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Saturday, March 31, 2012

First visit from the tooth fairy! (thank goodness she didn’t fall asleep on the couch and forget, I was a little worried)

Ro’s loose tooth was just not interested in coming out and it was starting to hurt her. She tried to wiggle it out, munched on corn on the cob and apples, Ree and TubaDad tried to get it out (not me, I’m a big wimp, I poked out it feebly and then deferred to other braver would-be dentists of the household), and it was just hanging there mocking all of our efforts and pushing against that big tooth that was growing behind it.

So we made a last-minute Friday night dental appointment and took care it:

I had to laugh because Ree was THISCLOSE the whole time. At one point she leaned in so far that her hair brushed across Ro’s face. These two sisters might fight like cats and dogs, but when the chips are down they are 100% there for each other. Ro was a total champ, she didn’t move or make a peep the entire time. Just sat there (no shot even, just some of that numbing gel on a Q-tip) and patiently waited while the dentist pulled and twisted.

Moments after the procedure, Miss Ro showed the world her new beautiful smile:

And then she got to chow on all the frozen yogurt she could hold for dinner because she wasn’t quite up for the crunchy tacos that TubaDad and I were going to have:

Congratulations Ro, by the squeals this morning I’m guessing you were quite pleased with the stuffed pink bunny and golden dollar coins the tooth fairy brought you. And thank you Ree for being such a good sister! Now we’ve got one sister with short hair and one sister with a missing tooth. You’re both growing up so fast:DSC_1101LRps

PS: Let’s hope Ree loses a tooth before the end of the school year, because she teared up a little (you know when they turn their faces to the side and blink really rapidly so they don’t cry?) and said “Now I’m the only one in the whole class who hasn’t lost a tooth.” Aw, sweetie, it’ll happen.


  1. We just lost a tooth at our house, too!
    Way to go, Ro! You look lovely with that little toothless grin :)
    P.S. You are some kind of awesome sister, Ree! I'm sure your first tooth will be out in no time :)

  2. They're growing up so fast! Heh, who knew the haircut wouldn't be the only way we could tell them apart easily by
    Friday night.

    Ro is a champ! Here's hoping Ree isn't far behind.

  3. my amy (also 6) hasn't lost any either... hang in there Ree!!!!!

  4. Once the Tooth Fairy makes her first visit, it seems like she comes back very soon! Love both of the girls' haircuts.

  5. Yeah! For her tooth, and loving the hair. Luckily Sara seems happy with shoulder length, and it's just thick enough to flip out the ends. Just like everyone else, I think Sara's hair thickened up when we started trimming it. Kelly's definitely did. It's hard for me to do their fine hair because mine is such a thick, coarse mess! Good luck!

  6. Our buddy hasn't lost one yet either... And at 6 and a half he's the last one in his class too :)
    Hang in there guys, it will happen!

  7. Anonymous3/31/2012

    That photo of Ree holding Ro's arm and watching the dentist so intently brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet, supportive sister. Hope the tooth fairy makes a return visit very soon.

  8. Ree, HOW AWESOME ARE YOU SISTER!!!! Ro is SO lucky to have you. Don't worry about loosing a tooth, your time will come soon enough and it will be just as awesome (if not MORE awesome). Never rush growing up, it's not as fun as you think!!! Also, I adore your hair cut. You're super cute.

    Ro, way to be brave girl. Your toothless grin is super adorable. You've got a pretty awesome sister there.

    Such lucky girls.

  9. Anonymous4/01/2012

    How exciting to lose that first tooth. Love the new hair do! They are growing up so quickly! Have followed your blog since you brought them home.
    Grandma to Many

  10. Aww, poor sweetie. L wiggles every tooth in her mouth every day multiple times and swears they are all loose. No such luck. The pictures are great as always!

  11. What an exciting time! It's so hard to be the last or one of the last in class to do something. Here's thinking big thoughts that the tooth fairy has her designs on Ree soon.

  12. I am so glad everything went well. Way to go girl!

    Glad the tooth fairy came without a glitch. Sometimes those little fairy's get things confused.....they must be over 40.