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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A few more feet running around the house

If you heard screaming coming from our house Thursday evening, it was our girls right after TubaDad said it was ok to foster a litter of kittens for two weeks.


Meet Tilly, Twilight, Leo (the only boy), Smudge, and Angel. Ro and Ree got to name them -- you can imagine how crazy thrilling that was, right?

The kittens are doing well in their new temporary home (the girls’ bathroom) and slowly venturing out to explore the upstairs. Ro and Ree are doing a super job socializing the kittens and making sure they get used to high-energy kids and have lots of handling and love.

Dusty is out of his mind with joy and trying (in vain) to contain himself. He thinks we brought home five more hamsters for him to play with. And the kittens are slowly getting used to an overly affectionate dog who is way too free with his kisses.

Dusty doesn’t understand why Smudge, or any of them for that matter, doesn’t want exuberant licking all over:

Leo appears to like my new iPhone. Forget the yarn, this little boy went immediately for the techie toy:

Angel looks positively serene, but don’t be fooled, she has spunk to spare:

Tiny Tilly is the bravest of the group. She’s also the purr-iest:

Big sister Twilight is getting braver by the minute. She was pretty shy the first day but then was actually the first one to go halfway down the stairs:

Smudge valiantly battles that kitten in the mirror – still not sure who’s winning:

Is it just me or does Dusty look kinda proud here?:

We have the kitten food bowl in a dog-proof crate – because apparently the siren song of that baby cat food is irresistible even to well-behaved hounds. The puddies are pretty happy to scoot into the crate and eat and eat and eat. Which reminds me, need to buy more food tomorrow, and a bigger bag this time:

The kittens will be available for adoption in two weeks and by that time will be 100% used to fast-moving kids, over-eager dogs, and a noisy slightly crazy household. If any Northern California folks are interested in adopting a pair (they try to keep at least two siblings together), send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with the shelter.

PS: I know what you’re thinking, which one/ones are we keeping? But the answer is none. This truly is just a short-term foster – our plan is to enjoy their antics for a couple of weeks and to help these little cuties get great homes by socializing them (and giving the shelter some great pics to use too).


  1. Really! None? Wanna bet?

  2. "PS: I know what you’re thinking, which one/ones are we keeping? But the answer is none." Famous last words...
    They are the cutest! And the names are great.

  3. Anonymous9/21/2013

    My bet is Smudge, isn't that the techie baby boy?

  4. If there were not 5, I'd guess maybe you'd keep 2. But, choosing between the 5 might be harder than giving them all back after the foster. This is a tough one to call. I would call sweet Dusty a "failed foster." Keeping 5 might earn you an "epic fail". :) Good luck! Keep us posted!

  5. Cute, cute, cute! We could never foster - the girls would begin plotting immediately.

  6. isn't that what you said about Dusty???? :)

  7. There are great cat apps for iPhones and iPads. I will post tomorrow in case you can't find them. You will need to video the kitten's reactions. Every time my sister picks up her phone her cat thinks it is play time.

  8. Anonymous9/22/2013

    You are a great foster mama!

  9. Good luck at keeping none. I know I would fail at fostering!

  10. Anonymous9/22/2013

    Thank goodness I live in Canada or else Smudge and Angel would be coming home with me. I've got 3 who look like the black kittens. I'm a sucker for cats.

  11. Brenda9/22/2013

    Cheese Louise, M3 - it's a good thing I didn't buy the house in Willow Glen I want. I'd for sure take a pair. Two cats or more is always the best for the little critters.

  12. Anonymous9/22/2013

    It's a good thing you're doing for the cats and the girls. Having my own pets and interacting with other animals growing up was the best thing in the world to me...and it still is actual. I'm glad the girls are growing up to be animal lovers. :)

  13. Anonymous9/23/2013

    One kitten for each girl. :)

  14. Anonymous9/24/2013

    Oh so adorable! Wow they came from the same litter? Do you know what happened to their momma? Thank you for fostering! Wish I lived by you. How are you going to do pairs when there are 5? I hope they stay together! Please keep us posted!

  15. LOL! Love you friend but don't believe for one second you won't end up with at least 2 of these sweet kittens as pets. :o) Which ones are you keeping?

  16. Oh gracious, this is just sweet sassy molassey wonderful.

  17. I would adopt Smudge and Leo, but I am way across the country. :(

  18. I would adopt Smudge and Leo, but I am way across the country in VA. :(

  19. How darling?! How are you ever going to give those away? I think that many pets would be just the thing your family needs. ;)