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Monday, January 25, 2010

The soccer ball reveal

Well Catherine was the first commenter on the previous post to correctly guess that Ro chose the flames ball and Ree chose the pink one. She said "My first thought was that Ro would be butterflies and Ree flames but decided to vote opposite based on their recent switch in clothing. Ro seems a little more active and daring right now while Ree is exploring her quieter, feminine side." Bingo. If they had chosen the soccer balls six months ago, I can practically guarantee that Ro would have come home with the pink/butterfly ball, and Ree, well OK to be honest I have no idea what she would have picked. She would have (as usual) been a wild card. Anyhow, there were probably twenty-five designs/colors in that soccer ball aisle, and both girls surprised me with their choices.

(Ro left, Ree right)

As of a few minutes ago, 216 people voted in the poll, and 156 (72%) thought Ro chose the pink one, while 60 people (27%) thought Ree chose the pink one. If I hadn't gone shopping with them, by the way, I would have guessed Ro/pink and Ree/flames. So much for mother's intuition, huh?

I asked the girls why they did what they did and here's what I got:

Ro: 'Cause I like how the flames have red in them. Mostly I just really like the flames and thought it was kinda neat. I think the people thought I picked the butterfly one 'cause it's pink and my favorite color WAS pink. (Cracked me up that she really emphasized the word "was" and that she called all of you "the people.")

Ree: I picked it because my favorite color is pink. Um, today. And I like butterflies. That's why I tried to draw one before, you know? I just like them because they fly and because you can ride on them when they fly. I liked it because it looks like they're flying on the ball. So there you have it. Kind of an interesting peek into their heads.


  1. Can we have some photos of butterflies that "you can ride on when they fly"? Please?

  2. Forget the photos... I want VIDEO of it!

  3. Anonymous1/26/2010

    Will they be playing soccer?

  4. Wheee! Finally got one right! Your girls are such sweeties and love how they're always switchin things up and keeping life interesting!

    Hope the rain stops soon so that they can put those soccer balls to the test. Unless they're already doing so inside....YIKES!!!

  5. Warren: Oh man, the minute I get to go on one of those butterfly rides, there will be a picture!! :-)

    Anon: Yep, we've got them enrolled in a new soccer class that starts next week (after we get back from Disneyland). We tried them in one other class but they were surrounded by boys about a foot taller than them and were a little intimidated. So we'll try the next level down for awhile until they get all confident and can hold their own against the big boys.

    Catherine: Yep, they're playing soccer inside for now. The balls are soft enough and their kicks are weak enough that it works just fine. I'm guessing in about a month, when they figure out how to get some power behind those kicks, that we'll have to say "outside only."

  6. I wanted to thank you for the rice idea! My very own "twinadoes" (from VN) who just turned 3 played for an hour and a half......uninterrupted. For this I owe you big time!

  7. I didn't vote in the poll because my freakin computer wasn't cooperating but I did guess right (lucky guess?). Anyway, the kids helped me and they have better intuition about this than I do.

    Not surprisingly, they want those balls! :)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. that was an interesting peek :O) and catherine sure knows her "nieces" quite well~!

  9. The people think they are so funny!