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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ahhhhhh, lava flow in hand

Got our first (of many) lava flows (our official drink in Hawaii), the view from our room is gorgeous, the shoes have been discarded for the week, and we're jumping in the lagoon as soon as we eat a fish sandwich.

Life is good.


  1. Anonymous2/18/2012

    What is a lava flow?

  2. Have an amazing trip!! Ooo, if that pic of the ocean is the view from your room...drool!!

    I must admit I was thinking of you with envy as we were outside shovelling the driveway. Thankfully it was tons of fun shovelling with Hannah so I wasn't too jealous.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


  3. oo i'm so jealous!! I hope you guys have a wonderful and amazing trip! Please enjoy the warm weather for me! Nebraska is C.O.L.D! hehe
    God Bless~ <3
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  4. That lava flow drink looks divine! And the smiles of Ro and Ree are splendid! Looks like such a wonderful place! enjoy!!

  5. Johnny: Kauai this time!

    A lava flow is a divine drink with that's kind of like a pina coloda with strawberry. Mmmm. Have already had two.

    Catherine you had to shovel today?! Eesh, that hurts just a touch. If we could have hidden you guys away in our suitcases...

    Kirstie: One word: Brrrrr.

    Lori and Sarah: Thanks!!


  6. Alanna2/19/2012

    Love that hotel! I knew it was Kauai the moment I saw it!
    Make sure Ro and Ree go feed the koi fish in the restaurant, if they're still there!

    Aloha and enjoy the trip!

  7. Anonymous2/19/2012

    I know precisely where you are! That is my favorite spot on earth. We have stayed there many times over the years. Definitely feed the koi! And we loved the Smith Family Laua show. I think the girls would love it!

  8. Enjoy! But don't forget to take lots of pictures : )

  9. I am sooo jealous. Make sure to have shave ice.....the best thing I ever had!!

  10. Is it wrong to tell you how incredibly jealous I am? Have an amazing time!

  11. What Hotel are you staying at? We are thinking about going next year and it sure looks nice there.

  12. Susan, it's the Grand Hyatt on Kauai. Awesome place.

    1. Wow, we may have to go there! Looks like you are having a wonderful time.