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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've reached my cuteness quotient for the day, now it's YOUR turn to look

Ha, kidding! Like I could ever get tired of looking at these whirling adorables. But still, I have received, ahem, one or two emails from relatives asking for more pictures of the girls. And I have been admittedly lax about putting them up lately. It just takes so dang long to comb through my thousands of hundreds of many pictures each day... Heh. Anyhow, to make amends, I hurriedly assembled a few of my favorites from the last week or so, and here they are. Click the image below to see all the pics on one page with (hopefully) humorous captions that explain what the heck is going on: or you can click here to see an auto slideshow (without captions, unfortunately). I think my fave pic is the one that's third-to-last, where Ree climbed into the fuzzy chair to guzzle her evening milk and Ro laid down in her lap for a little belly rub. Oh wait, I also love the hugging one. Oh, and the dancing one. Oh forget it, I love them all. Well cheers! Now that I've fulfilled my familial obligations, I'm off to run a load of laundry, wash some dishes, and try to make lunch for the girls. They'll be up in about 20 minutes, so I'd better act fast. Oh who am I kidding, the last episode of America's Next Top Model is queued up on the Replay TV and just screaming my name. The cleaning can wait, LaZBoy recliner here I come to enjoy my 20 blissful minutes...