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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How many emergency c-sections have you had at your house today?

We have about 10 or 12 a day, and at least half of those result in twins, so I'm guessing Dr. Ro and Dr. Ree are delivering about 15 or 18 babies a day. And then they have a few open-heart surgeries thrown in there, too. No wonder surgeons are always exhausted.

Our medical personnel are now properly garbed, thanks to the coolest surprise box that showed up in the mail. TubaDad's folks sent the girls real monogrammed scrubs and actual working stethoscopes—can you imagine the squealing when that box was opened? (I was talking about myself, but I think the girls might have squealed too, it was hard to hear over the din I made.)

Right after the scrubs arrived, the girls' new Erwin the Little Patient dolls arrived and were immediately subjected to all sorts of lengthy and complicated operations. (Thanks to Salsa reader Lynn for the awesome recommendation!):

Phew, the Erwins pulled through, although those organs don't look like they're in quite the same place. Would that be cause for alarm at a real hospital?:

Calling the patients' families to tell them "Your kid is done, um, can you come drive him home?":

I've tried to tell Ro that it really isn't standard operating procedure to shove the patient in your doctor's kit after surgery, but this is what she does every time:

In addition to their busy schedule of cutting the Erwins open, the girls still find time to operate on each other. In this video, Ro (who is apparently playing Dr. Grey today) performs an emergency c-section on little Ree. (Ro's red scrubs were in the laundry, so she's wearing Ree's, in case that threw anyone):


If you've got a budding doctor on your hands, this awesome Erwin the Little Patient doll can be ordered from Wild and Wooly (they're an intl company, but do ship to the U.S.). Erwin comes with soft, removable heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys/bladder, and esophagus/stomach/intestines, which can all be secured back in place according to a color-coded velcro system. We LOVE him.

101bestadoptioninfertilitylossblogsPS: Many, many thanks to the folks at Grown in My Heart for including us on their 101 Best Adoption, Loss, and Infertility Blogs. What an honor. I can't wait to read all of the blogs they called out and add new ones to my bloglines.


  1. What amazing dolls! I love those!
    And the doctors doing the surgery are pretty cute, too :-)

  2. My favorite part of this post is that both surgeons are wearing frilly hair ribbons. :)

  3. Haha I love how the patient is a "kid." I guess I know who to call if I need an emergency c-section.

  4. Those dolls are so cool......and so are you two docs sportin their new scrubs and real stethoscopes!!! SO ADORABLE!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  5. Congratulations! On both the honor and having two accomplished surgeons. Piper plays doctor alllll the time. I showed her the doll and she said she'd rather have "pretend needles to give shots and pretend pills." Guess she's more of a family practice doc. She can refer to Ro & Ree!

  6. geez oh peet i love that doll-- so cool!

  7. Anonymous2/07/2010

    This might be the cutest thing I see all week. Thank you for being such a model of what makes a great blog!

  8. Anonymous2/07/2010

    That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Ro and Ree are a riot!
    Geaux Saints!

  9. Funniest video ever! "You have to sew me up!" Bwah ha ha!

  10. Anonymous2/07/2010

    What a hoot! Is dentistry next?

  11. Anonymous2/07/2010

    Absolutely Adorable !!!! Lots of good memories being made here. They are just too cute !!!

  12. sadly way too expensive for most people especially with the scrubs...........still imagination is a wonderful thing

  13. I love it. I just wrote a post on ChatterKid about how girls and boys shouldn't be limited to the toys manufacturers seem to steer them to. I love that your girls have as much fun pretending to be doctors and superheroes as they do pretending to be princesses.

  14. Just when you think you've seen it all, THOSE dolls show up. The perfect patient for the cutest surgeons ever!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  15. Anonymous2/07/2010

    OMG those dolls are so creative! I love them! Was Dr. Ro taking a phone call during surgery?????!!!! Hee hee.

    You may have to put two kids through medical school if this keeps up!!!

