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Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp #2 was a success

Hard to believe three weeks of summer have gone by. But it’s true. I remember summer weeks by activities, and the girls have now had a week of complete freedom (the level of bickering and screen time increased dramatically that week), a week of circus camp, and a week of art camp.

Both camps were half day, and both were really great. The art studio focuses on a different region/country each week and this week was Asia. How cool is that?

And the bonus is that now we have a bunch of new artwork displayed in the playroom gallery.DSC_9745-EditLR
(click to enlarge)

Next week is fun with out-of-town visitors and 4th of July celebrating. Any guesses on who’s coming?


  1. I bet its your Canadian friends Catherine and Hannah!

  2. Chrissie6/28/2013

    I was going to guess Catherine, as well! Can't wait to see pictures of Hannah -- Catherine was in my waiting group way back when.

  3. Anonymous6/28/2013

    Catherine and Hannah!

  4. WOW! Look at all that art! Way to go mom for finding the perfect camp!

  5. I am guessing Catherine and Hannah as well.

  6. Catherine and Hannah!!! And, some new Wela Wear for the girls.....and I am pretty sure Tippy and Dusty will also be sporting Wela Wear scarves or collars or something!!!

  7. I love the playroom art gallery! I also love the art studio's theme of a different country/region each week.

    As for your out-of-town visitors I agree with everyone above who says that Hannah and Catherine are coming but I also am going to add four more to the list -I think H2, S2, K2 and D2 are coming to town to celebrate the 4th with the salsa family. One thing I do know for sure is a good time will be had by all. Looking forward to seeing the latest Wela Wear creations.

    Happy 4th of July!

  8. Anonymous6/29/2013

    Catherine and Hannah! I love when the visit you, it's always interesting!


  9. Anonymous6/29/2013


    Love, your aioli lovin' friend!! ;o)

  10. I love the art work. You girls are quite gifted. Not very many people can draw such awesome tigers and at their age especially. I love reading your blog and I think you are such great parents. The girls, of course, are just adorable.

    One of my adopted daughters just had her second little baby. It's very interesting to me what she said after the birth of her first son. She had never had an issues about being adopted, but after her little boy was born, she said, "Mom, this is the first person I know with my own DNA."

    Have a wonderful time with your visitors.