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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The house is too quiet now (even with the twinados)

Everyone has hopped on planes (even TubaDad) and the girls and I think it’s just too dang quiet around here.

We made the most of our last bit of time with visitors. The H Family had already gone home (boo!), and we knew that Catherine and Hannah were soon to follow. So we showed them our favorite hike and park and visited a Children’s Museum.

These poses that the three girls struck on our hike just KILL me!:IMG_2109LR

Ree and Ro swing so high and fast that this is how my camera sees them. Come to think of it, it’s how I see them most of the time too:

Hm, Hannah, do you think this water fountain might need a bit of adjusting?:

Look closely in this one and you’ll see that Hannah was never far from the big girls. See the extra pair of legs thrown over Ree’s belly while she’s playing the Calabash?:

All three girls love noodles and “noodle hair” – our household tradition that looks so cute and keeps hair and soup from mixing. We also do “syrup hair”:

We whiled away a few hours at the Children’s Museum. Had a ball and were the last ones to leave. Hannah burst into tears when we said we had to go (kinda how we all felt, I guess):

It was so fun to see Hannah enjoying this exact museum sand table that our girls spent so much time at when they were little:

Speaking of way-back: does anyone remember seeing the girls in this little museum kitchen? I dug up a comparison photo (taken in Jan 2007!!). Ro is left in the top photo and right in the bottom one:

And another comparison photo, also at the museum, this one from Feb 2007. In the first photo, Ro is on the left, then Ree, and does anyone also recognize the two in pink pants in the middle? That’s S2 and H2!:

Hannah was pretty enamored of PanPan. Dare I say there might be a Canadian hamster in her house someday? (Funny quote of the day goes to Ree -- Hannah was making happy noises at the hamster and Ree said “Hannah, PanPan doesn’t speak bird!”):

Goodbye to all of our visitors, we miss you already -- thanks for spending the 4th with us and sharing so many smiles!


  1. Oh that one of the three girls needs to be FRAMED! So cute. LOVE Hannah's "supergirl" pose.

  2. I love the old pictures from the Children's Museum trip - that's when we first all met in person! And yes, I did recognize all of those kids :-)

  3. Too quiet? You could start another adoption procedure.... ;-)

  4. Loved all the pics of your holiday fun! The girls looked super cute in all their matching attire!

  5. I am sure it is just WAY TOO QUIET after the fun filled week you have had!!!

    OMG, that first photo is priceless!!! Love everything about it..... great symmetry:)))

    Hope you have a great week ahead~



  6. Shauna7/09/2012

    I love both your blog and Catherine's blog, so can I just say I love when you guys are together? The pictures of the noodle hair and the pictures with Hannah's feet on Ree's belly are just so sweet! I love hearing about your adventures, I'm sad Catherine is going home too!

  7. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Now that it is quiet... it may be time to change your bulletin boards:) Snowflakes in July- eek! You would never let me get away with it!
    Hugz to all!

    1. Ha!! Isn't that the truth! Maybe I'll get inspired by something this week and think of a new header. If anyone is reading this and has a good idea, please share!

      Debbz - are you planning to head to SLO anytime this summer? Would love to see you!!

    2. Anonymous7/11/2012

      Hey Mz!
      Both of the boys are in summer school till July 20. Chris is taking trig! He has 5 hours of school and another 4 - 5 hours of homework. I hope we will have some time to travel, but I have to be back to school on Aug 13- yucky! I could really use a road trip, so it is a strong possibility! It is so hot here, I am ready to bolt now.

  8. Wow! Hannah has gotten so big. And we do "noodle hair" to sleep on nights it's warm and humid, which has been nearly every night lately.