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Monday, April 23, 2012

Starting week 4 of remodel: the cabinets are going in tomorrow

Yipes, not sure if I’m more scared or excited that the kitchen cabinets come tomorrow. Man I hope they look like the ones I picture in my head...

Anyhow, sorta non-photographic remodel things have been done lately, so I haven’t been posting pictures. Basically as of today (the beginning of week 4), the kitchen has been completely demolished, a whole bunch of electrical has been done (wiring for new in-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting, double oven, additional outlets, lowered sideways outlets, and pendants), plumbing has been reworked slightly, the new window has been installed (twice), the new hood vent ducting has been installed (which involved cutting into the adjacent living room ceiling) and all of the drywall and texturing has been finished. The room is now a big, empty slate.DSC_1897LRDSC_1900LR

And tomorrow we’ll start filling that empty room.

As for the powder room, all of the pieces have been purchased or delivered (vanity, sink faucet, medicine cabinet mirror, toilet, shower tile, shower faucet/nozzle). The bathroom has been demoed, the plumbing fixes are done, the new light has been installed (mainly so it wasn’t pitch black in there), and the shower has been hot-mopped with a tar-like substance (not sure what it is, but our contractor said “Now that baby will NEVER leak.”) This room is also a blank slate right now.

We’re planning to paint the bathroom walls a light blue, but haven’t settled on a color yet. If you have any blue color suggestions or links to pics, please share! A few non-related projects have also been done (figured since the contractors were here...): new dining-room chandelier has been wired and hung, living room sconces have been wired and hung, pocket door has been installed in the laundry room.

Oh, and there is still construction dust in every nook and cranny, no matter how often I clean. I naively keep saying “Yay, I think we’re done with the most of the dust now!!!” And I am wrong.

There are also tool bags everywhere you look, and I had to laugh when one of the workmen said “Hey look what I found in my bag this morning!”:

Yeah, our little sprites/bunnies have been busy hopping around this construction zone:

They’ve also been busy scouting out dandelions and making wishes. I keep telling them to wish for a speedy remodel, but instead they’re wishing our entire yard was filled with dandelions. Hm.
IMG_2061LR copy2



  1. Four weeks has flown by (coming from someone who lives miles away and hasn't lived in it)! We have several projects starting at our house soon. I'm already trying to pick my cleaning service for after it's over. :)

    1. Three weeks so far, we're just starting week 4. But dang it feels long over here. I really miss my kitchen sink of all things.

  2. Can't wait to see the cabinets. As for paint color, a friend on facebook just posted pics of their new home, and the color is that PERFECT color of blue. Almost everyone that commented on the picture asked what color it was. Very calming, and if you google it you can find pics. It's called Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.

  3. Exciting!!! Just today Norma was asking how things are coming along. Tomorrow is the big day!! I hope your cabinets are what you're hoping for and more!

    Oooo...just Googled 'Rainwashed' and if you're looking for a greeny-blue is beautiful!!

    Cannot wait to see tomorrow's pics!!!

  4. Now you are on to the good stuff....cabinets,counters & seeing it all come together. I used to clean my house every night when my contractor left....I'm very OCD about dust! Mu hubby would look at me like I had two heads but I did it anyway!

    1. It is the good stuff now, isn't it?!!! So exciting. And yes, I clean every night -- vaccuum every floor and swiffer every surface. TubaDad says "don't bother, there's just going to be more" but I can't stand it.

  5. Oh so exciting!! I cannot wait to see the cabinets once they are installed. I am sure they will look just like you imagined!!

    I love the shot of the girls with the dandelions!! Post that to our group. I believe it qualifies as rule of thirds and symmetry!! Look at their arms and their body positions!! See, you already did two rules and you didn't even realize it. Then again, maybe you did and just didn't share yet:)

  6. In my past life I worked in the retail world and opened several stores, construction dust always lingered for ~6 months, even with OCD dusting every day.

    I don't know if they make it any longer but Ralph Lauren used to have a color called Kitchen Cabinet that I love. It's a pale blue that in low light looks silvery.

  7. We just completed a major paint job and used Benjamin Moore's Wyeth Blue in our living room and Ben Moore's Van Courtland Blue in our half bath. Love both colors!

    Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!!

  8. That is serious remodel! Wow!!!!! I love it!!!!!! Jealous, jealous....can't wait to see results.

  9. Dandelions! Just what is it about the little yellow weeds that kids love? My girls, too, wish the yard was carpeted by them...and, sadly [to me] it nearly is.

    Good luck with the cabinets! Can't wait to see the new and improved kitchen.



  10. Anonymous4/25/2012

    Love the pictures of the remodel...right now I am loving pale smoke by benjamin moore, the perfect blue grey!

  11. Ooo...cannot wait to see updated pics! Do you like the cupboards? I hope they're perfect for you as you put in so many hours preparing for this!

  12. Anonymous4/27/2012

    Check out all of the Restoration Hardware paint colors! We bought a paint swatch book there and LOVE it. I think you can order it online. We now use ONLY Restoration Hardware paint colors. Normally we just take the swatch book to the local hardware store and they will match the color. They are so beautiful. Silver sage is our favorite. We also love Atmosphere Blue. Oh, makes me want to paint some rooms in my house again!!!

  13. Good pick! Blue is a refreshing color. Aqua blue will be perfect for your bathroom. Your angels can role play and be like little mermaids under the sea while bathing - as soon as the bathroom is finished. Haha. What do you think? Anyway, I’d love to see your kitchen and your bathroom when it’s done. Please do keep us posted. :D

    Kristopher Diss