virtual twins (38 days apart, age 6), also from China

  10. such happy girls!

  11. Aw, thanks guys! They make us smile.

    Catherine, we love that place, although I don't think I've ever seen an actual store, only seen it online. Fun place and so RoRee. ;-)

    IndianaLori: I was just thinking about setting up the garage studio and trying to get a family shot for the ole Christmas card. I can only face it every other year.

    Laura: I do remember! They were so little when we did that fashion experiment and it just stuck. I remember having a hard time giving up control in the very beginning, but their choices always made me grin (still do).

  12. How tall are they? They look SO much taller than my twins. I guess it's cuz 6 year olds are so big.