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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oops, we ended up in Tahoe for a few days

The girls and I got back from Utah, went to sleep, then woke up and sat there staring at each other. It was really, really quiet. No kids to pal around with, no daddy (TubaDad was still in Asia), no exciting houseguests. Just us. Blink blink blink. So I asked Ro and Ree if they wanted to cruise up to Tahoe for a few days and they practically ran over me to get to the car. Packing was a breeze. I’m usually a smidge (cough cough) anal-retentive with my three-page list and all, but this time the Utah suitcases were still packed and wallowing in the hallway. (I’ve mentioned before that I don’t unpack for weeks or months, right? Drives TubaDad stark raving nuts. But in this case it worked for me.) We flung the dirty clothes out of the suitcases, threw in a few fresh outfits, and were on the road 45 minutes later.Pic by Jane(Round Lake in Tahoe, pic by Jane)

My little bro and his wife were staying up at the family cabin and laughed at me later because I left Bobby a voicemail at 10am saying that we were thinking of possibly coming up to Tahoe sometime this week, and then I left Jane a voicemail not even an hour later saying that we were on the road and would see them in a few hours. Heh. IMG_2302-2LRsrgb

See those bright white fleeces? I sent the girls out on a walk with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jane and they came back black. (They’re soaking in bleach now.) Oh, and Ro apparently silently fell during the walk and conked her eye area, which later started to swell and necessitated a trip to the urgent care and a round of antibiotics. Yipes! IMG_2281-2LRsrgb

While Bobby and Jane were mountain biking the next morning, the girls and I headed to what used to be our fave lakeside beach, Tallac. It’s free and parking is easy, and there’s always plenty of shade from the huge pine trees. Fun, hidden place that no one seems to go to: IMG_2307-2LRsrgbIMG_2319-2LRsrgb  

And this would be where they started to get “just a little wet, mama.” Ree is in orange, and Ro is in pink, and they picked and packed all of their own clothes for the trip:IMG_2323-2LRsrgb IMG_2325-2LRsrgb

Later that afternoon, we all went to a new lakeside beach, Regan Beach, that is the new reigning favorite. It’s so shallow that you can walk out as far as you want to and never get over your waist. Perfect for kids! No shade though, so bring an umbrella: IMG_2332-2LRsrgbIMG_2362-2LRsrgb IMG_2364-2LRsrgb

It was smokin’ hot out there, so we dragged our chairs right up to the water’s edge and plopped our feet in. Oh yeah!!: IMG_2367-2LRsrgb

Ro’s eye was starting to look troubling by that evening. And then it looked worse the next morning, so I took her to urgent care. The dr was a little worried about staph infection since she had broken the skin when she fell, so we started her on a round of antibiotics and she’s looking a little better each day: IMG_2368-2LRsrgb

The eye trouble didn’t keep Ro (or her sister, pictured here) from having lots ‘o fun. We ate icecream at the Camp Richardson Icecream Parlor, which just makes us grin. Warning, get a kid’s scoop, because the “regular” single size scoops are as big as your head. Seriously. IMG_2370-2LRsrgb

And drove up to a new place, Fallen Leaf Lake, which Bobby and Jane found. We’re now hooked! We crept up to the lake on a somewhat-thrilling, itty bitty, one-lane road, then popped out in an adorable community nestled around a cool lake. They had a big general store that also serves breakfast food, sandwiches, etc., and they rent every kind of lake equipment. We tried the paddle boards.IMG_2384LRsrgbIMG_2436LRsrgb IMG_2449LRsrgb IMG_2463LRsrgb IMG_2473LRsrgb IMG_2494LRsrgbIMG_2497LRsrgb

This little boy cracked me up. He chatted the girls up, then gradually moved his towel in between them, then brought over some food to share. Hee! Makes me picture them in high school: IMG_2506LRsrgb

Fun place. We’ll definitely be taking TubaDad back there (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot this summer.) Once back at the cabin (yes, yes, green shag carpeting, orange corduroy couches, etc), the girls wound down with a little doubledecker iPad watching:IMG_2515LRsrgb

Fun spontaneous trip. We’re back home now for a few weeks (I think). And might even get around to unpacking those suitcases this time…


  1. Anonymous7/18/2010

    Another great Salsa adventure with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jane. Why would anyone send them out with white fleece on with U B?