    Thanks for sharing M3.


  16. Anonymous2/07/2010

    Oooooo! I am squealing because you liked the recommendation and bought Erwin for the girls. It looks like the dolls (and the scrubs!) were a perfect addition to your operating room! I am so impressed with Ro and Ree. Not many little kiddos would be so interested in the human body and performing operations!

  17. Anonymous2/07/2010

    What a hoot! I love the way she talks about the emergency C section.......and my favorite is "take your vitals"

    Thakns for sharing!
    Best, Joan

  18. I have followed your blog for a while,always seeing how much fun yoyr little girls are but this is the funniest so far I laughed so much I cried,and the Drs outfits and the doll are just the cutest thing I have ever seen.I love it!

  19. Well, aren't you lucky! TWO surgeons at home, and before they've even finished preschool :)
    Those dolls are pretty neat (and the drs really cute!)

  20. You're welcome! *grin* How could Salsa NOT be on the list?!?!!!

    Love the surgeries. Just don't let them loose with real scissors.

  21. That is fabulous!!!!! Love every bit of it, right down to the gall bladder. Those are great dolls! And I love the scrubs. Way to go Grandparents.

  22. This is one of your best videos yet(Uncle Bobby still wins!)!!! That was too funny!


  23. Hi, it has been quiet a while since dropping in see how things are going... the girls certainly have grown. Seems like yesterday that you were in China to pick up the girls :) Well, just wanted to say hi and seems that life is treating you well... take care

  24. Oh, super cool gear!! But the part that made me really hoot was when you said all the hoopla over the package arrival came from you - not sure if anything else was heard over the din.*s*

    Your award was well deserved. Congrats!

  25. seriously, how could you not be on the list! Congrats! And, if you ever want to be featured let us know!

  26. Those dolls rock! And I love that the girls call the patients' parents to tell them to come pick up their kids after the surgery. Awesome!

  27. So cute! I love the phone call at the end. She even has that timed right as it seems these days they're sending you home practically before you're sewn up. What adorable little budding surgeons you have there!

    Great dolls too!

    Congrats on your blog nomination. You rock friend!!

  28. lol cracking up at calling parents to come give their kids a ride home. HOW FUN are the scrubs? Too cute.

  29. lol cracking up at calling parents to come give their kids a ride home. HOW FUN are the scrubs? Too cute.

  30. Those dolls are super cool! To bad Emma is not too into doctors stuff. The video is so cute. I hope you talked to them about what real knives can do incase they can't find their toy one and decide to use one from the kitchen when you are not looking. I love how they are measuring the heart and cutting it, funny!

  31. Anonymous2/08/2010

    Setzen, sechs!

  32. I am so glad you posted these.I have been putting together a "Medical Kit" for my daughters birthday in March. I have been buying all REAL stuff for the kit because i want her to learn with real instead of toys that she will out grow quickly. I am ordering the scrubs and the doll today. I am sure she will love it thanks a bunch. Congrats on being included in the 101 best blogs too by the way.

    Susan R

  33. this is absolutely hysterical! I love it!

  34. omgosh the girls look adorable dressed as docs and i have got to get these dolls for M-n-M (she's always sporting my badge and my stethescope!)

  35. The dolls, the scrubs...awesome, just awesome. We do have a budding little doctor in the house...I will have to check out those links.

  36. So incredibly cute! Where did they find those monogrammed scrubs?

    I just might have to pick up that doll for my son's 2nd birthday. My husband, the surgeon, would really get a kick out of that.

  37. My mouth is literally hanging open! I have never seen a doll like that before and it's amazing! What a brilliant idea, and the PERFECT doll for your girlies. Hmmm, you think you have some future doctors on your hands??

  38. ummm...is that bacon attached to the intestines??? I mean, I know your girls love them some bacon, but...still, it seems odd.

    Anwyays, I think the girls make terrific doctors. What a fun doll!

  39. Anonymous2/12/2010

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