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Thursday, November 1, 2012

So a viking and a fish took a walk one day...

By 2:30 yesterday, the girls had wrapped up school parties, costume parades, homework, and snacks and still had loads of time on their hands before the main event – trick or treating! They didn’t want to take their costumes off (well shoot who would?), so I asked if they wanted to do a little Halloween photo shoot. And the fierce Viking Princess and sparkly Tropical Angelfish were totally game. Lucky me!

“Look out candy, here we come!”:

Ro was positive that an angelfish would be perfectly comfy in a tree:DSC_4452LRDSC_4468LRDSC_4408-EditLRDSC_4409-Edit-EditLR

This is a funky bush that grows near our house – it looks kind of sea-like, don’t you think?:

This one is my fave of little Ree. Something about it seems magical:DSC_4529LRDSC_4727LR



Trick-or-treating action photos (and a surprise pet costume) coming tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. love the costumes!

  2. Anonymous11/01/2012

    Dang, those girls are scary adorable looking. S C A R Y A D O R A B L E A1

  3. Totally digging the fish in the tree pic! Looks like a professional model shoot! Ha! Their costumes are great!

  4. They look so serious! GIVE US SOME CANDY! I'm loving these pictures. They are great. I'd frame the fish in the tree and the serious Viking with the trees behind her. FIERCE! I love it!

  5. Anonymous11/01/2012

    Okay, so now I totally want to be a Viking Princess next year! Thanks for the photo shoot, gals!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I am happy they cooperate with pictures. I have 3 grandsons who I need to take pictures of for a Xmas card but it is hard to get them to cooperate.

  7. Beautiful! Can I tell you, your girlies look so tall in their costumes! Great pics of their costume parade!

  8. Anonymous11/02/2012

    WOW! Awesome pics!! And great costumes!


  9. Beautiful girls! Beautiful costumes. Looks like an enormous amount of fun for all. :)