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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A fun, really inexpensive way to wrap gifts

I went to a baby shower yesterday and brought this cute little offering:DSC_7886LRsrgb

Everyone who saw the gift bag grinned and commented – it really stood out from the army of pastel packages, you know? I thought it was a hoot, and you wanna know a secret? It only cost me one dollar!! Whahooo. Here’s the scoop:

They have three designs of Dr Seuss vinyl tote bags in the dollar bins at Target right now. They’re mini-sized totes (maybe 6x12” or something like that – I didn’t measure it so I’m totally guesstimating), so they’re perfect for smaller gifts, and are just adorable! I just popped the baby clothes and paraphernalia in the bag, added some tissue paper and an old silver ribbon that I had in the closet, then opened Microsoft Word, searched Google images for a red-fish blue-fish image and dropped in in place, added some text, printed, snipped around it with some zigzag scissors, and there you have it. I love this look and just might have to make a Target run today to stock up on some more of those bags.

These would also make darling personalized party favor bags!

PS: Man you guys have some awesome questions in the previous post!! And so many, that we’re going to attack them with a new strategy: video interviews! I recorded Ro and Ree answering the first 6 questions today and will post it as soon as I can. TubaDad and I will record a few answers as soon as we get out of PJs (hmmm, could take a while, haha).


  1. What a great idea! So bright and fun! Just one more reason I'm wishing they'd open Target north of the border.

    Hannah and I are looking forward to seeing the girl's video...as well as mommy and daddy's once they're dressed - even though your pj's are totally respectable. :o)

  2. Love this idea! I still haven't done favors yet for Ben's party next weekend (swim party), going to have to check Target!

  3. way cute
    I would love to use these for Read Across America
    I missed the Target dollar area this week

  4. I love the idea. We also buy the reusable shopping bags at TJmaxx and they are pretty good sized. We use those for most gifts that we give away.

  5. GEEEN-EE-US. Genius. Would work well for the books I give to new Mommies too. So much better than a basket.

  6. I grabbed a bunch when I saw them at Target...not really knowing what I would do with them--but knowing that I 'needed' to have them ;)

    Thanks for helping me know how to use them!!


  7. What a cute idea! There is way too much pastel blah at those baby showers! And I love how you printed out a card to match. I'm def. going to pick some those up to use as party bags for my twins 4th bday. Where do you find the time to be so creative?

  8. So cute!! I'm with Catherine wishing they would open Target up here! I'll have to keep my eyes out for something similar. :)

  9. GREAT idea! I LOVE creative and CHEAP way to wrap gifts. LOVE this!

  10. Brilliant!!! And very green! Have you seen the new green gift bags they have at Target? - a little more money (I think they were $2.99) than these adorable bags but they come in lots of designs for other occasions and can be reused easier than the paper versions. They are made of the cloth type of fabric that reusable grocery bags are now made from.

  11. Went to Target to find those, but they didn't have them!! Waah!

    However, they did have their dark purple paper gift bags on clearance for .25 for the smallish ones and .75 for the biggies! And they matching tissue packs for .25! Score!

    It helped ease the disappointment...