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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

They conquered those stinkin' pirates!

Ok, the biggest news by far on our last vacation day was that Ro and Ree finally faced their nemesis—the dark, loud, spooky Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Da da da dum!!! We took them on the Pirates ride back when they were two-years old, and I am quite certain that the poor souls who were unlucky enough to share our boat will never forget those screams. I know I won't. It was a spectacularly bad judgement call on our parts. Maybe one of the worst ones we've made, and man have there been plenty to choose from. Anyhow, moving on from the accidental torture of toddlers, for some reason Ro and Ree kept saying all week that they wanted to go on Pirates. We were dubious, but finally agreed after talking about the logistics/pretend/special effects ad nauseam, telling them exactly what would happen during the ride, asking over and over and over if they were absolutely sure, and, finally, packing ear plugs, which Ree refused to use at the last second. They practically dragged us in: DSC_1064LR And then, after the ride, gave it a hearty three thumbs up (two from Ro and one from Ree, who subtracted a bit because she didn't appreciate the splashing, which we had completely forgotten about and therefore left out of our extensive prep session). DSC_1076LR We were so proud of them that we immediately went into the adjacent pirate-themed gift shop and told the girls to pick anything they wanted. Sort of a conquering hero's trophy, I guess. Ree filled a velvet bag with faux jewels, and Ro picked a set of cool Disney pirate cups. DSC_1083LR By the way, even though they had faced their fears with Pirates, they got the buhjeezus scared out of them just walking through the (admittedly odd, loud, and strange) Roger Rabbit house to get to that tame little Toon Town ride. Ro freaked out halfway to the loading point and said "Out! Now!" and we fled. When we got safely back outside, the girls said "That one gets a thumbs down!" and Ro added "Thumbs down all the way to the ground!" and they crouched down and smashed their hands into the pavement. Bwah ha!! DSC_1110LR Ah well... A quick nose-grab with Pluto, and a sweet goodbye hug with dear friends S2 (purple) and H2 (blue) and things were better in their land: DSC_1108LR DSC_1095LR We hit a few more rides, hiked over to California Adventure and did Soarin' two more times, and then it was time to head to the car. I was seriously dragging by this point. Dog tired and shuffling along rather than walking. My feet and body might feel back to normal if I get to sit down for a week (like that's going to happen). But Ro and Ree were still perky and happy. Ree even skipped and hopped all the way to the car. Ro wanted to know why we didn't stay 10 days. I think I mumbled something like "Because ten days just might kill me, my dear." DSC_1139LR DSC_1141LR They napped a little in the car, woke up for a steak dinner, then played with their arts and crafts on the lapdesks the entire way home. When we finally pulled in the garage after eight+ hours in the car and at almost 11pm, Ree said "Mama, I'm too busy to get out of my seat!" Heh. And TubaDad said "Wow, I think that's an indication of a successful road trip." Yep. PS: Dear TubaDad, since you are a crazy ride nut, I counted up how many rides we went on this week and it was 39. Is that enough for ya? And in case anyone's curious, Ro and Ree's top 10 Disney rides were (in no particular order): Dumbo, Submarine Voyage, King Arthur Carousel, Jungle Cruise, It's a Small World, Gadget's Go Coaster, Pirates of the Caribbean, Soarin', Jumpin' Jellyfish, and Mickey's Fun Wheel. (They didn't rank the LegoLand rides because they fell asleep.)


  1. Anonymous2/03/2010

    Wow, that was a super trip for the whole family. I'm tired just hearing about the last day :)


  2. I'm glad they enjoyed Pirates! SUCH a great ride. I've been on it a million times and I always find something new to appreciate-- my current favourite thing is the liquid flowing down one skeleton's throat. Excellent.

  3. Glad you all had a great vacation, sure sounded fun from this end. The pics of all of the twins is great. Hoping to make it soon ourselves with our almost 4 year old.

  4. I love the "thumbs down all the way to the ground." Hilarious!

  5. It's all Peter Pan's Magic Flight for our two! And they strongly prefer the Disneyland version because it has stars.

    We'll make the next "twins descend on Disney!"

  6. Kristina2/04/2010

    Savannah wants to know if you made it on Buzz or Toy Story Mania? These are 2 of her favs right now.

    Thank goodness Pirates was a HIT since I was involved in the bad judgement call when they were 2 and thought I had scared them for life!
    If you forgot anything we will be there in a couple of days to celebrate my bday so let us know!

  7. Looks like a great trip and a big congrats to the girls for conquering their pirate fears.

  8. Oh my God.. that post made me laugh out loud all to myself!! Brilliant!!

  9. I am so happy the girls conquered their fear of the pirates.....Way to go!!!

    LOL...love the thumbs down all the way to the ground.....that is my favortie picture of the day....hands down(to the ground)....sorry, couldn't resist that one!!


  10. You guys sure do know how to have a fun time!

  11. After reading about those car seat tables and that you and the girls really like them I finally found a place where they sell them here. We've only tried it a few times for 1 hour long rides but Naomi really liked drawing and it was helpful when we stopped to get some take out to eat in the car!

    The true test will be the 8 hour drive to NJ at the end of the month! I'd welcome any suggestions on what your girls like to keep handy in the pockets!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. Wow! A great trip from start to finish!! Pirate is a scary one for littles. I still remember our first trip when my youngest brother was 6. We went on Pirates and he was done with rides for the entire trip! Yikes!!

    Soarin' is one of my faves too! Amazing!!!

    10 days at Disney? I'm with Ro! The only thing better would be 11!!! You can tell her Cafrin would be happy to introduce her to Disney World for as many days as she wanted! 4 parks to enjoy!

  13. Anonymous2/05/2010

    Thumbs down all the way to the ground. -- I might have to use that one some time! Jamie

  14. For two years I could NOT get Peter on Matterhorn. Finally, he was 5 and we were able to conquer his fear and while he and daddy were on the ride (Caroline was still a baby so I stayed with her while she was still in a stroller), I bought him a snowglobe with the monster guy inside to commemorate it. Fun!

    Soarin is hands-down my favorite ride. The kids like it too.

    Looks like you had a fun time and missed the rain by a couple of days! Woohoo!!

    When we had season passes, we would go down, get a motel and spend 4 days at D-land! By the 4th day, the kids were done.

  15. Last March, when he was just 2, Jammer loved Priates. He was "Arg"-ing the entire week. He still loves to tell us "walk the plank".