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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well now Ro’s got the red cheeks, bleh

I thought Ro’s little cheeks looked a touch red yesterday, and sure enough, when she woke up this morn we could tell that she had the Slapped Cheek Disease that Ree had back on July 21. Figures we wouldn’t skate through this one with only one affected twinado. The good news though, is that (like her sister) Ro doesn’t feel bad at all. Her cheeks are red, but she doesn’t have any fever or achiness or any other problems. And also (like her sister), she was contagious before the redness showed up, in other words before she showed any signs of having it, which makes it a tad difficult to quarantine.

Here’s what her cheeks look like, in case you ever see this on your kiddo, they’re oddly red and her cheeks are rough looking:DSC_7730LRa_anon DSC_7750LRa_anon DSC_7760LRa_anon

They’re still adorable to me, red cheeks and all. And I thought it was cute that they picked out matching dresses today. Hand-me-downs from their buddies H2 and S2, which came in the latest box o’ fun. Ree was careful to put a white flower in her hair and a pink one in Ro’s so “everyone will know who’s who.” I swear these girls must be able to smell when something new sneaks into their closet, because they find it every time.

Speaking of dresses, Wela Wear is now making adult wear. (Hee! My poor mom!) Sister-in-law Jane thought Ro and Ree’s dresses were just the thing and hit the Goodwill store to pick out her own material. Then she sweet-talked my mom into sewing a top and a dress for her. Cute!IMG_2544LR


And then you just know I couldn’t be the only one on the block without a custom piece of Wela Wear, so I picked out some Goodwill tees and got one too:
My mom and dad are on an antique auto trip for the next couple of weeks, and I’m guessing she didn’t pack her new serger. Oh well...


  1. I love Wela Wear. It is adorable along with the twinadoes. I can't believe how big they are. Alex started Kindergarten already (her school has a program where the kindergarteners go first for 3 weeks to get them better acclimated). My baby is riding the bus. Where does the time go. Seems like just yesterday we all brought these cuties home. Are the girls going to kindergarten this year?

  2. Go Wela! I love the idea. I just haven't gotten around to scoping out the Goodwill for some appropriate threads. ;) Hope Wela doesn't mind if I make my 4 yo some Wela inspired wear. 'Cause I'm sure she doesn't want to be taking any more orders, LOL.

    Quick construction question for Wela: Do all of the shirts have to be the same size or do you resize the tubes before serging together?

    Heather & Alayna

  3. Slapped Cheek disease? Wha? Guess I missed that back in July. There are so many things I never even heard of until I had a child. Crazy. Love that Wela Wear!

  4. Faye: Yes they are going to Kindergarten in (had to check my counter) 14 days!!!!!!! I'm kind of in denial.

    Copperdog -- all of the tubes are resized so the initial sizing doesn't matter. The one you want in the correct size (well correct width, length doesn't matter) is the top one. If you buy the right size for the top, then you don't have to try to reconstruct the neckline, sleeves, etc.

  5. ARGHHHHH!!!!! etsy store, woman, etsy store!!!!!!!!!!!! i am jealous!!!!!
    love em--

    wow- kindergarten-- do you have a wine cooler to get you through??

  6. Anonymous8/03/2010

    Sorry about the slapped cheek deal. Just glad the girls feel well.

    I'm lov'n my Wela Wear and your dress is awesome, M!!! Nice job Wela.

    The girls are looking too cute in their matching dresses.

    SIL Jane

  7. AmyinTexas8/03/2010


  8. I think Wela could be making a killing with these dresses. Think Christmas!!!

  9. I'm thinking Wela needs to start a website and hire a sewing staff. Now we ALL want Wela Wear! Hmmm...perhaps Wela Wear could help fund the girls' college accounts!!! M3, get your mom to work! :)

    Anyway, if we're going to try to make knock-off Wela Wear, I have a question. When you say "the tubes are resized", do you mean that the width of the Tshirt is altered to accommodate the shirt that is directly above it? So, do you just make a seam up the side to resize it?

    I think you should videotape snippets of your mom making one of these so we can all see! I have a ton of old Tshirts that I could re-purpose!

  10. Oh my gosh, Wela Wear totally translates to adults. Those are adorable. Great...now I've got another project on the Bernina. I'm thinking funky slim long knit skirt in fall colors.

    Fast healing wishes to the cherry cheek girls!

  11. Easy for me to say but it is probably good that they both have 5ths out of the way. You really do want to be immune before adult hood.

  12. You guys are rockin' the Wela wear!! Too cute.

  13. I adore! Wella Wear! Sorry about the slapped cheeks bout. :(

  14. Anonymous8/03/2010

    I wonder if that sickness while you were on the blogging reunion had anything to do with slap cheek. Some kids run a slight fever, throw up, are tired or listless while others show nothing until a couple of weeks later on their cheeks. Just a thought.

  15. So when is your mom going to start a shop on Etsy???

  16. Ro looks as adorable as ever with her cute little pink cheeks. Glad to hear she's feeling great!

    Wela wear in adult sizes? Woohoo!! Wela rocks!

    Hmmmm...I saw the size of that trailer they were pulling and how it was near draggin the ground. Are ya sure the serger isn't inside? :o) Hannah looks adorable in her Wela Wear!!

  17. Anonymous8/04/2010

    We really miss our little sweeties but are having fun shopping for "presents". People here ask why I want to visit thrift shops and buy old T shirts instead of new ones :)

  18. Man, I really need to make myself some Wela wear. So cute! She needs to open a Etsy shop for sure!

  19. Anonymous8/04/2010

    Wela Wear rocks!

    And in the interests of equal time for the male contingent of readers:

    Aunt Jane is Hot!!
    ...just sayin :)

    -Uncle Bobby-

  20. Oh sorry for Ro - first one then the other. Inevitable, I guess.

    Love the Wela wear - did you say 14 days? Oh my!!!

  21. Cute Wella models! My two can also sniff out anything new in their closet, only to reject it with a vengeance. They're going to start K tomorrow - probablly naked!

  22. Anonymous8/04/2010

    Is it contagious such that the girls can keep passing it back and forth?

  23. It's contagious, but you can only get it once. And apparently it has a LONG incubation period. Ree had the red cheeks on July 21, so she was contagious some time before that and it just showed up in Ro now. Eesh.

  24. Anonymous8/05/2010

    Thank you for posting about the slap cheek disease. We are in CT but my daughter woke up this morning and her cheeks were bright red. The daycare called to say I needed to come get her because she was crying, miserable and feverish. Doctor was surpised I knew what it was. Must have been the computer which infected her from your girls. :) Our daugher is from Jiangxi and we love reading your blog. Caroline & Hannah Grace, CT

  25. Seriously!!! Wela Wear rocks!!!

    I am sorry about Ro. Hopefully it will stop there and won't keep making the rounds.

  26. I heart Wela Wear and would totally buy some on Etsy.

  27. Anonymous8/08/2010

    Would she consider a custom order? I have a pile of shirts that we've been dragging around since hs! Love the blog btw-made the 5 yr wait lots more fun, now it let's me know what I have to look fwd to!!! :) Jen