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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

It's Fashion Challenge Friday again, time to see what happens when the three-year-olds choose the clothes. The first outfits the girls put together were in their signature colors of yellow (Ree) and pink (Ro). Kinda cute and sassy if you ask me. The outfit-selection process is speeding up, by the way. It used to take about 15 looooong minutes per girl, and now it's maybe 2 minutes. The new house rule is that the girls pick their own clothes on preschool days (3 times a week) and I pick the clothes on the other days. That way we all get to have fun. :-) Outfit #16 The next set of outfits were fun to watch come together. Ro went for some bold colors and a lot of stripes, with polka-dot tights tied around her waist and Jelly shoes. For hair, she asked for rainbow ponies*. Ree went for a matchy look with purple halter tank top and crazy jacket and crazy shorts from the Children's Place. When I asked why she was wearing brown socks she said "Because deyz a yittle bit of brown in da jacket, right here." Danged if she wasn't right. Here they are trying to see who can kick higher. I think it might be a tie. DSC_5201m2s All of Ro and Ree's past Fashion Challenge Friday outfits can be seen here. Now it's your turn! Share the grins and give us a link to an outfit that your kiddo put together! Fashion Challenge Friday is now a regular weekly feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week. (There are no rules—pics can be old or new, taken on any day of the week, in a blog post on an image site.)
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* To make Rainbow Ponies, wet the front of the hair with a spray bottle of water, then grab a two-inch-wide section on the top of the head, comb it straight back with a tiny-tooth comb, and secure with a colorful small elastic. Move down to the next two-inch section, comb back, and secure. Then, for the hair next to the ear, have your kiddo tilt her head sideways (so the other hair falls out of the way), comb it back, and secure. Repeat on the other side of the head. If you have trouble getting the hair to lie down smoothly while you're trying to secure the elastics, you might need to spray it a little more.


  1. I totally love Fashion Friday's. Love the tights deal. Hysterical. Great shots.

  2. We so look foward to Fashion Friday's!!! These girls never fail!!! They sure do put together some fantastic outfits!!! They really should host their own "Next Runway Model"!!! They are real crowd pleasers!!!

  3. I just love these Firday fashions! The girls really got those karate kicks down!

  4. I think the outfits they put together are rather cool. :) Tying a pair of tights around the waist --precious! :)

  5. Too funny and so cute! I am always guaranteed a smile when I hop on over to your blog, Ro and Ree are just 2 cute! I love the look on Ree's face as she's trying to kick really high! Crack me up!

  6. I just love FCF!! The tights just about made my coffee come spewing out! Love it!! Hope you guys are well.

  7. JUST have to say...the kicking shot is HYSTERICAL! Seriously. Probably my favorite picture to-date!

  8. Such cute outfits--not to mention creative! Can't get over the tights belt. Also handy how your knobs are just the right height for holding on during the big kick.

  9. :)- too much fun goes on, over in your house!!!

  10. I love these posts and look forward to them every week! The kicking photo is hysterical :o)

  11. Anonymous5/01/2009

    Ro has the karate kick, but Ree has the karate kick expression!

    I love the first set of outfits. I think the girls are learning fast about what goes with what.

  12. I just love how they color co-ordinate. And to pick up that little bit of brown - too much!

    Are karate classes in the twin's future? My husband is dying to get Dahlia to classes (actually, he's been teaching her all sorts of moves already) but so far, I'm winning that battle. I want to still wait a year or two. Not looking forward to the bruises.

  13. I love the bright colors your girls get to choose from. It just makes getting dressed that much more fun! Add those cute little faces and the pics are priceless!!!

  14. Anonymous5/01/2009

    The fashion icons are adorable. Such an incredible sense of style. They are trend setters and I bet they will some day be in focus groups advising clothing manufacturers what the next trends will be. Seriously.

  15. Love the outfits. The all yellow looks so sunny and fun! Thanks for the tip on the hair as well. I tried it once but now with your instructions will have to try again! Posted a link to mine as well.

  16. I look forward to this all week. All of the kids outfits make me smile! I especially love the second picture/outfits this week - so fun! I see the tied tights are the new "go to" fashion accessory - and here I thought that was just a one week, passing through phase :)

  17. seriously.

    these two need an AGENT.


  18. Just linked Caroline's latest Fashion Friday Challenge.

    Love the faces on the kick shots!

  19. Anonymous5/01/2009

    Your kids are adorable! I am a new reader, and already know I'll love Fashion Friday!

  20. Fashion Fridays are such fun!! Your girls choose the best outfits!

    Can we get a close-up shot of the rainbow hair? Sounds cool....just trying to get a visual. thanks friend!!

  21. I love Ree's Karate Kid expression, whereas Ro has that "la-dee-da, I could do this all day" look on her face.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the Rainbow Ponies tutorial! The head tilt! The head tilt! Genius! Why didn't I think of that?! (thumping forehead)

  22. Friday is when my daughter's classmates all wear their matching T-shirts, so we aren't too creative. However, on a Sunday, after church a couple weeks ago, I told Martina to pick out whatever she wanted to wear and for once, I wasn't going to interfere. She made a beeline for her favorite outfit and put it on. I asked "isn't there anything fun you'd rather wear when you can choose ANYTHING?" No, she just wanted her favorite outfit. A little green sleeveless top and green flowered capris. Bare feet. Nothing original. Oh well. I tried.

  23. I decided to post for the first time and linked your blog to mine for "Fashion Friday". Your girls are so cute!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I am loving your blog and loving those two cuties! Fashion Fridays are the best!

  26. Sign those girls up for karate! I'm so impressed!

  27. How cute! I love how Ro needs to decorate her waist. :)

  28. Oh gosh, these pics just make me smile so hard that my face hurts!

    I really wanted to participate this week. The girls even spontaneously donned the most adorable clothes to act out the wedding scene in "Sound of Music" but my camera sucked and the photos didn't really turn out at all. Even so, I might eventually post them because they were sooooo cute dancing at Maria's wedding!

    Aside from this, no special fashion moments this week. Unlike your cuties who turn Fashion Friday into a daily event!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  29. I know it is late but since I can't go to sleep I decided to finally participate on your "FCF".

    Emma also picked out her clothes yesterday so I hope it doesn't take me this long to post it for this week's.