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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daddy Comes Home day

TubaDad traveled a really, really long time to get home from Asia today (or yesterday I guess), and Ree and Ro were delighted to see him this morning. And they were delighted to eat cookie dough, as is our tradition on Daddy Comes Home day.

I found a new recipe that doesn’t use eggs and thought it was just begging to be eaten raw. So we whipped it up.

And they sampled away (those bulging cheeks aren’t subtle, are they?):

They pronounced it very good, although truth be told I vastly prefer the regular full-egg version for my dough consumption. Four decades of dough eating has obviously refined my palate quite a bit.

They tried to entice TubaDad with some dough, but he was inexplicably more interested in sleeping. Go figure.

So they covered him with blankets:

Before you go thinking they are just too sweet, you should know that after the blankets they held a suspicious whispered conference, gobbled his portion of the dough, then turned him into some kind of elaborate playhouse, making sleep almost impossible:IMG_0839LRIMG_0846LR

Notice I said “almost.” Somehow he soldiered on. The boy really has excellent sleeping skills.

PS: I wasn’t going to link to the recipe because I didn’t love it, but the very first commenter asked about it, so here it is.


  1. Anonymous11/12/2011

    And the recipe for the dough is....

  2. Oh, funny, I wasn't going to give the recipe because it truly wasn't an incredible dough-eating experience, but since you asked I just added a link to it in the post.

  3. Anonymous11/12/2011

    THIS is what i would call a 'childhood memory'.

    i'm big on those.

  4. Anonymous11/12/2011

    An infinite improvement. Last time, he was sleeping on the floor and no one even bothered to take off his shoes.

    Gotta' hug that boy for sleeping through anything.

    Grammy Carol in Ottawa

  5. Love these shots of your hubby soldiering on..LOL. I was in the same position today with the DD and since I am no soldier, I finally raised the white flag and got up. Oh, how I wish I was a soldier! ;-)

  6. The neighbor's daughter is allergic eggs (and nuts of course) so I'm always on the lookout for treats that they can make safely. I've printed this off for them and I'm sure they will be grateful.

  7. I love the cookie dough tradition! Building a fort around napping Daddy on the couch has happened around here too...gotta love kids, if they're awake, why would anyone want to sleep? LOL.

  8. jajajaja muy graciosas sus niñas
    ¡Feliz domingo!

  9. Anonymous11/13/2011

    I am the one who asked and after seeing the picture with the recipe I am thinking that baked they might be quite good (I love anything chocolate!).


  10. Adorable...and delicious!

  11. LOL! Love the fort pic with TubaDad snoozin away. Jet lag will do that to you!!

    Mmmmm....cookie dough is deeeelish! I sometimes buy the rolls of cookie dough and as I feed Hannah oatmeal for brekkie I tell her I'm having part of an 'oatmeal log.' She still buys it but sadly not for long I'm sure.

    Great pics of all the fun! Aside from the fort, I think I can hear the sweet giggles, chatter and laughter right through your pics!

  12. Tubadad is such a trooper! Glad he got home safely!


  13. That is so awesome! I love how tuba dad appears to be sleeping through all the action.

  14. Hi,

    Not sure if someone else mentioned it but I have used eggbeaters in the past, the carton said it was pasteurized.

  15. So cute! Daddy will never rest with those two around!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  16. ok, this post just made me smile and chuckle a bit. Those girls are just so darn cute and creative. :-)