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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas memories

The girls say we had a good Christmas. What makes it good in their eyes? Decorations, presents, family, staying up late, traditions, fun.

On Christmas Eve, we always get together with family and friends to light paper bag luminaries all up and down the street at my parents’ house. How long have we been doing this now? Well I think since we were all as old as the “new” kids are today.


Then there’s a mad rush to get everything finished after the kids go to bed. Ro is such a night owl that we have to be extra super stealthy.

Christmas morning always starts with stockings in the big bed. The Rubik’s cube was a hit this year. I also think the difference in the girls’ outfits is funny – Ro showed up in festive Christmas PJ attire, while Ree popped out of bed in her fave purple velour sweats, new fingerless gloves from Wela, and shoes (she always has on shoes).


The folks make their way to our house around 10 and we start round two of presents. This year we made a hardbound book out of my parents’ antique car travel blog and wrapped it up. Fun.

The one gift I wasn’t sure about – actually looked at them then passed several times was the biggest hit of all - Heelys! The girls have mastered those odd wheeled shoes and are smoothly gliding everywhere.


Hope your holidays were happy!

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  1. Ree looks sooo grown up to me in that pic where she is looking over her shoulder while playing. Is that a doll house? I see curtains? I think the book for your folks was a hit, from their big smiles! Looks like you had fun! I understand the night owl problem on Christmas Eve. We finally told Marin around midnight (ouch) that if he did not go to sleep right this instant that Santa might pass up our house. Ha! He was mildly concerned. At least he pretended to sleep after that. 😉

  2. Midnight, yeesh!!

    Ree's playing with the new camper from my folks. It's from Target and fits the AG dolls.

  3. Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!

  4. Anonymous12/28/2013

    Wow, she does look grown up. Sitting here playing in her dollhouse...

  5. A very Merry Christas!! It's neat to see what excites the kiddos and adults alike! Hope Santa was good t you to my friend!

  6. How on earth do you tell them apart?!

  7. How much fun is that!? Wow. Love it!

  8. I bought the roller skates, and the girls won't take them off. So far, so good on my hardwoods!

  9. Anonymous12/30/2013

    It really is a wonderful life!

  10. Anonymous1/05/2014

    What company did you use to make your parents blog into a book? Want to do that with a blog I have.

    Love following your blog! Thanks, for sharing.

    1. I used Blog2Print, which is a great company for automatically "slurping" your blog (or any portion of your blog that you want) and turning it into an cool hardbound book with a table of contents.

      I've also used Blurb for turning Salsa in China and travel blogs into books, and you have a lot more flexibility and can edit the layout and picture size for each page -- but Blurb takes A LOT of time to do (I'm only up to 2008 right now) and there's no table of contents feature.

  11. Anonymous1/08/2014

    Thanks, so much!