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Thursday, May 24, 2012

And we’re done

The kitchen remodel is officially over, finito, done, complete. Ahhhhhh. We are all so excited about the new kitchen and lovelovelove it as I say, or “L – O – V – E!” as Ro says with a twirl and a giggle.

Here’s a quick peek at what it looked like before:DSC_1142LR_beforeDSC_1153

And here she is now, ready for some serious cooking and some not-so-serious decoration:

We built storage all the way around the new picture window and the new, larger island, and put outlets on every corner of the island so we can use every inch of it during parties. We also moved all outlets low to the counters and turned them sideways so they’re hidden by whatever we’re plugging in:DSC_3818LR

So thrilled with the woodwork:DSC_3834LRDSC_3820LR

All pantry and lower shelves are pull-outs, all drawers are deep and oh-so-useful, and we’ve got built-in organizers like the baking-sheet dividers:

We picked the Wolf double ovens because we just liked everything about them -- from ball-bearing (non-screeching!) racks, to the user-friendly features, to the fun blue color and auto-flipping control panel (seen in mid flip here):

We made the island as big as we could without having to seam the granite – so it’s one solid slab:DSC_3851LR

We’ve got hidden outlets in a few cupboards, like this broom closet which has four outlets to charge up our phones and iPads every night:

We went with soft close doors and quiet-close drawers, so everything silently and automagically closes with just a nudge. The trash compartment opens with a nudge too:DSC_3841LR

Can you feel my grin through the screen?!

PS: The tiny backsplash under the window will be completed this coming week, but it doesn’t hold us back from anything so we’re still calling this kitchen done. We haven’t done any decorating or put anything in the glass cabinets or open display cabinet yet. Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous5/24/2012

    FABULOUS. My mouth is still gaping at the incredible beauty of your kitchen. It should be showcased in a magazine.

    Do you need a ladder to access items in the tall cupboards? It was hard to tell dimensions in the photos.

    1. Aw, thank you!!

      I'll have to use my little two-step stepladder to put the display items up in the top glass cabinets, but those won't be changed out very often. For the rest, all of the everyday items are within reach (I'm 5'7"), and I store infrequently-used items (like vases and party stuff) on the the top-most shelves. For those shelves, I hop on the girls rolling library stool and can reach. They've got one in the kitchen and two in their closet.

    2. I had to laugh when I read, 'I store infrequently-used items (like vases and party stuff) on the the top-most shelves.' Since when is party stuff infrequently-used? You my love have a home otherwise known as 'Party Central' and we love it!!

    3. Ha!!! I think you might be right my friend. Perhaps I should move the chocolate fountain a smidge lower...

  2. Anonymous5/24/2012


  3. I love the tile behind the cook top and the picture window. It truly looks like a picture!

  4. Absolutely beautiful.....don't you feel great now! It's been a year since my was done & I still stop & look every morning!

    1. I've been grinning like a fool for days now every time I walk into the kitchen. Wonder if that'll ever stop? And when I cooked in it and got both ovens and 3 burners going, I actually clapped. Hee!!

  5. Looks lovely, enjoy!

  6. It's so perfect. Those lights and the view are just begging for a Better Homes and Garden lay out. I'm no decorator, but my sister is, and I'm sure she'd say some kind of monochromatic glass or porcelain pieces. Pick a third color to compliment the dark wood and lighter tile, and then collect pitchers, vases, etc in that color. You can have different shapes or different colors, but not both. That's my sister. I'd probably do something horrid and she'd make me throw it away.

    1. I think you're spot on! My friend Maggie and I are hitting up HomeGoods in the next week just to see what they have and get inspired. I adore that store. Also Restoration Hardware and Z Gallery -- the displays they put together are so fun!

  7. Congrats. It looks beautiful.

  8. Yes, it is beautiful and I don't see a speck of dust anywhere!!! :)


  10. It looks AMAZING. Love how you did the window...it looks like a framed painting....that view! Everything turned out beautifully!

    Let the cooking begin!

  11. It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Well done!!!

  12. I love that blue on your ovens. I think you will definitely want several accents in that color!

  13. Anonymous5/27/2012

    Gorgeous kitchen!!! Really love it. What a relief to have it finished and look so wonderful. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!


  14. Anonymous5/27/2012

    I have two questions. One, that island looks enormous but - it has no seating? Is there a table and chairs just out of view?

    And is the counter under the window a low counter, like for kids to work at, or is it more like a window seat?

  15. Anonymous6/02/2012


  16. Hi there
    Just stumbled upon you blog. Kitchen looks aweeesome

    So, cn you share the kitchen dimension

    We have a low window in our kitchen and have no idea what to do with it. Suppose I should at least see if the HOA would allow us to change it. You guys did a nice job! Kudos! Love the little details like outlets sideways, outlets hidden in cabinets, and multiple outlets on island!