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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Little girls in the big city

The morning of the 5th we were all sufficiently recharged to tackle San Francisco. Woohoo, gentlemen start your engines! (The boys drove.)

First stop (after whole bunch of holiday traffic – gah!) was food. (Isn’t it always about food?) Then we headed for the Exploratorium (which is now located on the wharf, for anyone who used to visit the dome as a kiddo).

Beautiful day – spectacularly un-hot, maybe 45 degrees cooler than it had been at our house this week. Ahhhh. Here’s a shot of my new purse, uh I mean a shot of Catherine and I:


There is a neato twirly contraption outside the Exploratorium. Kid-propelled and good for hours of fun. At least until one child gets clocked by the beam (kisses to S2!). I think it could use a bold painted “don’t stand here” circle, but hey I wasn’t the designer.IMG_3368LRIMG_3372LRIMG_2124LR

I remember this black magnetic sand from decades ago. Anyone else play with this stuff? It’s almost soft. The three little girls were fascinated by each exhibit and we had to actually move them along so they would see more than one thing.IMG_3379LR

TubaDad played a song for us on these musical lockers (sounded pretty good!) and this water fountain gave me the heebie jeebies:

The tinker toy studio could have occupied them happily the entire visit:

Begged a relatively-safe-looking stranger to snap a group shot of us on the way to dinner and finally got one. Yessss!
(Kids from L to R: S2, Ree, Hannah, H2, Ro)

The Family H (No More Work Than One) had to peel off from the group at this point to go get ready for a crack-of-dawn flight home, but we weren’t quite done with the big city. You KNOW where we went next, right?IMG_0066-2LRIMG_0067-2LRIMG_0062-2LR


”Daddy, my sundae seems to be completely gone…”




On the way home the girls popped in my least-favorite movie IMG_0071-2LR(I agreed because it was a non-scary one that Hannah could watch) and Catherine was inaugurated into Barbie movie land. I had warned C about the inanity, and cracked up when she sarcastically quipped about halfway through “Ah, and it’s a full-length movie too. Wasn’t expecting that. Gosh what a treat…” Heh.

Fun day. The little girls (and parents too) all had fun in the big city.


: We got news of today’s SFO plane crash and closing of the SFO airport a little while ago and Catherine has been routed to another airport for her departure flight later today. The H Family has arrived safely at home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers of that flight and from what we understand right now there were no casualties.


  1. Looks like you are all having loads of fun. I too would be tucked out by the water fountain though...lol

  2. Anonymous7/06/2013

    A whirlwind of activity, salsa style. So glad you all had a great time, so did Dusty and Tippy!

  3. Great picture of your purse. It's very photogenic! So are you two ladies.