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Saturday, August 24, 2013

These boots were made for cartwheelin’


Also for dancing, tree climbing, iPad gaming, and dog walking.

The girls really picked boots that fit their personalities. The contrast in styles makes me smile. Any guesses on who’s who?

1002137_549592768448062_616887580_nPS: Speaking of the dog, Dusty is thrilled beyond belief that edible balls keep falling from the sky. (Asian pears from our backyard tree.) He plays and plays with them, then sits down and eats everything but the core and stem.


  1. Anonymous8/24/2013

    Pink boots - Ro?

  2. Anonymous8/25/2013

    I have not a clue which shoes belong to which girl but the shoes are classy and I wouldn't mind having a pair of each.

    Do they each wear the same size shoe and can wear each other's?

    1. They do wear the same size right now, so they could swap if they wanted to, but usually don't with shoes.

  3. That is crazy that the dog eats the pears! Love the girls shoes!

  4. I was so sure that Ree would be in the pink boots and Ro in the brown.

    So adorable! Can we call dibs on the pink ones? ;o) Love how many things they do in their fun boots!

  5. Anonymous8/26/2013

    Be careful with the pears. The seeds are poisonous to dogs so make sure he is not ingesting any of the seeds!

    1. Anonymous8/27/2013

      Thank you for mentioning this. It is a huge issue with dogs. The local animal emergency hospital in Portland is always sending out reminders about dogs not eating the seeds from apples.

  6. Anonymous8/26/2013

    I love how the both roll back on the right heel the same way!
    Amanda in ATL