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Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it friday already? Kind of snuck up on me.

Ok, first things first. I made the girls a gorgeous bento for snacktime at school today, BUT forgot to put their weekly homework packets in the car. Fourth week of school and I have already gotten them to school late one day AND caused them to miss one weekly homework assignment. Nice... I guess the only thing left for me to forget is to pick them up some day. Gah.

Anyhow, here are Ro and Ree in their outfits of choice for this week’s Fashion Friday. Of course as soon as I wrote last Friday that they don’t care about clothes and want me to pick them all out, they flip flop and won’t let me anywhere near the sacred closet. So this whole week they picked their own outfits. My fave (not pictured) was when it was 80+ degrees and Ree was wearing a heavy top, skirt with built-in shorts, and full-length leggings and I said “Babe, don’t you want to run in the bathroom and ditch those hot leggings?” and she replied “No way, mama, the white leggings match my top perfectly and besides it all looks SO CUTE!” And then she skipped off to class in the sweltering heat, while I just about died laughing thinking “Awwww, her very first instance of suffering for beauty...”

Here’s Ro in her favorite Justin Roberts Willy Was a Whale tee. Notice that Ree is once again standing (or scootering, I guess) on her toes:DSC_8893LR

And here the girls decided to don matching headbands, Mickey Mouse tees, shorts, and heavy ribbed tights.  Aye yi yi. (By the way, is it just me or are the girls looking HUGELY different lately? Check out this photo and the one below: Their faces have really changed so that Ree’s is noticeably wider in the cheek area, her eyebrows are much much pointer than Ro’s, Ro’s left dimple is more pronounced, and Ro is always crinkling her eyes up when she smiles.)DSC_8932LR

This was today’s outfit. Ro picked her fave Wela Wear dress and Ree chose a fun Hello Kitty tee that actually looked really cute with her Crazy8 tie-dyed skirt. Their school has a “no open-toed shoes” policy, in case you’re wondering why those sweet pedicured piggies are always covered lately.DSC_8976LR

Hope you all have fun weekends planned. We have to be out of the house for a few hours each day because our agent is holding open houses. Think good thoughts!

PS: You’ve probably all heard by now that Bloglines is closing soon – sob! I’ve reluctantly transferred everything to Google Reader, but just don’t love it. Does anyone have any other great solutions?


  1. I use google reader but I have a button on my toolbar that allows me to skip to the next blog so I see them all in their real format. I can't remember how I set it up but it was a link in googles help that I dragged onto my toolbar . Works great I just skip from blog to blog and when I'm done I get a message saying I've reached the end.

  2. http://googlereader.blogspot.com/2007/06/doing-shuffle.html

    This is what I do. Works really well for me

  3. You're so right about their faces changing! It's much easier to tell them apart....even though this bad auntie sometimes assigns the wrong name to each girl! Oye!!!

    I've been a Google Reader fan for a few years now so am used to it. Hope you find a solution you like.

  4. Is it crazy to be sad about Bloglines? My heart sank, and I realize I have become attached to as RSS feed, of all things.

    Not loving Google Reader at all. Might try some others...I will let you know.

    After going to the screening of the new Barbie movie (it was just OK), I hope we relax this weekend!

  5. You'll get used to Google Reader. It's lightning fast in picking up posts (sometimes too fast!)

  6. Love the girls pictures- they are looking different- prepare for a growth spurt is what goes through my mind when Bug starts to look different.

    I thought I would share Bug's fashion from this week.


    Aside from the ninja turtle outfit, the last picture shows him in his ninja turtle shirt, orca whale short and before the picture was taken, he also had his Lightening McQueen flip flops. It was definitely a blue themed day.

    Love and hugs,

  7. I stopped using bloglines ages ago because it kept dropping my subscriptions or going down for days at a time. Google Reader took some getting used to but I'm happy with it. It could be better though!

    When we saw you guys the other night, I thought the girls were looking vastly different. Still as adorable as possible but with distinct differences in their faces.

    Have you been back to GG since the broken arm incident? We're heading there today. I'll think of you when we're on the rings at the playground.


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. Good luck on the home sale! We took Chloe to the Orthopedic Surgeon today for a follow up and he scheduled the removal of Chloe's cast for October 12th. Chloe is so excited that she won't have to wear her cast with her Halloween costume. I bet Ree's will be coming off shortly. The girls look great and older by the minute!

    BTW, I have forgotten to pick up my girls after school on more than one occasion. Somehow, we survived.

  9. What, what, what??? No more Bloglines???

  10. Anonymous9/19/2010

    Yes! I've noticed that the girls are getting easier and easier to tell apart (even before the cast!).

    The girls are totally adorable no matter what they wear... I wish things were the same for me! ha!

    Mary Grace