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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blue-sky birthday

I’m not a huge fan of my own birthdays, but this one was purdy good. It started with breakfast and presents in bed. Not a bad way to start anything, right?

Since my beloved chocolate Hostess Donettes are no longer, the whole family has been taste testing every competitor we can find. (Ah such a taxing task...) The closest we’ve found so far are the Little Debbie ones, which were served up this morn with strawberries and caffeine. Excellent:

TubaDad surprised me with a nifty 24-85mm lens. Cool. It’s a good, lightweight daily lens that gives a little zoom and is easier to lug around than my 28-300 (that one gets some gorgeous shots but makes the camera so heavy that I literally get a blister, which I guess he’s heard me yip about a few times now). Took a few test shots in bed to try it out today. I like it!

Ree and her bestest stuffed animal friend, Floppy:

Ro reading a new book that arrived from Amazon yesterday. These girls sure do love to read:

Are you done yet, sister...?:

Dum de dum...:

After breakfast I went for a massage – fabulous. I think this is my new birthday tradition.

Went for a lunchtime walk and had a picnic lunch that Miss Ree packed. Little bitty was quite proud of that lunch:

Friends from the North please look away, you don’t want to see this. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Not a cloud in the sky:

No they don’t walk. Ever. And quite often they skip. Quite vigorously:

Yes I am tired. And much slower than they.


DSC_7780LRRested up after our walk, built up our appetites again (yes birthdays ARE all about the food around here) and headed out for a family dinner with Wela and BobBob at a local fondue restaurant. The girls humored me and put on some darker clothing in expectation of the chocolate course.

It was good. And I’m so full I may never eat again. Oy. (Well except there are a few remaining chocolate donuts that someone is going to have to finish off tomorrow morning...)



  1. Happy Birthday....looks like a wonderful day!
    BTW here in the great northeast our skies were that blue! We just had a "little" snow on the ground!

  2. Happy Birthday! Beautiful pictures! 2 feet of snow here in Boston...

  3. Happy birthday from the Netherlands, M3! Jealous of the weather you're having - snow here too though not as much as in the NE). Regards, Anne Spee

  4. That was some high flying swinging!!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Happy Birthday to both of you! Think a nice photo of the two of you would be nice!
    Grandma to 2 from China

  6. What a wonderful weekend of celebrating both your birthdays! I like the massage birthday tradition - gonna have to work that one into my b-day too ;-). Cutest white outfits that Ro and Ree are sporting on the walk. Beautiful photos! Welcome to 45. It's not so bad. :-)

    Aunt Jane

  7. Happy, happy birthday friend! Love seeing all the pics of your amazing girls enjoying your beautiful weather! Ahh...green grass! Gives me hope ours will come back in a couple of months.

    Love the massage tradition!

  8. Anonymous2/12/2013

    Glad u and a nice bday! :)

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday

  10. Happy Late birthday.....sorry, but that is how I am rolling in 2013. Always, a bit late. Okay, LOVED the donuts all arranged for breakfast. Yum and fancy. Thanks for the warning about the clear sky. Didn't help still made me incredibly jealous.

  11. Happy Birthday! Love those hills. Keep looking for a Teletubby to pop out.