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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello again ER, can’t say we’ve missed you

The day before the girls’ final performance of Little Mermaid, Ree flew off the swings and landed with a whoomp. Nothing unusual in that. These girls are daredevils. Always have been. Always will be. But this time was a smidge different. She was still mentioning an hour later that her arm hurt “a little,” and these girls never admit that anything hurts. So I packed everyone up (except for the iPads, curses!) and headed for the ER.

Three hours later, we were on our way home with an x-ray of her broken humerus, a molded fiberglass splint, and instructions to see an orthopedic specialist the next day to see whether her elbow was also messed up. Lovely...


The next day the ortho confirmed that the humerus was broken (and they don’t cast humerus bones), her elbow was fine, and the sling had to stay on for 3 weeks with no physical activity. I think I might have laughed a little at that one. We’ll do it, dammit, but anyone who knows these girls will tell you that the “no activity” agenda is going to be rough.

Now about that Little Mermaid play... Ree was teary and self conscious. She didn’t want to get anywhere near that stage with that huge audience looking at her sling. And her sister was freaking out too about suddenly going solo. But Ree (and the whole cast) had worked SO HARD for so long my heart was just breaking. We got a call at home from the costumer who said she could hide the sling and make sister’s costume match, and little Ree finally said she would do it. Whew... So we headed off to the big production, handed her off to the awesome costumer, and held our breath.

And...she did it!!

Performed all the songs and moves one-handed and smiled in spite of the broken arm (which was the costumer had masterfully disguised and she continues to insist doesn’t really hurt). I can’t even tell you how relieved we were when that grand finale was done.


Way to go little Ree (on the right) and sister Ro. We are so proud of you and think you two are the cutest little one-armed merfolk in the ocean.

PS: If you’ve known the girls for awhile, you’ll remember that Ree was also the one who snapped both bones in her left forearm (the other arm) at Gilroy Gardens the week before kindergarten.


  1. Anonymous4/20/2013

    Oh my goodness! (And bummer about not having the ipads with!)

    What creative costumers and yay for persistence and getting the girls to still do the performance :-)

    Praying Ree's arm heals quickly and she'll lay (at least relatively) low so it can! And maybe I should be praying for patience and sanity for you guys as you try to get her to do so?! :-)

  2. Oh, little sweeties! So glad Ree is not in pain though slightly inconvenienced and that the play went off without a hitch. Kudos to the costumer, I can't see a sling at all. Nicely done! Love to you, mama...we're the ones who suffer these things more than anyone. ha ha ha

  3. Anonymous4/20/2013

    Bless you all.

  4. Poor thing. I broke my arm twice befor first grade.

  5. I think it is something in the blood of Hubei girls that NOTHING ever hurts. I have one with a broken arm too right now. This was broken clean in too and it was the tears that keyed me into the fact that it was broken before I even looked down and saw her arm. If there are tears....something is wrong.
    Oh and the need to be extremely active and full of adventure LOL is that a hubei thing too.

    Feel better little one...oh wait you are a Hubei Honey so you do all ready!

  6. Oh boy you may have to get used to this....hope she's feeling better & good luck with the "activity" restrictions. They look so cute as mermaids...great costumes!

  7. Anonymous4/21/2013

    I can't help it. the 'i want to help' part wants to recommend some kind of supplement or super food that will increase either the elasticity or strength of her bones. Alas, i have neither. A1

  8. Oh no! Poor Ree! Having seen your girls in action (and my own energetic bunny) it's understandable that accidents happen. Ouch!! Sure hope she heals quickly.

    3 cheers for the costumer. She did a great job as did your girls!

    Now - for quiet activities. Yikes! Thank goodness for Pinterest!

  9. Oh poor kid! I'm telling you, those Hubei girls are TOUGH. When Lizzie broke her leg the only reason we knew to take her to the doctor was she didn't want birthday cake at the party! If she didn't want cake something serious must be wrong...Everyone else thought our criteria was a little off, but Jeff and I know the usual criteria (tears, complaints) doesn't apply to Lizzie.

    1. So true!!! Just a quiet "it hurts a little" is HUGE for our girls and a big red flag that we'd better head to the ER.

  10. Wowie - she is one tough cookie.

    And they both look stunning in their Little Mermaid costumes. Bravo to them and the costumer that was able to hide her sling so well!

    I am seeing lots of iPad time in her future... at least until she gets the all clear to play again!

  11. That is about the sweetest-not so sweet story EVER! I just want to hug that costumer and the poor little patient and the brave sisters who said the show must go on! This is a story forever in your family lore. Wow. I'm sure it was amazing. Congrats to everyone.

  12. Anonymous4/22/2013

    As a mama of 4 boys, we know a little something about broken arms and elbows. So sorry to hear your little one broke her arm.

    Oh and P.S....You have totally gotten me hooked on both La Crema and Roscato! lol I bought 2 bottles the other day from our local wine store to try..YUMMO!


  13. Anonymous4/22/2013

    Oh no, not again.

    I hope she's feeling better soon.


  14. Hurray for the costume lady! And hooray for the brave girls. I think it's cute how they rely on each other. Things like this always happen at the most inconvenient times. (I guess there's no convenient time to break your arm!)

  15. Darling costumes! And yes, I would laugh too when the doctor says no physical activity. They must not have children.

  16. So sorry about the injury! This has nothing to do with injuries (thank goodness), but the moment I saw this on Outblush, one of my favorite shopping blogs, I thought of y'all. Pan Pan can look like he's driving a car!


    1. OMWord!! I really think we need one of those!