  2. The fun never ends in the Salsa house. We too are missing all the fun and excitement of having friends around. Once a year gatherings is just not enough.

  3. Hey, we are here too! We are leaving today. I'm looking for your cell number but I think I left it at home.

    The weather is hot and Emma to the lake/beach yesterday. It was fun.

  4. WOW... you really do have SO MUCH fun!!! Serious, Tate and I will drive to Tahoe and meet up, just let us know!

  5. I think you need a second home in UT...the house next door to me is for sale. Think of the fun we could have?!

  6. You are having the most fun summer vacation ever! Lots of good memories being made.


  7. Oh no.... urgent care visits stink, but even more so on vacation! Glad to hear she is looking better, and good thing she's got those supa-tight shades to wear :)
    Gorgeous pictures!

  8. Anonymous7/18/2010

    We had the best time with you and our nieces. Ro and Ree are at such a fun age! Loved the paddle boarding and everything else. Let's go again next week!

    Aunt Jane & Uncle Bobby

  9. I love reading about the adventures you and the girls go on, looks like a lot of fun!

  10. Wow....life really is just one fantastic party around you people. You don't even wait for the music to start before you dance. Good for you!

  11. Oh it looks so much fun, I wish I were there! Your parents cabin is so wonderful from these and all the other pics of the girls there.

    I could just kiss your girls so much.. they are so beautiful and cute. You're very lucky to have them


    and ps yeah I agree... white.... to go out playing in?? you must be mad!!!

  12. Looks like you guys really know what summer is all about! Good for you for making good use of it!


  13. what tremendous good fun (except for poor Ro's eye- ouch!). some really stunning pics here that make me (almost) wish i had photoshop or some sort of program for my computer!!

  14. Anonymous7/18/2010

    Beautiful pictures, looks like a lot of fun was had by everyone. Those little girls are growing up so fast, and look what good memories they will have. Good for you, enjoy everyday to the fullest, and (dont worry about those old dirty clothes in the suitcases...just keep them zipped until you need to go again) lol You are a beautiful family, and i love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. God Bless your family.

  15. Hi there! SO good to see your girls growing up and doing so well! Thinking of you and blessings to you and your family:)



  16. Always a ball of fun around your house for sure. Now I want to go to Tahoe.

  17. Neesa NY7/19/2010

    Awesome trip! Did they need the fleece jackets because you are up high in the mountains? Is the temperature difference that much different? wow I am surprised because here in NY it is hot in the am, and pm w/not much difference. But I have never been to a mountain area.

  18. Yeah, yeah, white fleeces in the mountains -- not my most brilliant choice... The bleach did work though, so they're white once again and ready to wallow in the dirt, chalk, sand, whatever. Hee!

    Neesa: Yes, that's one thing about California that we love, as hot as it is during the day the temp always drops in the evenings, even more so in the mountains. I think in Tahoe the low was 40 degrees cooler than the high.

  19. LOVE the toes! ;)

    We absolutely love Fallen Leaf Lake and have camped there several times...great quite little piece of heaven there!

  20. I love pics of Uncle Bobby, especially in a swimsuit. Must go wipe drool off keyboard.

    And oh ya, can I come live with you guys? Because ya'll actually DO have more fun than a barrel of monkeys!! :-)

  21. Love the pictures and of course the adventure. You are the coolest mom!

  22. Fun, fun Salsa time! Had to laugh when you called asnd were already on your way to Tahoe! You rock! Why stay home when there is green shag carpeting to enjoy just a few hours away?

    All through the pics Hannah kept saying, 'Ro ro!' we're working on 'ree ree.'

    Where are you off to next?

  23. Anonymous7/21/2010

    Totally making this comment anonymous because I'm too embarrassed to be identified.

    YOUR BROTHER IS HOT!!! Holy cow. Grrr!

    Just sayin'...

    Can't really understand why nobody else has mentioned this either. Maybe it's just me.

    No...he's definitely hot. Never mind.

    ...you don't know me. Just a long time reader. :-D